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Ministry of Magic
Isis Frost
International Magical Cooperation
Senior Linguist
12 Jan 1974
PLAYER | Camille
Born to the Frost family, Isabella has always been held to high standards by her parents. The Frosts are wealthy, though by no means do they flaunt their money. Their household mentality is very strict and closed-off, even before the war. Elladora, Isabella's mother, is a socialite and comes from old money. Isis has an older brother, Leonis, who has always been a bit rebellious. The relationship between the two siblings was very close until the war, when Leonis disappeared completely.

It was obvious from her early development that Isabella was the intelligent child, even called a 'genius' at times. She had a particular knack for languages, and picked them up without much effort as a young child. She was very good at making her parents happy, and while she didn't always follow their rules, she had the good sense to get away with it.

Isis was sorted Ravenclaw, and never made anything less than perfect marks in school. She took on leadership roles such as Prefect, though she didn't have a huge circle of friends and preferred to spend down time to herself or with a few close companions. She famously aced most of her O.W.L.s and went on to take a full load for her N.E.W.T. level classes. Her hard work paid off, and when she graduated she pursued a fulfilling career as a Linguist for the Ministry of Magic.

During the Second Wizarding War, after urging from her brother, Isis kept her head down. When he disappeared in August of 95, Isis was devastated. The Frost family name had become tarnished when the dawn broke after the war. Both of her parents were tried and convicted as Death Eaters, and are now serving life sentences in Azkaban. Isis visits them every once in a while, but has now inherited the entire Frost estate, along with all of the wealth. Though Leonis is considered to be a casualty of war, Isis still hopes that he will return.

Personality: Subtle. Issy has always been a quieter one, though when she speaks it is not without thought. This isn't to say she can't hold a conversation, because she most certainly can. However, she chooses her battles wisely. Intelligent. She was sorted a Ravenclaw, and it isn't hard to figure out why. A quick study, Issy prefers to spend her time reading books and learning new things. Her thirst for knowledge is never satisfied. Manipulative. Issy knows how to get what she wants from people. It's a gift she was blessed with, and uses to her fullest ability. Judgemental. Issy is quick to criticize others, as well as herself, and holds those around her to high expectations.


Ivy, Dragon Heartstring, 13", rigid.

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Hogwarts, Ravenclaw, 1985 - 1992

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Eugenia Silva

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