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Ministry of Magic
Caleb Walker
Magical Law Enforcement
Department Head
02 Jul 1956
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Logan, Gemma, Jacob, Nolan, and Caleb--in that order, were the children of Elsie Walker by three different men, each worse than the last. The last of them was Joseph Walker, Nolan and Caleb’s father. He lived with them in their dilapidated little house, racking up four domestic disturbance reports, until he died in a car accident when Caleb was thirteen. 1969.

Elsie was the child of a squibb who had been turned out from her family, and magic was only fairy tale to her, something she assumed her mother had told her to make their life more bearable. It was only when Gemma received her owl from Ravenwood that she discovered the fairy tales had been true. Several years later, Caleb received his owl as well.

Caleb received no outstanding marks in school, being too irresponsible or apathetic to really try that hard. His performance was spotty, sometimes disgustingly lazy and sometimes surprisingly clever. At 14 years old, he heard about the war that had broken out in England. At 16 years old, he dropped out of school to fight, leaving behind his pregnant girlfriend.

It was nine long years until the war was over, and Caleb had been active for most all of it. He loved fighting the good fight--or perhaps, more specifically, he loved beating the shit out of people who deserved it. And he lived like the only thing he feared was a quiet death. During it all, there were women, more children, and each one a bridge that he burnt to ash..

In 1981, right after the war, he was offered a job as an Auror in the Ministry, which he took, but within a year he transferred to the Witch Watchers, preferring the increased freedom, travel, and autonomy. Also, the paperwork was way less.

Caleb did well his first few years as a Watcher, until in 1983 when his sister, Gemma, was murdered by her husband. He took the loss hard and fell into several destructive and reckless habits--drinking, hedonism, fighting. He was almost fired several times due to his outbursts and several occasions of using “excessive force” when bringing in criminals.

Despite his behavior, he was undeniably good at his job and excelled in crisis situations. Eventually, he calmed down again. Even had one or two successful relationships. Kids. It fell apart later, but not completely.

By 1994, after over a decade on the job, he had enough “sober” years to redeem himself and was promoted to the Lead Witch Watcher.

When the Second War came, Caleb made a show of loyalty to the new regime, developing a particularly thuggish and violent reputation. This allowed him to get closer to the regime's inner circles without getting slapped with an Imperius curse like so many other officials withing the Ministry. During this time, he quietly mobilized many of the Watchers he knew were loyal to him, instructing them to carry out enough of the new regime’s orders so as not to arouse suspicion, but work covertly to take down key players and sabotage certain locations.

During the Second War, Caleb’s brother, Jacob, was declared a missing person.

When the war ended and the entire department had been shaken up, tons of promotions were given out to fill up the empty spots. For Caleb’s years of service and actions in the Second War, he was promoted to the Department Head.

He has recently broken up with Xara, his first semi-serious girlfriend in a while, due to her being too clingy.
Spoiler: scar locations show
This is not an exhaustive list.

Left shoulder - cigarette burn
Right hipbone - long, jagged scar

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Caleb lives in a deluxe master flat on the fifth floor of Ministry Mews. Overall, the appearance of the great room in Caleb's apartment is masculine and contemporary, clean but not fussed. The walls are painted a misty blueish gray for a cool, neutral feel.

Spoiler: floorplan show

Spoiler: kitchen and livingroom show

The kitchen is done in dark wood with stainless steel countertops. While most of the accents are in monochromatic blue, there are little pops of red here and there. There is a conspicuous lack of a dining table, though there are three stools set up at the kitchen bar.


The seating area faces a medium-sized flat-screen television and has two black leather sofas, a large coffee table, end tables, as well as a ridiculously comfortable armchair. There is a 5x5 Rubik’s cube with worn stickers sitting on one of the end tables.

There are several dark wood bookcases in this room. A cursory glance reveals an interest in history, military strategy, spellcraft & dueling, and some fiction, including several Russian authors, comic books, and the Song of Fire & Ice series. There’s a strong theme of bleak and postmodern in many of the books. The lower shelves have a couple children’s books, a stack of board games, and several photo albums.

Spoiler: den show

The adjoining den is visible through glass double doors and has a video gaming system inside it along with a huge television. There’s no couch in the den--just a few enormous bean bag chairs and some little side tables.

Spoiler: master bedroom show

The master bedroom is pretty fucking sweet and the same color palette as the great room--relatively neat but not fussed. There are a few stray articles of clothing lying around here and there, some clutter on the nightstand. On the wall by his king-sized bed is a large mirror that takes up nearly the entire wall.

Spoiler: kids room show

The second bedroom is reserved for when his kids visit and is generally tidy and unlived in.

Spoiler: work room show

The third bedroom is Caleb's work room, where he tinkers with various mechanical and electronic parts, disassembling and reassembling and fixing them. Breaking them to see if he can put them back together. It's quite messy and cluttered with multiple metal filing cabinets and a second desk for papers from work.


Caleb's office is big and stately, with dark wood furniture that had been handsomely carved and detailed. A large desk, display bookshelves, and a comfortable lounge area. It also sort of looks like a frat boy had moved in and left random crap here and there. The desk was cluttered and often has dirty dishes on it. Aside from a few work-related pictures and awards displayed here and there, there are no obvious personal effects.



Sycamore, 13”, phoenix feather

Educational History

Ravenwood, 1968-1972

Face Claim

Til Schweiger

Additional Notes

Dropped out of school.
Caleb speaks with an American accent.

Caleb's wand gets bitchy when he's not around for a while. If he leaves it alone for a day or so, it will start setting things on fire in his absence.

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