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Xavier Audley
The Hollows
Knight of Walpurgis
31 Aug 1977
Xavier was born as the 4th son, twin to the slightly older Bartholomew. He grew up to a well-off science based family, son of Rufus and Persephone. He followed his twin's steps, studying and examining life as they went from adventure to thrill to journey. Every part of his life was examined, because that was how life was learned.

How life felt however, could not be learned. It couldn't be taught and examined from one person to another. When Xavier felt the need to break things, he couldn't tell anyone else. When he felt the need to break people, he couldn't share with anyone else. They couldn't know. Thus began his constant internal battle.

A battle only silenced by study. He learned in his early years from his father and mother, when he wasn't experiencing life behind Bartholomew. Learning from someone never became a relationship for Xavier. The information was processed, extrapolated, learned, all in an effort to silence his own mind.

As he and Bartholomew grew, they followed in Archie's footsteps. By the time they were the oldest at home, Xavier had found life inside of creating. His creations rarely mattered, they were simply the side effect of Xavier creating, working, inventing, avoiding his feelings.

At Hogwarts, he was exposed to a social environment. He did not do as well as his twin, who seemed to almost thrive in it. Xavier couldn't understand it all, but could mimic the behaviors of his brother. However, he was always seen as the more studious and strange of the brothers, a perpetual shadow.

However, as his brother Archie began to change, to become something different, Xavier took on similar qualities. No longer was his mind simply avoided, but his heart would burst out in anger, rage, requiring the pain of others. It exposed itself in a few fights, usually backlash from the antics he followed through with Bartholomew.

Forbidding the occasional incident, his work at the Ministry was normal. He was still constantly in contact with Bartholomew, and the rest of the family, to his own view. His work became his life more often than not, except for when he was with Bartholomew again. His twin could always bring a more social, human side to Xavier, just as a simple need to support Bartholomew.

Come the fight of the family. Archie approaches the duet, Xavier agrees with the plan, only to find Bartholomew in outrage. Xavier found himself at odds with an immutable part of himself, and it quickly brought his heart to the forefront of the matter. His heart of rage. The same one that pumped the blood that flowed to the arm that killed his own twin.

Following the fight, he lost track of time time, he lost his heart, he lost his mind. He knew Persephone was present, though only in the recesses of his mind. He knew that he was away from the rest of the family. He knew that Bartholomew was gone, leaving a hole he never knew had been filled. The only thing that could fill it was his feelings, something he kept controlled by his mind, which could only control his heart by focusing only on his work.

Years later, a chance reunion of the family amidst a battle finds himself with a new objective. To reunite the family, at all costs. With this new goal, he finds a purpose that helps alleviate his troubled mind. At best however, his mind still flits about, avoiding dwelling to long on any one thing that might trouble him. At worst, he falls into a depressive mood, often showing itself through anger and rage.
Xavier is a withdrawn shell of a man, though with the possibility with violent outbursts. Mentally unstable, he seeks the safest comfort in doing work. Even the most normal situation could bring out an unexpected response.
Brown curly hair, and blue eyed, Xavier appears foremost a scholar. A run down scholar, usually in somewhat ragged, yet formal clothing. He has long side burns, and a neatly trimmed mustache, maintained by magic. His eyes seem slightly wild, and he occasional has a twitch in his left eye.


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9.75" - Unicorn Hair - Cedar

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Hogwarts, Ravenclaw, 1988-1995

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Tom Hughes

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