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Ginny Weasley
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11 Aug 1981
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Ginny was the youngest girl of many many boys and learned to hold her own amongst them. Despite their insistence that she was too young to play with them, despite her parents’ efforts to protect and coddle her, Ginny was just too strong-minded and independent to be their sheltered little wallflower! Thus was her childhood of breaking into broom closets, practicing Quidditch in secret, scraping up her knees and hanging tough just like one of the boys. But a girl.

And boy, what a girl! When she was in Hogwarts, it seemed like there was no end to the guys that had mad crushes on her. She dated many of them, but no one could really live up to the sweet, childhood crush she had on Harry.

The incident with Tom Riddle’s diary was a profound and traumatic one for Ginny, who had opened so much of her soul to it and made herself vulnerable. If there was any silver lining to it, though, it was that Harry ultimately saved her just like a real hero, and she could later relate to him so much better about what it was like having Voldemort inside her head. Even after all this time, it’s something that she doesn’t feel fully recovered from.

Being just like one of the boys, Ginny enjoyed playing Quidditch and was really good at it. She even took over Harry’s role as a seeker for a while, but she much preferred being a chaser and gladly deferred to Harry when he came back. God that would’ve been awkward otherwise.

She was also in Dumbledore’s Army and had a mean Bat Bogey and Reductor spell and was particularly skilled with defensive charms. All the boys were really impressed, and she can totally go toe-to-toe with grown-ass Death Eaters.

Much of Ginny’s history in Hogwarts is well documented in the books, though the year that Snape took over marked a true coming into her own as one of the three students who organized and restarted Dumbledore’s Army. It was a bleak, difficult year, with Harry gone and with the teachers and Slytherins using curses, sometimes even the Cruciatus, as punishments. Ginny proved strong and resilient through it all, never losing her moxie, sense of what was right, or her faith in Harry Potter.

After the war, Ginny was happy to live happily ever after with the Boy Who Lived and kept on living. Seeing Harry “die” in the Battle of Hogwarts only strengthened her love for him. She’s quite happy in her fairy tale romance and thinks often of having a family… later, that is. She’s still got mountains to climb and miles to go. She signed up as an Auror because that’s what Harry was doing and she was totally just like one of the boys.

Canon RP Sample

Ginny was picking at her fries in the Leaky Cauldron, fully engrossed in a bodice ripper that she had enchanted to look like an herbology field guide, dull and old and creased all along the spine. It's not that she was ashamed of liking romance novels per se. She was, after all, fiercely independent and strong-willed. It was just that having older brothers, especially the ones that Ginny had, sometimes meant hiding a few things from them to make life easier, and it was a habit that sometimes carried over into other spheres of her life.

When Harry came in, even though she merely saw him from the corner of her eye, it was like he occupied her entire field of view. She quickly slipped a bookmark into her novel and tucked it next to her with the case files she had been working on. A warm smile melted over her lips as she inclined them for a quick peck, the last words of the romance novel lingering in her thoughts:

    Dante's Harry's flaming black emerald eyes looked to mine. "I will have you." He lifted me up on the couch, arching my back, and...

"Hey," she smiled, a little more silk in her voice than normal. "I might have to have words with someone if they keep making you late like this."


Yew, 10 3/4", dragon heartstring

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Hogwarts, Gryffindor, 1992- 1999

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Cintia Dicker

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