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Heather Ajahni
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15 May 1986
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Heather was born and raised in the small wizarding community of Tinworth. From her father’s side, she descends from a rich, Indian, inbred, pureblood family, which came to the UK in the seventies. It wasn’t quite Death Eater, but definitely supported the cause. After the first war, after graduating, Parmeet broke with his family, and was completely shunned when he married Heather’s mum. Heather’s mother, Suzan was the daughter of a renowned auror, and her family had a long tradition of bringing forth aurors. Heather is very ashamed of her father’s descent, but extremely proud of her mother’s family. This is the side of the family Heather grew up knowing – at least part of it, for after her uncle, who was in training to be an auror died when Heather was three, two of her aunts and their family left Tinworth and kept contact at a minimum.

Heather was particularly close to her grandfather, a – by now retired – auror, who would always tell her exciting tales about his adventures, and taught her quite a number of tricks. Her father had a good position at Gringotts, and her mother worked part time as nurse. Heather has two younger sisters, Suchi, who is three years younger, and Komal, who is six years younger. Komal has down symdrome, and after her birth, Heather’s mother resigned from her job to be a full-time mum.

The family was well-to-do, and with Heather being the first born and bathed in attention those first few years, she was a cheerful, confident, and somewhat self-centered child. She and her sisters were homeschooled by their mother and grandparents. Heather would also play outside a lot and talkative and sociable as she was, she knew almost the entire village, and was friends with almost all the kids – and those who didn’t like her, pretended to be her friends, because she could be pretty mean if she didn’t like you. And of you dared make jokes about her youngest sister – you were likely to have Heather and her henchmen jump you.

Heather had just turned ten when knowledge of Voldemort’s return became public. The family immediately went into hiding, since, being the family of a renown auror, they had already been targeted once during the first war. Meanwhile, her family aided the resistance. This was a time of much fear and tension, but the young girl had an unshaking faith in her grandfather’s capacity to fight Death Eaters and keep them safe, and they did indeed make in through the second war unharmed.

Because of their time in hiding, Heather started in second year, having spent the first year in hiding, being homeschooled by her family. She was sorted into Gryffindor. Being the bubbly, sociable girl she was, she soon made many friends, although her arrogance and tendency to carry grudges also made her many enemies. She was rather biased towards Slytherins and disliked most of them even before she met them. Her greatest enemy in Hogwarts would be her one year younger cousin, Gareth, whom she first met in school, and whom she thought a sulky and mean Slytherin like the rest of them.

Heather adored being the center of attention and, inspired by the legendary Fred and George, and always making sure to carry a good supply of the Wizard Wheezes products, she was quite a prankster – with Slytherins her most likely victims. Consequently, she was no stranger to detention. In her later years at Hogwarts, this need for attention was also filled by making it on the house team as a chaser. From the moment she learned to fly and found out she was good at it, Heather loved playing quidditch and she began to dream of playing on the national team. Her initial dream had been to become an auror like her grandfather and continue the family tradition after her uncle had died, but she was no academic achiever and so she focused on her athletic ambitions.

She also started dating boys quite early on, though in the beginning it wasn’t very serious and it was just about the attention and feeling all mature, being ‘in a relationship’. Especially the dramatic break-ups! Oh! Life was SO difficult! Heather indulged in all the drama. She grew up a little when she had her first serious relationship with a Ravenclaw, who finally turned out to be too serious and mature for her and broke up with her after a few months. This really did break Heather’s heart and confidence. And then after a few weeks of sulking, she kissed another boy and she was back to being the bubbly, cheerful teen.

Heather took NEWTS in Defense Against the Dark Arts, Charms, Potions, Herbology and Care of Magical Creatures. She graduated with a good mark in DADA and Care of Magical Creatures, and reasonably good marks in the others, pressured by her parents, who worried about her future if quidditch wouldn’t work out. For Heather, however, there is no other future. She was quite crushed when she did not immediately get on a professional team after graduating as she had hoped, although she tried out for three teams. Now, she is living with her parents, working part-time as a barista in the Ministry Munchies, while devoting the rest of her time to training.
Bubbly, sociable, confident/arrogant, carries grudges for a long time, protective of her family.


Dogwood, 11' dragon heartstring

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Hogwarts, Gryffindor, 1998-2004

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Genelia D'Souza

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