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Ministry of Magic
Yvonne Ohara
Magical Law Enforcement
Senior Investigator
13 Apr 1963
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Yvonne was a seer and the second born of four and carried herself with the air of someone predestined for greatness. With an age disparity of five or more years, she was more of a mother than a peer to her younger siblings. Her father was a high-ranking muggleborn police commissioner, and her mother was a prominent Witch Watcher from a respected mixed (but mostly pure) blood family that was notable for its ability to produce seers. Growing up, talks of politics and current events from both worlds were common at the dinner table, and Yvonne saw much both.

When the First Wizarding War ended, her mother was promoted to lead Witch Watcher. The Ohara family rose in prominence, despite the father’s muggleborn influence, and in came the offer from the Graham family to have her wed their son, James.. Her father was more reluctant about the offer, having little interest in the schemes of wizards, but her mother had always been the more cunning and ambitious of the two and so pushed Yvonne towards the match. Eighteen at the time, willful, and with her whole life ahead of her, Yvonne resisted and was wholly set to hate James upon first meeting him.

Five years later, they were in love and had three children together. Born in 1983, 1985, and 1986.

For the sake of her children, there was much that Yvonne sacrificed. She had been in training to become a Witch Watcher, but given their travel demands, she switched to the Investigator program instead. Her abilities as a seer would occasionally come in handy during some of her cases.

It was a tremendous amount of pressure, to juggle a job and three kids and a largely absent husband. After a string of broken promises, culminating in a three night stint of him simply not being there when one of their kids suffered a major injury, she had had enough. In 1989, they divorced.

Her mother died shortly afterwards and the stress of working in the same department as her ex became too much. She switched jobs again, this time leaving the magic world to work among muggle cops as a detective and point of contact between the magical and muggle worlds. The muggle world was a ripe target for any dark wizards with a mind to abuse it and from within the muggle police, she had more potential to root them out, spotting evidence of dark magic that muggles would’ve missed.

During the Second Wizarding War, she focused her efforts on protecting her muggle co-workers who were caught in the crossfire of the war and on helping out muggleborns when she could.


Vine, 11", dragon heartstring

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Hogwarts, Gryffindor, 1974-1981

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Naomie Harris

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