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Fabian Fernandez
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14 Jan 1959
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Fabian's mother was British and his father was Spanish, both from very long lines of wizarding families. He had three other siblings who were all sorted into Gryffindor, as he was. During his formative years, Fabian had difficulty socializing. He grew very tall very young, and this resulted in a bit of teasing from house mates and even his brothers, who were not nearly so tall...though he was the youngest. Rather than take the teasing as fun, Fabian kept to himself. He did not make friends at Hogwarts, though he did not outright dislike anyone.

His father, Brutus Fernandez, was rather fond of the dark arts. This was something he used to bond with his youngest son. It was an interest and a hobby for them both to study, and often during the summers they would take trips to various forests and parks to gather the more dangerous fungi for their collections. It was a year after he left Hogwarts when Fabian and his father were attacked by a werewolf on one of these camping trips. Fabian's father did not survive, and this has haunted him for many years. He did manage to get help after the attack and survive, obviously, but his family did not wish to have a werewolf in the house. Nor did they want it a well-known fact, either, so Fabian declined to register in order to protect his family's reputation.

Fabian took a small portion of money allotted to him and purchased a cottage in the same forest he and his father were attacked. For several years he kept himself sustained there, studying the dark arts to pass his time. As the years passed, however, he grew quite bitter with his situation. So Fabian began to make trips into London and surrounding cities. He searched high and low for others. Gradually, he did find himself in the company of fellow werewolves, and a pack began to form. It was unfortunate for a young man named Billy that Fabian was not in his cottage one full moon when he transformed, for this was the one person Fabian actually turned.

It wasn't long before the second wizarding war that he was encouraged to join Fenrir Grayback's fight. So many years in isolation had left Fabian quite embittered with the world. The very gesture of living like this to protect his family honor had planted a seed of anger in him which quickly took root.

It was a war that cleaved the anger he'd held for some time in half, and when everything was done and said...Fabian did not want to fight any more. He was not a fighter. He made peace with the memory of his father and family, and fled for his life. But he made his cottage a welcome place for the pack he had formed, as well ass any others who wished to join, and was always willing to come to the aid of fellow werewolves.


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