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Neville Longbottom [Jeff]
Assistant Professor of Herbology
30 Jul 1980
PLAYER | Jeffrey
No one ever really thought much of Neville Longbottom. Sure, teachers and other adults and his grandmother (though she only got on-board after it was sure that he was a wizard) all told him that he could be whatever he wanted -- that he had "so much potential".

It got to the point where he stopped believing them. Honestly, he had no idea if they were being honest with him or not -- that they actually thought any of those things -- but he'd learned to assume the worst when it came to people's opinions of him.

Looking back on it, he credits everything to Trevor, the toad that his uncle gave him before he left for Hogwarts. If that little wanker had never run off, he might not have met... certain important people in his life. Or at least not as soon. Perhaps that's silly to you, but Neville was grateful to that toad.

Despite the fact that the little demon was far more trouble than he was worth, really. He just had the one redeeming aspect, really.

Maybe it was a secret, or maybe everyone knew before he really did, but it was sort of inevitable for him to fall for Hermione Granger. It didn't last, of course. It was just a crush.

Okay, so it lasted for like four years, but it was done after that. He'd gotten over her.


Then he was on to Ginny. Though that one didn't last nearly as long.

It didn't really matter, anyway. They only ever saw him as a friend, and he told himself that he was fine with that. He almost believed it, too.


Life went on. It got better, even.

But then Voldemort.

You know what all happened there, so I won't bore you with it, but basically everyone found out that Neville Longbottom had balls. Who knew?

After the war, he became an auror. Because it felt right. Because that's what he wanted to do. Because that's what his parents were.

And his gran seemed proud of him.

Which he still wasn't sure how to take.

Canon RP Sample

He applied for this job because it made sense. He was part of Dumbledore's Army, and he'd proven his mettle time and again. He wasn't stupid; he knew now that he had that potential that he'd thought everyone was lying to him about. He fought, and he fought well.

So why not become an auror? Besides, it would probably be wicked cool. People told him he'd be good at it. So here he was.

Staring at a picture of a dead kid.

He'd just been assigned the case, a few minutes before. As soon as he'd laid his eyes on the picture, he couldn't tear them away. This kid was dead because of some deranged wizard.

Probably more would die before they caught him. Even when -- if -- they did catch him (or her, as the case might have been), what then? The kid would still be dead, and there would be some other deranged witch or wizard to take that one's place.


Welp. Someone had to do it, right? He put the file on his desk, accidentally bumping his elbow against the plant sitting on his desk and, before he could say "Not again," he was covered in Stinksap -- along with his entire desk, file included.

He tried to remember why he had his Mimby at work. That just seemed rather silly.

He wondered if his boss had made a copy of this file.

(And then he, like his player, remembered that magic.)


Cherry, 13", unicorn hair

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Hogwarts, Gryffindor, 1991-1998

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Matthew Lewis

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