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Bianca Bancroft [Charity]
Magical Accidents and Catastrophies
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21 May 1970
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Some people are born disgustingly adorable and they get away with everything.

Bianca Bancroft was one of those people, with bright blue eyes that have been called star-like or crystalline in many a poem and a smile that could melt any heart. In her toddler years, she innately trained everyone around her to give her what she wanted by rewarding them with little, girlish squeals and charming grins - something that she'd fall into the natural habit of doing without even realizing, as she grew older.

Fortunately - for most people, anyway, her brother Simon being the exception to a lot of things - Bianca had simple desires and her intentions were never malicious, easily satisfied by a bucket of sweets (Bianca still has a bit of a sweet tooth and often teases Simon for calling her a 'sugar-powered monster of mayhem' once) or fancy toys or something even as little as someone's attention. She was a friendly child, but not particularly bright - since her charm made a wide range of things easier for her, she never had to work hard for anything and things were readily dumped into her lap, making her rather complacent in nature. Coming from a family of wealth and reputation didn't help her much either.

And, oh Honeydukes, had 1981 had been one of the best years of her life! Bee was feverishly excited to start at Hogwarts, especially since she was finally getting to see what it was all about (all she to go off of was what Simon would tell her)... and Hogwarts did not disappoint her! Well, except on one front - Bee had been hoping to get into Slytherin so she could hang out with Simon, but she had been sorted into Hufflepuff instead. Oh well! Bianca became, instantly, one of the most popular girls of her year - possibly partially attributed to the fact that she was (to the disbelief of many people) the younger sister of cold, controlling Simon Bancroft, but her entrancing, extroverted personality probably helped too.

Her most significant memory was in her first year when Simon was accused of luring a half-blood classmate to the forest (where he was tortured and murdered by several Death Eaters) being under the influence of the Imperius curse - other than that, her time at Hogwarts was particularly uneventful, filled with Muggle Art Club, boyfriends, ex-boyfriends, signing up for Care for Magical Creatures Club, experimentation(s) of various sorts, knitting club, boys, boys, boys, skipping out on CMC Club, getting violently sick from having way too many sweets, a girlfriend or two, and a bunch of other things that Simon would roll his eyes at if he ever found out.

After graduation, Bianca decided to follow Simon's footsteps and find work in the Ministry - vying to get a position in the Muggle Liaison office because of her natural ability to get along with people, serving as a great mediator, and because Simon worked in the same department, yay! Also, it didn't hurt that that particular office didn't really need people with prodigious magical skills or abilities, because Bee didn't do well with magic. She was practically dropped into an internship the day after she applied and she was ecstatic, completely oblivious to the likelihood that either her family name or her father had something to do with her getting accepted. After a few years of playing intern, she was given the title of Muggle Liaison Officer.

The Second War brought a great strain to her department - and though she tried to be as involved as she could, Bianca didn't particularly shine during this period and she wasn't given any real recognition for her work, which was fair, because she wasn't very much good at it other than being one of the favorite go-to employees with the Muggle counterparts of the department. After the Second War, she wasn't offered a promotion.

Though many people ask her what she is doing with her life since she's already thirty and has been sitting at the same desk, doing the same job, for a number of years now, Bee always brushes it off by saying she loves what she does and that the only thing she really needs to worry about - according to her parents, anyway - is to get married and start making babies because she is getting olddddddddddddd and no one in their right mind is ever going to tolerate being with Simon long enough to marry him.

So, begrudgingly, the task of pushing on the family line to a future generation rests on her shoulders (which, funny enough, is the only thing her parents have ever asked of her and she hasn't been taking this shit seriously). WELL, WE'LL SEE HOW THAT GOES I GUESS.

(This was all written by Mercury <3)


Hazel, 9½ inches, unicorn hair

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Hogwarts, Hufflepuff, 1981-1988

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Zoe Deschanel

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