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Gracie West
Metropolitan Police Service
Assistant Medical Examiner
12 Oct 1977
PLAYER | twufoo
Most of Gracie’s life has been spent around rich, entitled assholes. As the baby of the family she was the princess who never quite measured up to her brothers, one of whom was a motherfucking wizard apparently? Weird, but cool.

Between her parents were two choices of love: the distant and conditional love of her father or the constant and critiquing love of her mother, who doted upon her with ribbons and dresses and uninvited comments about the size of her nose and started plucking her brows when she was still in diapers. It was her brothers she turned to for any sort of love or acceptance, and she looked up to both of them different ways. Always living in their shadows, she pushed herself hard in anything she applied herself to be it sports or school.

Gracie's teens marked a period of great change for her. She went from being rather popular to only having a handful of friends, most of whom were from a bad crowd and going nowhere in life. She applied herself to less and less and partied hard. It wasn't like she needed to apply herself that hard to get by in most of her classes anyway. She found out that if she pushed the right buttons, she could get away with murder. Figuratively speaking, of course.

She was endlessly curious about the magic world and would ask Kieran all sorts of questions to the point of his exhaustion, when she would take it upon herself to sneak into the magical world and look around. Or she'd figure out a way to meet some of his friends or co-workers so she could ask them instead. Speaking of Kieran's friends and co-workers, you'd think that wizards with their ~magic and everything would be awesome lays. Turns out they were pretty hit or miss.

She coasted into college on combination of her family's wealth, nepotism, and a handful of stellar grades in the classes she actually cared about. She flunked out in the first year due to her own irresponsibility and had a massive fight with her parents after which she was cut off from their largess.

It was Auden who ended up having a heart to heart with her and setting her back on right path. It couldn't have happened at a better time, since getting back on that path involved cutting off an unhealthy relationship with a rather shady wizard who would soon afterwards become embroiled in the Second War. She managed to steer clear of most but not all of the war.

Gracie has since finished her bachelor's degree and enrolled in a masters program in forensic science at University College. It was difficult getting back into school after her recent flunking, but Gracie had a way of getting what she wanted. Without her parents' money, she's had to fend for herself in a number of areas--tuition, finances, living arrangements… laundry. It was and is the worst. Thankfully, there's usually a shmuck lying around that she can convince to do it for her. As she finishes up her degree, she's found herself a part-time job tending the machines at Joysticks Arcade in Oracle Mall.

Educational History

University College London, 2000-2002

Face Claim

Alexa Chung

Additional Notes

Master's Student in Forensic Science

manicured, short nails



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