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Ministry of Magic
Tariq al-Hasan
Magical Law Enforcement
14 Feb 1966
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The short version? Tariq was born in Tehran. Then the Revolution happened and things went tits up. He was just a kid, really, but still did some questionable things as part of a small, youth resistance cell. Eventually, he fled with his mother and squib sister, moving between refugee centers; first to Jordan, then to Turkey, to France, before finally landing in the UK in early 1984. By then, he was too old to attend Hogwarts, and his magical education came from his family and the chaotic classroom of the resistance and the camps. He was good at charms and transfiguration, and at improvising something when situations got hairy. Tariq wasn't short on courage or passion, but probably could have used some education in restraint.

Once in London, it was hard enough being magical refugees, let alone Iranian ones. Muggle employment was impossible to come by, and without a formal education, his prospects in the wizarding world were equally dim. He fell in with a rough crowd, surreptitiously using his unorthodox magical methods in some less than legitimate ways, just to help his family get by. Though only his name was known to them, he was a frustrating thorn in the side of both the Metro Police and the DMLE - wanted for a variety of offenses, ranging from smuggling, theft, improper use of magic, and other things.

In the early 90s, he traveled back to Iran in an attempt to find his father, who had stayed behind with the wizarding underground, combating both the religious muggle regime, and the rising influence of dark wizards in the region. Tariq doesn't talk about what happened in Iran during those few years - at all.

He returned to the UK without his father, but with his wand, and was finally apprehended by the DMLE. In order to avoid charges of misuse of magic and human trafficking (amongst other things), and out of respect for the years of frustration he'd caused Ministry, he struck a deal. In exchange for cleaning up his act and working as an 'outside agent and informant', he wouldn't face charges. Less than two years later, when things went tits up again, Tariq joined up with another resistance cell in the fight against Voldemort. His previous experience lent itself wonderfully to disruption of Death Eater activities, protection of muggle-borns from snatchers, as well as direct confrontation in combat.

Once the War was over, Tariq pressed his leverage, desiring to join the Ministry and finally be (legitimately) working as one of the good guys. He was a little too tarnished for an Auror, but his unorthodox background would serve him well as a Hit Wizard.

Tariq has a unique magical style, sometimes ridiculed by others with a more formal education. The core of his wand came to him from his father's and, as part of his heritage, is something of which he is both fiercely proud, and protective. Despite his rough background, he has a pervasive sense of humor; a survival skill from his younger days in Iran and in the refugee centers with his mother and sister. As the man of his family, it was his job to keep their spirits up, and he always took special delight in making his little sister smile.


Aspen, 12 ¾", phoenix feather with chimera scale fragment (heirloom core)

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