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Ministry of Magic
Kieran West
Magical Law Enforcement
Senior Hitwizard
24 Dec 1969
PLAYER | Belle
In the Muggle world, Kieran's parents are fucking loaded. No one would know it to look at him - trussed up like an unruly hobo, always surrounded by a cloud of smoke, skinhead and tattoos denoting a tower block gremlin - or to hear him talk in his snarling East London twang. But he's actually more silver spoon than greasy spoon when it comes down to it; his dad's a backbencher in Parliament, and his mum's an overpaid, over-Botoxed, under-sexed newscaster with the BBC.

Brought up in Kensington, Kieran had every opportunity to become the privileged little twat his beneficial start in life conferred, except that he turned out to be a wizard in a family that could hardly abide the shame of it. Falling from his pedestal as the golden firstborn and painfully into the yawning pit of prejudice was deeply traumatic, and it had a profound effect on his sense of self.

Things, for Kieran, only got worse when he made it to Hogwarts. That nebulous period between the two Wizarding Wars had done little to mitigate blood supremacy, and finding himself sorted into Slytherin as a Muggleborn was an easy route to regular beatings. They probably wouldn't have been quite as bad if he hadn't provoked it, of course; Kieran's essential lack of filter gave him the satisfaction of biting words, followed by busted teeth.

Surviving his school years was better training for his eventual occupation than any of the assault courses they made him run once he got there. Going into law enforcement was less of a choice than a mandate; as his best friend once pointed out - if he didn't want to end up in Azkaban, he better make damn sure he was the one putting people there. Kieran had the grades - there was too much pride in him to be an outsider and an idiot - and fighting was pretty much ingrained in his personality.

Hitwizardry proved to be his true calling. Kieran took the 'work hard, party hard' mantra to his very core, and when not on the field, could be found in the nearest bar with a whisky and a woman of questionable morals. They were heady days, before the war, before the Muggleborn Registration Commission, before he was forced to run because he knew, above anything else, that he would never make it as far as a jail cell.

No one knows what happened during those missing months. Kieran won't talk about it. He came back changed - not obviously, but in subtle ways, strange ways. There's been no more bars. No more women. He has a dog now, and a shithole of an apartment in Hackney, and a Glock 9mm he wears holstered under an old leather jacket with bloodstained lining. He does his job still, but he keeps the magical world at arm's length.

Magical Status Form

Magical Status: WEREWOLF

Werewolf Form: Standard
Werewolf Size: 6.5" & 270lbs.

Form & Size Elaboration: Kieran was turned during the Trial by Fire when the hitwizard camping trip was attacked by Mercer Thorn's pack. He will be using wolfsbane in accordance with Ministry regulations, and considers his new status to be a burden, rejecting any possibility of embracing the desire to consume human flesh.


Kieran doesn't really seem to know who he is, swinging wildly between aggressive and humorous; stiff and trollish. He's often grumpy, and takes his job seriously, but by the same token, can easily fall into a groove of jokes and banter with people he connects with.

It's hard for people to get to know Kieran beyond his surface traits, and even those are constantly changing. He can turn on a dime, becoming someone completely different in a moment, and rarely for the best. Quick to anger but equally quick to cool down, it's difficult to know which Kieran is the real one.

Kieran is tall, broad-shouldered and lean. He's surprisingly slim for his build, mostly because he's full of nervous energy, and he lives on coffee and cigarettes. He has dark, shaved-down hair, hazel eyes, and stubble that seems permanently on the verge of becoming a full beard.

His body is covered in scars and the tattoos that seem like an attempt to cover them. In addition to the long, deep werewolf claw marks down his back, his arms and chest bear multiple patches of ravaged skin, and his hips and thighs are pockmarked from repeated insulin injections.

Whether he's at work or on downtime, Kieran always wears some variation of combat boots, jeans, t-shirt, hoody, and a second-hand leather jacket. It doesn't matter whether it's winter or summer; Kieran is a cold-blooded creature and requires layers to keep himself warm.

