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Ministry of Magic
Gavi Colquoit
Magical Law Enforcement
Hitwizard Specialist: Demolitions
27 Oct 1978
PLAYER | Belle
The fall of the family Colquoit begins, as most things back then did, with the eldest son, Julien. The firstborn of twins, he and his fraternal brother Tristan were the kind of intelligent, dangerous, forces to be reckoned with that the Ministry were grateful to have. Tristan, being the more rambunctious became an Auror. Julien, arguably the more intelligent of the two, chose the exotic life of a Witch Watcher.

It was during his years abroad that he met Akilina Yvchenco. She was a job, in actuality, a Russian terrorist and pureblood supremacist fresh out of Koldovstoretz. He was tasked with getting to her elder brother, Sergei, through her.

And then, inevitably, through the medium of brief, thrillingly dangerous exchanges and unresolved sexual tension, he fell in love with her.

Almost overnight, Julien Colquoit switched allegiances. Voldemort's war began, and he was on the wrong side of it, blindly following Akilina - his wife, as she became - in her convictions. Gavi was born between battles, and her first years were a blur of murder and strife.

Her mother was killed when she was three, and her father was captured shortly after her fourth birthday by a team of Aurors that included her uncle. It was then that Tristan was injured, unforgivably, by his brother. Julien performed a curse, something he'd learned in the service of the Dark Lord, and it crippled his twin, landing him in a wheelchair and destroying his career as surely as his betrayal had destroyed their family.

For his crimes in the first war, Julien was sentenced to death, and he received the Dementor's Kiss. His soulless body was transferred the Janus Thickey Ward of St Mungo's where Gavi visited at every opportunity she could sneak away from her uncle's judgement.

Tristan spent several weeks in hospital in France, their healers trying in vain to reverse whatever Julien had done to him, but it was no use. He was a war hero by then, and could have easily retired, but at a mere thirty-three, he hadn't the stomach for it. Instead, he turned to his other great love: things that went boom. Tristan taught himself to make explosives, and though he remained on retainer as a consultant with the Ministry, the main of his work actually took place in the Muggle world.

Gavi's first memories are of making pipe bombs with Tristan. His tenure as her guardian was supposed to be brief - for one thing, he wasn't equipped to deal with needs of a toddler, and a deaf one at that - but somehow the years passed and she just never left.

At eleven, she received her letter, and once at Hogwarts was sorted into Gryffindor. For the next seven years, various classrooms, toilets, and pets regularly exploded as Gavi honed the skills that her uncle had so kindly taught her.

She graduated just before the second war, already knowing - beyond a shadow of a doubt - what she wanted to do. Gavi and Tristan worked for the Ministry by day and aided the resistance by night, their handiwork very much in evidence.

In 1996, she made the acquaintance of Vittorio de Laurentis and his group of resistance fighters when she began providing them with munitions. Very soon, she became part of their operations full-time, and in 1997, she and Vittorio were married. Barely three months after that, just before Christmas, Death Eaters led by Caius Cinder raided their hideout, killing all but one of the group and taking Gavi and Vittorio hostage. They were tortured for days before Vittorio was finally murdered. Gavi's uncle and a delegation from MLE managed to locate them in time to save her, and the lone survivor was later jailed for conspiring with Voldemort's forces.

Gavi spent the rest of the war recuperating from her torture, and a year after that travelling the world alone before she returned to resume her Hitwizardry training at the Ministry until she achieved full operative status.


Outgoing, warm, and prone to flirting with literally everyone, Gavi is easy to like on first impression. She'll make nice with most people who have anything remotely redeeming about them. As someone who has never had to concern herself about money, she's generous to a fault, though can sometimes forget that others haven't grown up with the same privileges.

Conversation with Gavi is often nonsensical as she absolutely loves surreality and pop culture. Personal information of any significance is generally absent, but that isn't immediately obvious as she freely shares little trivialities from her childhood.

Despite having a multitude of friends, Gavi isn't truly close to many people, but she's good at making others feel like her best friend, even temporarily.

Gavi could never be called conventionally attractive; her facial features are almost cartoonishly exaggerated, giving her an alien look. Short and skinny, with a figure that tends to boyishness, the combination makes her seem both very young, and distinctly otherworldly.

Nevertheless, she appears to be confident in her looks, and favours high heels and ultra-feminine fashion, preferring flirty, revealing dresses and skirts over more casual outfits. She also keeps her hair - golden brown-red with a tendency to lighten significantly in the sun - long and silky; it's undoubtedly the part of her body she likes the most.

