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Liam Parker
Journalist & Photographer
13 Aug 1974
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Heavy drinker, chain smoker, probably on something. Liam’s always been kind of fucked up.

It started before he was even born. Liam had a fraternal twin brother who he killed in the womb, growing stronger as he absorbed the delicious fetal nutrients of his brother’s gummybear corpse. His father was a heavy drinking, chain smoking, probably on something ex-city bus driver turned corpse when a suicide jumper threw himself off a skyscraper and landed on his bus, and his mother was a heavy drinking, chain smoking, probably on something ex-stripper turned nun.

His mom had another pair of twins, Isaac and Naomi, and after them decided enough was enough and got her tubes tied.

Liam was five years old when his father died, and his mom gave him the death talk. Liam was a bit of a troublemaker before, but after finding out that all he had to look forward to was his body falling apart and something shutting off in his brain, all bets were off. They were okay after his father’s death. His uncle happened to be a life insurance salesman, so his mom was able to collect a tidy package. Not a whole lot, but almost enough to make ends meet.

They grew up in a shitty part of town with shitty little kids who would only leave you alone if you were shittier than they were. Unpredictable and violent worked well against them, and Liam took to carrying around a baseball bat and eventually even learned how to play baseball with it. He spent a lot of time hanging out with his siblings, simultaneously taking care of them and being a shit to them, showing them how to sneak booze and cigs away from his mom, which really wasn’t that hard.

Everyone thought it was a joke when Liam got his letter from Hogwarts. Then the next letter came, and the next, and finally a motherfucking wizard showed up at their dilapidated little doorstep and kindly explained everything to them. Naomi and Isaac would both get their letters from Hogwarts a few years later.

So Liam went to Hogwarts and got sorted into Hufflepuff. The students who tried to tease or bully him for being a muggleborn soon learned what a mean, hotheaded little shit he could be, and he spent most of his first year in detention and cost Hufflepuff a shitload of points. Needless to say, he wasn’t the most popular kid, even among the amiable Hufflepuffs.

After almost getting kicked out a couple of times during his few years, Liam later learned to rely more on being quick-witted and sharp-tongued rather than getting physical. During his fourth year, he started doing commentary for the Quidditch games. This only lasted for two games, as his commentary incited a minor scuffle during the first game and then an all out brawl during the second game. Two hundred points were docked from Hufflepuff, and Liam was banned from doing commentary on the games ever again.

Liam did make several friends among the Hufflepuffs. An older student and pureblood, Davis Hawthorne, took him under his wing and bailed him out of trouble more times than Liam can remember. Davis was probably the reason the Liam never got kicked out of school

Liam had an ingenious, inventive streak and did surprisingly well at the magic he tried, but the magic he tried and the magic he was supposed to learn were two entirely different things, resulting in some strange gaps in his abilities and shitty grades all throughout school.

After Hogwarts, Liam found himself a job at the Daily Prophet, occasionally writing some muckraking piece. It was a couple years later that his little brother, Isaac, was killed when Death Eaters attacked the Quidditch World Cup. Liam took it pretty hard and fell off the map after that. Occasionally keeping in touch with his old friends and family. Sending a postcard or a photograph from some far off, shithole city or village every now and again. After about a year of traveling and hearing whispers from halfway across the world of all the shit that was brewing in England, Liam went back to do what he could to help out. Eventually, with several other classmates, he recruited Davis to join their little freedom fighting group as well.

Everything went to shit during the Second War, and by the time it was done, Naomi, Davis, and several of Liams's friends were all dead. The survivors of their group were estranged afterwards.

Recently, Liam has found out that his brother Isaac actually had a daughter and adopted her after her mother died.


Spruce, 13 1/3”, phoenix feather

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Hogwarts, Hufflepuff, 1985-1992

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