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Ministry of Magic
Josephine Moon
On-Site St. Mungo's Clinic
Welcome Witch
26 May 1964
The youngest of the Rowle children, Josie wasn't on her parents radar for the early years of her life. Raised largely by a nanny (along with the family house elf and sheep dog), she had an uninspiring childhood marked mostly by a lot of reading and avoiding her parents when they were about. She was close with her older brother, Elijah, but her older sister, Persephone, was content to pretend that she didn't exist and that seemed to work fine for both of them.

At Hogwarts, Josie let loose a bit. She was sorted into Gryffindor and she made friends quickly and easily. Friendly and kindhearted, people knew they would always have an ear to bend or a shoulder to cry on in Josie Rowle. Especially during the war, in which tensions between purebloods like her family and halfbloods/muggleborns grew to an all-time high. Josie never cared a fig about blood purity, which caused no end of rows whenever she went home, with everyone from her siblings to her parents to the house elf. She was certain that if the sheep dog could have advocated for pureblood interests, he would have.

All that, and yet the first boy she ever kissed was a pureblood. He was also the first boy she ever slept with, and when she was seventeen, she got pregnant. She would have done better to make the whole thing 'go away' but she loved the boy and thought they could make a go of it. She was the first one of her siblings to marry for love, though it didn't turn out any better for her.

Josie had never been a very good witch, so she dropped out of school after her sixth year. Her father's position got her a job as a legal secretary nonetheless, because what magic did she need to push papers? She wasn't a squib, but close enough to make her a disappointment (among other things, obviously). She kept her head down and did her job -- and watched her brother make eyes at every new secretary to show up. They had their fair share of rows about that, too.

Josie's marriage went fairly quickly on the rocks. Her husband was abusive and arrogant, and it was apparent to her fairly quickly that she had been wearing some seriously rose-colored glasses where he had been concerned. She made an effort, though, not wishing to be even more of a disappointment to her father, who liked her husband (and his pureblood family name) quite a bit.

Five years on, however, she couldn't bear seeing her children flinch when their father came into the room, and one day she up and left. She moved in with Elijah and Bryony for a time while the divorce was being filed. Of course, her parents insisted that she 'work things out' but for once Elijah stuck up for her -- she supposed seeing her black eye for himself made that bit of difference that had been lacking before.

She got her own apartment in London and took a little time for herself -- courtesy of Elijah, her father had ordered her back to his house if she wasn't going to go home -- and she was quite happy there with her garden and her little ones. Eventually her little ones went off to Hogwarts themselves, and she found herself lonely.

Enter Officer Moon of the Muggle Police, dispatched to her home when someone broke in, who gave her his card in case she had more information. She hadn't, but she called him anyway. They had coffee one rainy Tuesday and Josie was well and truly smitten. Of course, he was a muggle, and nothing could come of it ... but.

He was kind, sweet, and wonderful with her two children, who were suspicious of the newcomer, but who were quickly won over. There was a period of time where she agonized about seeing him, and was repeatedly warned by everyone she knew that it would end badly, but when he asked her to marry him, she said yes. They eloped in the fall of 1997, and Josie was quickly and efficiently disinherited by her furious family. Her parents and Persephone stopped speaking to her completely, and Elijah by degrees, apologetic but not willing to go against the family to such a degree.

She lost her job in the law department on her father's orders, she assumed. It was difficult, but it only made Josie more determined. On the sly, Bryony got her a job as a Welcome Witch at the On-Site St. Mungo's clinic, where Josie did occasionally run into a member of her family (most often her sister's children, it seemed, though they hardly knew her as she and Persephone had never been close). The second war was coming to a head, and while she hadn't any magical skills, she could push paper with the best of them, and those skills were sometimes needed just as much as the flashier stuff.

Josie broke the news that she was a witch to her husband for his own protection, and to her surprise he found the news delightful. She did, of course, swear him to secrecy, and all was well on that front (which was good, because she wouldn't have been able to obliviate him even if she were trying). Not only was he understanding about her being a witch, but he was quick to volunteer their home to hide muggleborns if need be, and so they found themselves part of the Resistance, keeping her teenaged children home from Hogwarts that last terrible year after Dumbledore's death.

When the war was over, life began to return to its usual slower pace, and that was when Josie discovered that she was pregnant. She gave birth to a daughter near the end of 2000, to her husband's complete enchantment, an experience that could not have been more different to the one she'd had in her first marriage.

Despite her family disowning her, Josie maintained a quiet relationship with her sister-in-law, Bryony, as well as her nephew, Joseph. She understood him a bit better, what with the meager magic she herself wielded. She disapproved of her brother's behavior, but as he no longer acknowledged her, she felt helpless to do anything but at least try to be a friend to his wife and son.

In 2002, she gave birth to a son, at which pointed they decided that they were getting Too Old For This and wouldn't have any more. Josie was thrilled with her second family, a true second chance at happiness for her. Her older children had their own lives now, though they regularly visited and even babysat when the occasion called for it.

Josie loves her job at the clinic, despite that it is sometimes uncomfortable -- the wizarding world is small and people are petty after all -- and is enjoying all of the second chances that life has given her.


Willow; 7.5"; Unicorn Hair

Educational History

Hogwarts, Gryffindor, 1975 - 1981

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Jocelin Donahue

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Philip Nott Jr. (PJ) (20)
Lucy Nott (18)
Poppy Moon (4)
Theodore Moon Jr. (Teddy) (2)


Theodore Moon Sr. (Theo) - husband
Philip Nott Sr. - Ex-husband



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