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Ministry of Magic
Malcolm Bishop
Magical Law Enforcement
Lead Hitwizard
04 Nov 1960
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When Mal was born, it was in blood and meconium, in an act that tore away his mother's life. His father never forgave him for it. Since the beginning, he was an unlovable thing, strange and sickly and constantly screaming. Most of his four older siblings were resentful towards him and treated him with varying levels of disdain.

Out of necessity, he learned to fend for himself early on. He had the type of fire in his gut that only misery and malice could inspire, and when the First Wizarding War began all he could think of was joining. He was ten years old. The Bishop family was poor, prideful, and pure of blood. It was simply expected that they would all join the Death Eaters.

Malcolm enrolled in Hogwarts when he came of age and was sorted into Slytherin. Although he had a raw aptitude for magic, he wasn’t the best student. Classes just didn’t seem as important with the war underway. During the last few years of the war, Mal's involvement with the Death Eaters increased, and he was given the Dark Mark at age 17.

He was active for the last three years of the war. During this time, one of his brothers was killed.

After the war ended, Mal flipped sides immediately, giving the Ministry a wealth of information on how to round up the remaining Death Eaters, even selling out some of his own family. Mal was granted amnesty for his full cooperation; after all, he was young, easily influenced, and perhaps under the influence of an Imperius Curse for the most heinous of his crimes.

Mal came out of the war far richer than he had entered it. Many powerful wizards and their heirs had died, estates were lost, and the right paperwork at the right moment was worth a fortune. Surviving a war was profitable business.

Mal's cooperation with the Ministry led to him working in cooperation with several law enforcement operations until he ultimately joined as a hitwizard. He carried out his work with ruthless efficiency, pursuing the enemy as if years of bottled anger were coming out in sheer, focused zeal.

In 1989, he married a halfblooded witch named Marian. In 1991, she gave birth to their daughter, Tamsin. The baby died within the first year, and the marriage fell apart soon after.

After that, work consumed his life. His role in the First Wizarding War was long forgotten, and he was promoted to Senior Hitwizard.

During the Second Wizarding War, many hitwizards were turned into Snatchers, and refusing to participate could put a target not only on them but on their loved ones' backs as well. Mal decided to stay inside the Ministry to help organize those who, for a number of reasons, did not join the resistance. He carefully balanced his job between capturing muggleborns and allowing certain ones to escape. He tried not to arouse suspicion regarding himself, often going to great lengths to play the part of a loyal snatcher while feeding information to the resistance. Things didn't always go as planned, however, and there are some things that he regrets from this time. Reprisal for his betrayal after the First Wizarding War didn't come, though it's not clear what he said, did, or which strings he pulled in order to escape revenge.

After the war, many personnel had died and MLE cleaned house on many of the remaining ones who had followed the Muggleborn Commission's orders a bit too eagerly. Though a controversial choice at the time, Mal was promoted to Lead Hitwizard in the wake of all the vacancies.

Nothing else notable has occurred in his personal life. He dated a muggle named Stella for a while, but eventually cut things off and had her obliviated and sent away.
Malcolm's hair is slightly wavy and medium/short, having outgrown any discernible haircut. It is uncombed and messy. His chin is usually covered with stubble, ranging from sandpaper-rough to several weeks old. He keeps his nails short, but they are often dirty. His build is wiry and athletic with prominent veins. He smells of tobacco.

Although not usually visible, he bears the Dark Mark on his arm like all former Death Eaters. His left arm has been flayed to remove his Dark Mark, and has been covered up by a patchwork of skin grafts, giving it a horrible appearance. He usually keeps this concealed under a compression bandage, sleeve, and glove.

His right arm and his torso bear several prominent stripes from old burns.



Mal has a medium-sized but somewhat cramped office, due the fact that he shoved a couch in it. It is sparsely decorated with a few pictures of himself with other team members, usually after a bust, and a few posters of wizards wanted for criminal activity. The desk is cluttered with different stacks of paperwork. There's always a faint whiff of firewhisky about on account of his keeping a bottle in his desk.

Photos of family or anything of a personal nature are conspicuously absent.



Yew, 12 3/4", dragon heartstring

Educational History

Hogwarts, Slytherin, 1972-1979

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Guy Pearce

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