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Ministry of Magic
Toby Fry
Magical Maintenance
12 Jan 1976
At the age of 15, Constance Fry got pregnant. Her parents were appalled; how could this have happened to them? What would their friends think? What would the neighbors say? Underage, unmarried, there was no way Constance could be allowed to embarrass them like that! She was shipped off to the United States to live with a second cousin. The one who married 'that horrid American woman' that everyone kept “forgetting” to invite to Christmas.

'That horrid American woman' (who also responded to Anna), and her husband Thomas, welcomed Constance onto their small dairy farm in western Ohio. Constance delivered a healthy baby boy she named Tobias, or Toby as they called him, because really who could call a baby Tobias?

Toby was a sweet baby and Constance loved him. Toby grew into a happy child who enjoyed running and playing and other outdoor activities far more than scholarly things. When he got old enough to ask about why the other kids had fathers when Toby had an Uncle Thomas, Constance told him his father had died. It was sad, because the other boys had fathers, but things die. He'd learned that on the farm. Plus, he had Uncle Tomas, who was just as good as a father, in his opinion. Better maybe, because it made Toby more like Spiderman. He was 6 and really into superheros, so that worked for him.

It was a happy surprise when it turned out Toby was a wizard. Less of a happy surprise to find out the wizarding school was so far away, but Constance sent him there anyway. Toby was a decent but unmotivated student. He wasn’t surly or depressed, beyond the typical teenage fits of such things, he just didn’t see the point. An A didn’t get him anything more than a B-. Actually, that wasn’t true. He’d gotten A’s in Potions and they had gotten hime more: More work, more classes, more people hitting him up to do their homework for them. He wanted no part of that. Except for maybe that last one. Toby did the homework for people willing to pay, so long as it was easy. Luckily for the less ethical students at Salem Witches Academy, Toby found most potions easy.

After graduation, his job prospects were slim to nonexistent, primarily due to lack of trying. He worked odd muggle jobs until a chance meeting with an old classmate about a year after graduation. It started off as a vial of veritaserum needed on the down low, and spiraled from there. Usually things that were hard to get legally - polyjuice, felix felicis, and of course, love potions. People could not get enough love potions.

Toby made them all, and word spread until he was finally hauled in by the American cops for illegal potion trafficking. The charges didn’t stick, but he knew he had to be more careful in the future. That’s when he invented Madam Bianca. A customer joked had once joked that Toby didn’t look like what he’d expected. When Toby asked why, the guy said “I expected some large matronly woman named Madame Bianca, not some skinny little dude named Toby.”

It gave him the idea, and manly pride be damned. He brewed up a potion of his own design that turned him into Madam Bianca. And if she boar a striking resemblance to Whoopi Goldberg, it was probably because he'd been watching Star Trek Next Gen at the time. Once perfected, he bought some shawls and billowy dresses and was back open for business. All the while Toby held down a legit job, mostly hourly things like janitors and gas station attendants but his side business was his primary source of income.

After another close call with the American wizarding cops, Toby decided to leave the country for a bit, and travel to London. Madame Bianca could have a fresh start there. It was where he was from, afterall. The wizarding war was over, something he’d only heard about anecdotally from his customers, but didn’t give two shits about personally. He managed to score a job as a janitor at the rebuilding Ministry of Magic. His cleaning spells had gotten pretty good over the years, and it was a good place to make contacts for Madame Bianca.


Birch, 10 ¾ inches, unicorn hair

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Salem Witches' Institute, 1987 - 1994

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Aaron Paul

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