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Ministry of Magic
Evelyn Miller
On-Site St. Mungo's Clinic
Medical Intern
13 Jun 1983
PLAYER | Tintalle
From the time she was small, Evelyn suffered from delusional migraines. The Millers exhausted every possible medical option to help their little girl, but the doctors and specialists could find no cause. Mr. Miller decided that she must be making it up for attention and sent her to a psychologist, but Mrs. Miller remained convinced that there was something else at play to make her daughter so miserable at seemingly random times. Sometimes and episode wouldn’t happen for months and other times episodes would happen multiple times a week in a cluster.

It was around the time when Mr. and Mrs. Miller were beginning to feel truly out of options that they found out Evelyn was magical. With nothing to lose they sent Evelyn to Ilvermorny School of Witchcraft and Wizardry where, to their joy, she thrived. In Evelyn’s second year they even got an answer to the ailment that plagued their little girl: Evelyn was a Seer. Everything was looking up.

Evelyn was near the end of her third year at Ilvermorny, discovering an aptitude and gravitation toward healing (She had spent enough time in No-Maj hospitals in her life to make anyone comfortable within the sterile walls) when a vision overtook her so strongly she could not ignore it. Her parents were in danger. The teacher she went to, panicked and sweating after the episode, just sighed and looked at her grimly. Voldemort had risen and no one was safe. He convinced a more than reluctant Evelyn to stay through the end of term reminding her that she couldn’t use magic at home and stressing how, as a Seer, she needed to be careful.

The August before her fifth year of school (1997) the Millers were vacationing in London, visiting all of the Wizarding and No-Maj locations that they had read about and seen in the movies. A vision came over Evelyn while in Diagon Alley and the family decided to retire to their No-Maj hotel early to let Evelyn sleep. The curse exploded through the door to the room so unexpectedly that none of them had time to think. As Mrs. Miller screamed, Mr. Miller leapt up from where he was sitting on his bed watching t.v. and shouted for Evelyn to hide. It happened so fast: Two death eaters entered as Evelyn woke with a start and dove under her bed; she heard yelling, scuffling, curses and an eerie silence. Heavy boots stopped at her bed and gloved hands wrenched her out from beneath, the last thing she saw before they took her was her parents lifeless bodies lying at unnatural angles on the floor of the hotel room.

She awoke in a cell, and it was explained to her that she would be a part of a special program for Seers by a man with an accent she recognized as foreign, maybe British? She spent the rest of the Second Wizarding War either in her cell or forced to endure tests that induced visions. She doesn’t remember some portions of her captivity and spent several years at St. Mungo’s figuring out how to function again. Once she was able, tutors came to continue Evelyn’s studies while she was in the hospital allowing her to finally sit her exams in late 2003.

With no family and nowhere to go she decided to stay in London and pursue a career in healing. She took her time and finally got up the courage to apply this year. Her acceptance brought her surprise and a sigh of relief. She was certain that this path was how she would both rehabilitate herself and fulfill her desire to make some good out of the misery she endured.
Evelyn is quiet since her ordeal, preferring to observe and conserve her words for when she truly deems them important. However, when she becomes comfortable with someone she is much less distant. She feels safer in an open environment populated with many people after her forced isolation, but almost never approaches anyone on her own. Her PTSD can spike during times when she doesn’t expect and, due to lapses in memory, she is still actively trying to pinpoint her triggers. She loves books about technical, grounded subjects mostly because of her terror of losing touch with reality.



Willow, 9 3/4", Unicorn

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Ilvermorny, Pukwudgie, 1994-1997

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Emily Rudd

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