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Ministry of Magic
Shazad Athari
Magical Law Enforcement
Witch Watcher
24 Oct 1977
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Shazad was an military brat and everything that entailed. The structured, nomadic existence. He had two older brothers and one younger sister. His father was in the marines, a boxing champion who was the best of the best. He was a sniper and he wanted tall and strong sons to follow in his footsteps. Two out of three wasn't so bad.

As a boy, Shazad was freespirited and a bit of a troublemaker, not out of malice, though. It was more a product of boundless energy and imagination, though he lacked the physical prowess of his older brothers. He took to books instead and was closer to his younger sister and mother than to any of the men in his family.

When Shazad received the owl for Madrasajinn, he had already lived in more countries than he could count on one hand. The transition to the wizarding world was a startling one, but like many other military brats, Shazad was affable and endlessly adaptable, making friends wherever he went. He set his roots wide and shallow for easy extirpation at the next PCS.

After Madrasajinn, he attended Hogwarts. While there, his father began to manifest symptoms of Gulf War syndrome. Shazad was 15 at the time. They returned to the States after that, and Shazad finished his schooling at Ravenwood. As a student, Shazad was bright but his interests weren't always aligned with the curricula. As such, he excelled in some subjects and did abysmally in others.

After graduation, Shazad took a year off to smoke pot, read comics, and travel the world. Unfortunately, that year of blissful irresponsibility was cut short when he received word from some old Hufflepuff friends that shit had hit the fan over in the UK.

So, Shazad went back to England and, with several of his friends, helped hide other muggleborns from the Snatchers and Death Eaters. In part due to his extensive social network and military ties, the operation he was involved in grew extensively and became one of the major forces in the resistance. Following the end of the war, Shazad began working as a Witch Watcher in the Ministry of Magic to satisfy his love of travel and adventure while fulfilling his civic duty.

BTW, couple years before Shazad graduated from school, he managed to create a full patronus and found out his patronus was a freaking octopus. After that point, he considered it his moral duty to master that animagus form because how cool would being a giant octopus be??? Training how to become an animagus became an on-again off-again hobby that has spanned a good number of years. Having a large network of friends, he's been able to acquire the books he needs for independent study, and his training has been a mixture of that and working with various tutors, depending on availability where he's living. More recently, he's come under the tutelage of Conall Macmillan through his work as a witch watcher. He is unregistered due to the fact that he hasn't quite mastered the ability yet. Hey, he's a busy guy who's easily distracted! He has been able to change fairly reliably with a wand, but the true mark of an animagus--wandless transformations--he has only accomplished once and cannot do so reliably.

Magical Status Form

Magical Status: ANIMAGUS
CLASSIFIED: The registration information for aurors, hitwizards, and witch watchers is classified.

Animagus Form & Distinguishing Marks: Giant Pacific Octopus with extra buggy eyes. ⊙︿⊙

Animagus Form Elaboration: How is Shazad like an octopus? Let me count the ways:
1) Kinky weird sex stuff
2) Loves Aquaman
3) Great at multi-tasking
4) Blends into and adapts to his environment
5) Super smartypants
6) Giant buggy eyes
7) His brain is totally better suited to radial symmetry and movement in three dimensions.
8) Loves exploration and different forms of travel and really the ocean is like 71% of the earth's surface (a fact that he often quotes in his defense of Aquaman)
9) His brain would be shaped like a donut, god.
10) Pretty good at choking, grappling, and tying people up
11) Skilled at fitting into tight spaces
12) Often damp >.>

List the 3 most serious mishaps that animagus endured in training::
1) Jumbled Body -- The first and most severe of Shazad's accidents, the lower and upper halves of his body were rotated 180 degrees from each other which made using the bathroom a disconcerting experience (though he did learn a great deal about his butt). This occurred during his last year at Ravenwood, and he spent two weeks in the school hospital waiting for the magic to weaken enough to counter, followed by one week of painful recovery time from the surgery.

