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12 Aug 1975
Cade was your run of the mill middle child. Left to his own devices, most of the time at least, he didn't really pick up any of same kind of hobbies or passions that his siblings or parents did. He really didn't mind falling between the cracks. He found enjoyment in the little things, and though he was sorry that he couldn't be more like the person his older brother wanted him to be, he was satisfied with his life's normalcy.

He wasn't as smart as Archie. He doubted anybody could be as smart as Archie, but he was decent in the brains department and was actually pretty glad to have been sorted into Ravenclaw. He did (even though Archie would never likely believe it) look up to his older brother in certain ways. He saw how proud his having been sorted into Ravenclaw made him, and that made Cade happy. The little things.

It was obvious to Cade soon after, however, that he'd never be able to follow in his brothers footsteps the way he wanted him to. He was so advanced, so adamant and passionate about things that Cade could barely wrap his mind around. And when he spoke so fervently about the advancement of the wizarding society and the "cold, hard facts" about genetics and magic and whatever else he was saying, Cade knew that he and his brother were living in two very distinct worlds. It was then and only then that Cade detached himself almost completely from the guidance of his brother. He started to think for himself - to make his own decisions, and though the path he took wasn't outwardly ridiculous or out of the question, it wasn't the path that Archie had wanted him to take. Cade couldn't understand why Archie felt it was such a betrayal.

He didn't care much when he learned that his father was a squib. There was nothing anyone could do about an accident of birth. But Archie... the way he looked when he found out... it was almost like it was a personal insult, like their father had stabbed him in the back. It was hard watching his brother spiral downwards. He never understood to what depths Archie had fallen until he received word that he had joined with the death eaters. His own brother had betrayed everyone and he couldn't just sit by idly and let him do it.

Cade enlisted his younger brothers to help fight against that evil which was threatening to overtake everything, a move which enraged his elder brother. Xavier and Bart died fighting for what they believed, but all Archie could see was a willful and deceitful Cadence, poisoning their minds against the truth. Cade fought even harder after the loss of his brothers. He pushed against everything that Archie and Voldemort stood for because it was the right thing to do and somehow, he survived it all.

He's heard rumors that Archie has died, but his name is still among those listed as wanted for their crimes. He wonders if one day he won't stumble upon him and become witness to the true monster he has become.


Cedar, 9 1/4", Dragon heartstring

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Hogwarts, Ravenclaw, 1986 - 1993

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Bradley James

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Spirit Animal: Bison



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