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Mercedes Jiménez de Zuñiga
Whereabouts Unknown
15 Jul 1963
5' 6"
PLAYER | Saturday
Mercedes was born to a large pueblood family of Catalan and Andalusian heritage, for the most part. The size of her family made her turn inward, and the absence of her parents made her fiercely maternal.

Her time at Beauxbatons was marked by academic successes and magical growth, but social isolation, for the most part. Many mistook her silence for shyness -- the truth was, she didn’t prefer the company of most people, particularly the girls of Beauxbatons who seemed frivolous and shallow to her, and preferred to keep her own counsel. From a young age, she’d always had an interest in photography, both magical and mundane, and she pursued it avidly throughout her school career. When she graduated, after sending her portfolio out to numerous wizarding publications, she was hired for an internship at a prestigious wizarding version of National Geographic, and from there, developed a successful career as a photographer.

In the early years of her work, she met a photographer who’d become an animagus because he said it helped him find different perspectives and really inventive ways into the photographs he wanted to take; he eventually took Mercy on as a protege, and helped her become an animagus herself.

Her work sent her around the world, observing the most amazing places and people and capturing them on film. She loved her work, and no person had ever come close to inspiring the passion it did.

Until Ian.

She met him while shooting in Scotland -- a fierce storm drove them both into a little shack for shelter, and there they discovered a spark.

As it happened, Ian was a werewolf, and a fugitive. Their relationship took time to develop -- there was a long period of correspondence before they met again in Germany.

There came a point when there was nothing to do but commit -- and commit she did, even during the war, even through the worst of it.

She became a fugitive in England, and this didn’t deter her from staying by Ian’s side. As a known associate of Ian’s, and consequently her tacit connection to Fenrir Greyback, has led her to submit her photos under a pseudonym, which she continues to do.

At this time, her whereabouts are unknown.

Magical Status Form

Magical Status: ANIMAGUS

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Animagus Form & Distinguishing Marks: Puma, with a “necklace” of white fur at its throat.

Animagus Form Elaboration: Secretive, reclusive, but excellent “stalk and ambush” predators, pumas are much closer in behavior and biology to house cats -- they’re just quite a bit larger and of course, live in the wild. They are solitary creatures who are often silent, with minimal vocalizations outside of the mother-offspring relationship -- they tend to avoid people and are not aggressive around them unless provoked.

Mercedes is very much the same. She’s smart, strategic, quiet, and prefers to be alone, or with those few who are close to her. She has a maternal streak and with those she’s claimed as “hers,” she’s much more inclined to talk, listen, and offer counsel.


Hawthorn, 12”, Dragon Heartstring

Educational History

Beauxbatons, 1974 - 1981

Face Claim

Penelope Cruz

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