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Ministry of Magic
James Graham
Magical Law Enforcement
Assistant Head
10 Aug 1959
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James graduated Hogwarts just in time to fight in earnest in the First Wizarding War.

A halfblood whose family was made up of muggle and wizard aristocrats, the Grahams were known for their ambition, wealth, and tendency to pay its debts. It rubbed them entirely the wrong way that the position and power they enjoyed in the muggle world didn’t translate to the wizarding world in exactly the same way, and so they were never strong supporters of the pureblood elitism. For his part, James was less interested in social politics than in violence and glory. In this way he was ambitious, but not enough so to be suited to Slytherin.

This was fine. His family was not deeply invested in house politics outside of possible networking connections, and it had been anticipated from early on that James would be so placed.

As a child, James was a bully. He liked fighting, and he liked hurting people. He was one of the best Beaters the Gryffindor quidditch team had ever seen, and several professional clubs attempted to recruit him while he was still at Hogwarts.

However, there was the war.

The loyalties of James’s family were consistent throughout – they might have been an ambitious, morally ambiguous, vindictive, and vicious lot, but their interests would not have been best served by purebloods keeping all the power for themselves. James had a personal stake in the war himself, and so as soon as he was able, he became an active participant in it, fighting against Voldemort.

(Translation: that he graduated Hogwarts was more a matter of having fought on the right side of the war and family connections. He was fighting years before he graduated.)

It was bloody and ugly and his talents for dueling and physical violence were put to good use.

He was never without charm, though; despite his bloodlust and how thoroughly he enjoyed breaking bones, he was a charming, affable sort with a biting sense of humor and an easy smile. It was just a little bloodstained sometimes.

He began his training as a hitwizard as soon as he graduated, and used these skills to fight more effectively in the war. When the Death Eaters took over the Ministry the second war, they attempted to send him to Azkaban, but he managed to escape and became one of the lead strategists and fighters for the resistance. After the war ended, he was offered a job as Assistant Head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement, and seeing as it was a sweet pay bump and would afford him the opportunity to live in a completely swank flat on the relative cheap, he took it.

He really misses the fieldwork though, and frequently finds excuses to do it.


Ebony, 14”, phoenix feather

Educational History

Hogwarts, Gryffindor, 1970 - 1977

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Nikolaj Coster-Waldau

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