The greatest triumph of Gavi's appearance is how flawless it is to the eye. Her skin is pale and completely without blemishes. Only a handful of people in the world know that it is a result of a powerful and expensive potion designed to cover a multitude of scars. The skin of her back and left side is soft and rusched with deep but long-healed burns from the night her mother was killed in fiendfyre. More recent are the rest, the results of torture at the hands of Caius Cinder and his cronies during the Second War: divots in her cheeks, tears in her lips, one particularly jagged cut that bisects her face; ravaging scars all over her torso and arms; signs of restraints around her wrists and ankles; explosives burns and other injuries on her hands; and significant, disfiguring scars on the insides of her thighs.

She has a single tattoo that is also hidden by the potion - around the top of her right leg, there is a black outline of a world map filled in by soft watercolours. Those countries still blank symbolise places she hasn't yet visited as an adult.

The nature of the damage to her body has resulted in extensive muscular and nerve pain. In the aftermath of her torture, Tristan gave her Moonmellow to alleviate her agony, assuming she wouldn't live to experience the side-effects of the drug. However, Gavi survived her injuries and developed an addiction that resulted in extreme nerve sensitivity. Though she's been off the drug for several years now, the additional symptoms mean she is forced to take a cocktail of both legal and illegal potions and drugs to keep herself functional, and has learnt to live with a degree of pain and hyper-sensitivity.

Gavi speaks with a soft French inflection to her words, even whilst speaking her third language, Russian. She is ambidextrous with a left-hand preference. Most of the time, she smells sweet like forget-me-not flowers, often accompanied by a hint of bonfires and cordite.


Gavi lives in the Ministry Mews, in the master suite of a deluxe two-bedroom flat that she shares with Shazad Athari. Her room's decor changes regularly, but she favours dark walls - usually black or very deep blue or purple - and stripped-down floorboards suitable for dancing on. The ceiling is black and set with lights like stars; she leaves them on all night.

Despite the size of the room, there are only two pieces of furniture in it. The focal point is an enormous bed that changes periodically depending on the season or holiday (pumpkin, cornucopia, present box, etc.). Most of the time it is a raised platform with a ladder to the top, the mattress sunken into the base and a myriad of pillows and blankets creating a cocoon. There is usually some kind of canopy over the top or curtains that can be drawn around it because Gavi doesn't like to feel exposed whilst she sleeps.

The only other thing in the room is her desk/workbench combination. It is a black marble countertop that runs along the line of the window wall at standing height. Beneath it are sets of long black lacquer roll-out drawers that contain all her bomb-making materials, prototypes and projects, and above it the wall bracketing is painted with chalkboard paint where she makes her notes and drawings. It is next to the sliding doors that lead out onto their terrace, which she leaves open when she's working to allow the smoke out.

Within the room there is also a door to a walk-in closet that has been magically expanded to house her enormous collection of clothes, shoes and accessories. It is tastefully decorated in neutral tones with a luxurious cream carpet underfoot and mahogany fittings. Behind one of the shelves is a concealed cupboard within which Gavi keeps numerous illegal books and dark artefacts that she inherited from her husband, his wand and personal effects, her photo album, and a glass case housing her wedding dress.


Gavi's lab is spacious and meticulously organised, a cell of concrete and chrome. There is a large stone blast-proof island in the centre at standing height, within which there are locked drawers where she keeps the completed explosives and prototypes. Around the outside of the room, there is a long counter upon which enchanted glass cases sit, containing her supplies.

A giant fume hood setup is located in the corner furthest from the door. She usually has a selection of chemicals under there. Friends are also invited to duck under it with her for a cheeky cigarette during the working day.

Along the back wall, there is a large decorative cabinet where Gavi keeps a huge stockpile of snacks of both wizarding and muggle origin, from a variety of countries. On the top of the cupboard is a wireless.



Cherry, 11", Dragon heartstring

Educational History

Hogwarts, Gryffindor, 1989-1996

Face Claim

Daria Sergeeva

Additional Notes


Spoiler: Icarus show
Though he technically belongs to her uncle, Icarus the fire-breathing lizard seems to prefer Gavi. He rides around on her shoulder most of the time, and he eats anything, though chocolate frogs are his favourite. If he doesn't like someone or something, he will not hesitate to set them on fire.

Spoiler: Chewie show
Chewie (formerly Muffinsparkles) is a German Shepherd puppy that Gavi acquired - by means unknown - in late 2002. She registered him in the Mews under Shazad's name, and he lives with them, eating socks and terrorising Icarus and Moxy.

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