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Neve Flannery
Class of 2001-2008
18 Apr 1990
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Growing up, Neve barely remembered her mother. Merely a few flashes, a few sensations of warmth and longing that never lasted long enough. What she remembered most is her mother leaving. Leaving her in her crib to talk to some other man, someone who wasn't papa.

There is an image burned forever in Neve's mind of her mother kissing another man. This strange, foreign man, larger and hairier than papa, with his hands on her and reaching under her shirt. It's burned so vividly that Neve is almost sure it can't be real--maybe a memory she constructed later as she realized why her mom left--because she must've been less than two years old at the time.

She grew up with her father, and for a long time he was the world to her. Him and the extended Flannery family, of course. There were cousins aplenty and other children for her to play with, so that soon she was occupied with other things than thinking about how her mother wasn't there. In the way of children, her memory of her mother fogged over and eventually she stopped missing her so much.

She seemed like any other child--happy, loving, curious, scared of the dark. Though sometimes she'd wake up at night crying inconsolably from some terrible nightmare and be completely unable to explain why. She was always terrified her father might leave her too, like mom did, and she clung to him tightly those first years. As she grew older, she began to figure out why her mom had gone away. She still didn't understand it, perhaps she never would, but people became less evasive about the reasons behind her mom & dad's divorce.

When she was 8 years old, Fenrir Greyback's wolves attacked her school while they were on a trip, and the event has haunted her ever since. No one can ever truly recover from an event like that--from seeing her classmates attacked, ripped apart, and barely escaping with her own life. The scars left behind have disfigured the muscle in her right leg, and she absolutely hates it and always keeps it covered.

The next years after that were the hardest. Dealing with the PTSD and the change of actually being a werewolf. It was then that distance began to grow between her and her father. There was some part of Neve that he couldn't reach anymore after that, a part that only grew more and more distant.

His dating life didn't help either. SOME OF THOSE WOMEN, GOD. Despite that, she still loved him deeply, even if there was another part of herself that she couldn't share with him.

Neve was terrified of going to Hogwarts because of her lycanthropy. Ultimately, she was sorted into Gryffindor and made friends she was terrified of alienating. Pretty, popular friends that almost made her feel normal.

When she was captured by Eliza, everything changed. It was strange, feeling like Eliza was the mother she had never had. Strange to feel so accepted and celebrated for her disease. During that time, her memory had been tampered with, so she had no realization that any of it was fake.

After her escape, Neve changed radically. She began to see everyone around her in a different light--particularly her father and her friends. Growing increasingly rebellious, she drastically changed her style and fell into a new group of friends at school, that kind that would probably give any parent a heart attack.

Magical Status Form

Magical Status: WEREWOLF

Werewolf Form: Standard
Werewolf Size: slightly over 5' long, ~110 pounds

Form & Size Elaboration: Neve has hated being a werewolf for as long as she can remember. It's only been in her the recent few months after her time with Eliza that she's started to accept her form more and grow into it a bit. Still, it's fairly undeveloped, looks somewhat starved, and most of its growth is a shallow kind--the kind fueled by teenage angst rather than any deeper urges to hunt and kill.


Hawthorn, 9", Dragon Heartstring

Educational History

Hogwarts, Gryffindor, 2001-2008

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Georgie Henley

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