2) Extra Animal Parts -- While traveling in Japan, a session with several tentacle enthusiasts (TEs) ended in disaster and delight when he morphed back to his regular form to find tentacles sprouting out of his arms, jaw, and a literal Eldritch horror in his pants. The TEs secreted him away to a magical hospital where they told the healers to "take their time." After the first few days, Shazad began developing severe muscle cramps and rashes on his tentacles, and the TEs were banned from the hospital for the rest of his two week recovery period.

3) Animal Feature -- More recently, Shazad turned back to his normal form to find that he could taste with his skin, which was alarming to say the least. Unknown to him, he had also adopted the octopus' prodigious sperm production of about 100 times that of a normal man. He discovered this the next time he was intimate with a woman and proceeded to have the longest, most painfully explosive orgasm in his life. The next four weeks were messy to say the least. It required a great deal of maintenance to keep the pressure down, and he got a lot of strange looks from werewolves. Though he's mostly recovered from it, he's still a shockingly copious producer.
To most people, Shazad is playful, affable, and outgoing. He genuinely enjoys people and figuring out what makes them tick. However, the closer one gets to him, the more likely they are to realize that this exterior belies a cold, logical inner world. He is sort of like a chocolate bunny. Empty inside.

Shazad is an extremely open-minded, divergent thinker to the point of absurdity. He needs lots of mental stimulation to stay interested in something or someone and would rather spend a night engaged in lively banter than have sex (though the latter often seems to fall directly into his lap like a gift from the sky).

More insights into his personality can be found in his journal, The Man Without Qualities.

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Shazad lives in the smaller bedroom of a 2 bedroom deluxe flat in Ministry Mews. His's room is light, spartan, and without decorations. The white walls give it an overwhelming, somewhat uncomfortable amount of negative space. He has few belongings, and those he carries with him are compartmentalized into neat, modular boxes--each plastic, lightweight, stackable, and easy to move around.

A large trunk sits across from his bed. Inside is a small collection of comics and other books he's currently reading, a tool set, a folded up American flag, several games and roleplaying gear, electronic peripherals, and a container of miscellaneous junk. Its contents are neatly partitioned and each section modular and removable, and each of those increased in capacity by an extension charm.

His desk is lightweight and is the only area that has some clutter on it--mostly some office equipment, folders from work, occasionally a mug or smoking paraphernalia that he forgot to put away. A picture of his family sits next to action figures of Aquaman riding Cthulhu. The picture is a still one, and in it he stands next to his mother and sister and is dwarfed by his broad-shouldered father in utility uniform and two older brothers in their fatigues. Inside the desk drawer is a magical address book that contains an extensive number of names inside. Even the supplies contained in the desk drawers are stored inside smaller plastic boxes. A small filing cabinet for work sits next to his desk.

Inside his closet, a section is reserved for his work attire--smart, expensive suits that have maintained their clean, crisp appearance with military precision. Another section contains a shelf where all his casual wear is stored in plastic bins. Colorful socks, nerdy shirts, army fatigues, jeans... nothing particularly fancy. Next to his casual clothes are a few large plastic crates that contain miscellaneous clutter. An iron and board are neatly tucked away into the closet. Two empty plastic crates sit at the top of his closet, each labeled "To Unpack."

Overall, his room gives the impression of great utilitarianism and mobility. With most of his things already stored in boxes, he could easily pack up his room within 30 minutes without using magic. Several guns, marijuana, and some other magical drugs are hidden in his room in places protected by charms. He does not advertise their presence.


Shazad is so easily distracted by the things around him that he likes to keep his work area neat as a pin with only the minimal number necessary items nearby. Much like his room, everything is organized inside his desk drawers into modular bins. All extra papers and files are stored away in the drawers and cabinets so that his desktop is utterly clean aside from what he's currently working on and a small desktop organizer for pens, quills, paperclips, etc.



Maple, 11 ¼”, phoenix feather

Educational History

Hogwarts, Hufflepuff, 1991-1993

Face Claim

Rami Malek

Additional Notes

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Native Fluency

Professional Fluency

Limited Everyday Fluency
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Ravenwood, 1993-1995
Hogwarts (Hufflepuff), 1991-1993
Madrasajinn, 1988-1991

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