Under his jacket, he wears a Glock 9mm and two clips. Around his right ankle, he has a second holster in which he keeps his backup, a Beretta Tomcat. He also has a tactical knife on his belt, in addition to his wand.


Kieran's tiny apartment is located in Hackney, on the charmingly nicknamed 'Murder Mile', above a variety of shops and restaurants. The area is depressed and deprived, and mainly filled with junkies and criminals.

Inside, despite being spotlessly clean - because Kieran has a deep dislike of germs and mess - the flat is sparse and tatty. All of his furniture has seen better decades, and the carpets are threadbare. It's very much the abode of a bachelor, with few unnecessary comforts and nothing of real value. There isn't even a lock on the door, because it's been busted open by thieves so many times he can't be bothered to keep fixing it. They usually leave when they realise there's nothing to steal - but if he's home, Kieran has been known to offer them a beer and some cash if they seem particularly down on their luck.


Unsurprisingly, Kieran's desk is as sparse as his flat. He's meticulous about keeping on top of his reports, so his out-tray is almost always more full than his in-tray. There's nothing personal at his station, save for a bag of dog biscuits in one of the drawers, and a pen holder filled with biros (because fuck quills, that's why).



Blackthorn, 12", Unicorn tail hair

Educational History

Hogwarts, Slytherin, 1981-1988

Face Claim

Logan Marshall-Green

Additional Notes

Spirit Animal: Rhinoceros

Spoiler: Facts About Kieran show
Facts About Kieran
1. He has Diabetes Type 1, for which he carries a kit.
2. He's left-handed.
3. He does great pencil sketches, mostly of people.
4. He always showers with the lights off. Likely it started at Hogwarts, so he didn't have to share time with the other kids.
5. He nearly got expelled from Hogwarts the summer of his fifth year when he used Accio to stop his sister from drowning after their parents left him in charge of the kids.
6. During the Second War, he was attacked by Sonya Shepard in her wolf form.

Spoiler: Inventory show
His jacket has magically enlarged pockets to carry the following:
- Falling apart wallet with about 60 quid, driver's license, one debit card, and two credit cards (only one in his name; the other says G. West).
- Small leather bag filled with 18 galleons, 4 sickles, and 12 knuts.
- Keys: Gringotts vault key on a leather chain; three different standard house keys and a car key on a plastic keyring from Wong's Wok Shack.
- Cigarettes (Sterling Superkings), two cheap lighters, and one expensive silver one (empty) engraved with Love, Lyla xxx.
- Cheap flip phone, half charged.
- Hipflask filled with fire whiskey.
- Chewing gum.
- Glucose sweets.
- Leatherbound journal, scuffed, and a collection of chewed biros.
- Small first aid kit.
- A blister pack of Imitrex.
- Insulin kit (pen & spare needle caps)
- Ear plugs.
- Silver knife in a sheath.
- DMLE badge and Ministry ID card.
- Various scraps of both paper and parchment, receipts, general shit, a couple of letters from his siblings, a few office memos (defaced).
- A handful of owl treats.
- Homemade dog biscuits, poop bags, tennis ball and spare leash for Mac.
- A pouch of Floo powder.

Spoiler: Relationships show
Best Friend - Sully Flannery, former Ravenclaw, Senior Investigator at the Ministry, cynical Irishman.
Former Fiancee - Lyla Macmillan, former Gryffindor, Healer/Death Eater, compassionate Scot.
Brother - Auden West, Muggle, London Met Police Officer.
Sister - Gracie West, Muggle, Forensics.

Kieran has ex-service trainee German Shepherd called Mac who goes pretty much everywhere with him. When he's not by Kieran's side, the dog can usually be found curled up under his owner's desk in the Hitwizard bullpen. Mac is extremely calm and obedient, but he has abandonment issues and will become vicious towards anyone threatening Kieran.



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