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Naomi Parker
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13 Jan 1976
Imogen was under no illusion that the world was a good place, even from the times when life was supposed to be full of wonder and happiness. Things were hard from the very beginning. People were cruel, nights were cold and the future seemed bleak. But she had her family. The hardship created a bond that was even stronger than the pain. It was life - it was what she knew. But she was loved.

It was in public school that she learned of her passion for writing, something she would come to discover that she shared with her older brother and her twin - it seemed to be a family trade and a fantastic escape. She never felt more alive than when she was putting her words down on the page. She never felt more free than when she was exploring new worlds in her mind and when she was interacting with friends who didn't exist.

But then things changed when her older brother Liam found himself with a letter from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Magic - it seemed - was real, and the girl whose entire life had been shity was given something beautiful instead. She waited eagerly for her own turn, even though her mother told her on multiple occasions that there was no way she was going to be "magical" too. But Imogen was. She was magical and so was Issac.

It was on the way to Hogwarts that Imogen decided to name herself Naomi. She felt like this was a fresh start - a new beginning, and it was going to be amazing. Her brothers shrugged it off, allowing the silly change. Unlike Liam, Naomi was an exemplary student and generally well looked upon by her house - even though she was muggleborn. She helped Hufflepuff to some house point victories. She finally felt like she belonged. She was happy. But the happiness wasn't going to last.

It was supposed to be a graduation gift - Issac had bought them tickets to see the Quiddich World Cup, something that Naomi was more than excited for. Quiddich had always fascinated her, and though she wasn't good enough to play, she still loved to watch the sport. If she had known the kind of pain that that sport would have brought her - what being at that tournament would take from her, she would have shunned the sport from the very beginning.

The dark mark appeared in the sky - she didn't know what it meant at first, but then magic was flying and people were running. Issac grabbed her hand and they ran as far and as fast as they could. And then, when things were quiet, and she couldn't run anymore, Naomi looked around and found that she was alone. With new energy, she ran as fast as she could back into the chaos. And that was where she found him.

Her twin had died - her other half was gone and Liam unraveled. He just disappeared. Naomi stopped writing. She hasn't written a word since. She got a job and checked out for a while until she was reunited with a few of Liam's old Hufflepuff friends - some other muggleborn witches and wizards who were determined to put their feet down and fight back. They gave her life again and soon enough lured Liam back from wherever he had been. She thought things were finally going to get better. She was going to heal.

But she didn't. The war wasn't kind to Naomi Parker.


Alderwood, 8 1/2", Unicorn Hair - Destroyed during the war. She has not replaced it.

Educational History

Hogwarts, Hufflepuff, 1987 - 1994

Face Claim

Kiko Mizuhara

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Spirit Animal: Swan



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