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Rachel Cohen
03 Sep 1978
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Rachel is the best example of the triumph of nature over nurture. Though born into a family of sunny optimists, never pushed or pressured by overbearing parents, she was an ambitious child with a ruthless streak that seemed almost at odds with how she was raised.

Being a Slytherin with the Saviour of the Wizarding World in residence made her years at Hogwarts rather more interesting than she preferred. Rachel was never interested in what everyone else was doing; she thought Malfoy's feud with Potter was too juvenile for words, though like the rest of her housemates, Dumbledore's blatant favouritism grated on her. It didn't seem to matter how many points they gained through hard work and brilliance; inevitably, come the end of year feast, Potter and friends would win it for Gryffindor by flagrantly breaking rules and generally being miscreants. Almost without noticing, Rachel's trust in leaders and adults began to erode. She realised much earlier than most that humans were all flawed and imperfect, no matter how old or supposedly wise. It made her hard; it made her difficult to reach.

In the main, Rachel kept to herself and her own interests. She was close with her siblings, despite their differing houses, and was known as the one who shouldn't be crossed in those early years. Transfiguration was her particular talent, and turning hair ties into spiders or forks into wriggling worms took little effort for a great deal of personal satisfaction.

Though never deliberately cruel, Rachel was always a little more aloof, more standoffish than her brothers and sister. Only at home, or when alone with them, would she allow herself to relax into the dry humour and kindness that lay beneath.

Of course, things changed after their mother's death. Rachel was recruited to train as an Unspeakable straight out of school. She missed the worst times of the war at Hogwarts, found herself shut out of the inner workings of her department's machinations, and finally, ultimately, orphaned.

The Cohens didn't just lose their mother. A finite and unforgiving soul, Rachel considers their father's abandonment no less than his own demise, and if forced to acknowledge him, does so as if he'd perished. Despite her lack of maternal instincts, she took over the role as best she could, sending the children care packages and letters during term-time, and leaving her place in London to spend holidays with them in their grandparents' cramped little cottage. Working in the Ministry, she has lunch with Micah at least three times a week, and even occasionally remembers to admonish him for not wearing a coat.

She knows she is a poor substitute for the mother they lost; little that is gentle or brave, and no heroics to be discerned. She fought, of course, in the resistance, and came away with her fair share of scars and a slight but noticeable limp.

Rachel doesn't talk about that, either.

Note: Following her OWLs, Rachel decided to begin training as an Animagus. An obsessive researcher, she sought out the information independently and practiced in secret, completing the mandrake leaf month stage during the winter term of her sixth year. However, she didn't manage to fully make the transformation until the period following the Battle of Hogwarts, due to having unlimited time to concentrate during her convalescence. Finally in 2001, several months before the jailbreak, she achieved wandless transformation, which she can now do relatively reliably.

Magical Status Form

Magical Status: ANIMAGUS

Animagus Form & Distinguishing Marks: Raven, medium-sized with a wingspan of 120cm, black iridescent feathers that can appear to have a purple sheen in some lights, pure black eyes, and a twisted right leg.

Animagus Form Elaboration: Enigmatic and highly intelligent, the raven - like the average Slytherin - has a poor reputation for its association with death and war. They are linked to the occult and to prophesy, having been believed to be the messengers and spies of Odin in Norse mythology. As an Unspeakable, Rachel knows a great deal about the more mysterious happenings in the wizarding world, blessed as the raven is said to be, with the gift of foresight.

List the 3 most serious mishaps that animagus endured in training::
1) Scrambled Nerves -- For almost four weeks of her seventh year, she was a hot mess who couldn't be trusted with so much as a glass of water. Though not in pain, she had to have someone to take her notes, write out her homework, and even help her dress. Needless to say, it was extremely embarrassing.

2) Extra Animal Parts -- On one memorable occasion, Rachel ended up with a pair of wings attached to her back in human form, which was actually pretty cool (except that she couldn't go out in public other than at night for over a week).

3) Animal Behavior -- Rachel retains some bird-like mannerisms in the way she eats, and the way she holds herself and tilts her head. As the symptoms have been persistent for the last nine years, she's fairly certain they're there to stay.


Studious, serious, and sensible, on the surface Rachel seems very much like a classic nerd. She enjoys intellectual pursuits and can't abide people who are stupid or ignorant of the world around them, often finding herself frustrated with peers who are below her level. However, her experiences during and after the war have tempered her somewhat, developing a greater tolerance for differences and relaxing her attitudes to rules and tradition. She has a very dark sense of humour, which contrasts oddly with her ability to be embarrassed when discussing matters of a personal nature, and due to her inexperience with relationships, is likely to clam up or go cold on people who show any interest in her beyond the professional.

Rachel has never been interested in, or relied on her looks to get what she wants. Everything from her makeup to her attire is chosen for practicality and efficiency, but most importantly, she always ensures she is perfectly presented for any given situation. She has a soft, slender frame with little musculature and the delicacy of a scholar rather than an athlete.

During one of the last large-scale resistance battles, she was seriously injured when a dark curse caught her right leg, twisting and mangling the muscle from thigh to ankle. She maintains the scar despite the best efforts of the healers, and as a result, covers it with sharp suits and floor-length dresses.

Having spent almost a year in a wheelchair, she graduated to a cane and then to walking unaided. However, during the attack on the Department of Mysteries in December 2001, Rachel was injured whilst resisting the Imperius curse. She was still semi-reliant on her cane when, a year later, she was again injured, this time during the trial bombing and as a result of her capture to the Hollows.

Though she undergoes bi-weekly physical therapy, her leg still causes her a lot of pain, and she has an additional scar on her abdomen where it was pierced with a shard of glass in the Hollows. Most days she walks with a cane now, although on particularly bad ones she is forced to regress back to her wheelchair.

Spoiler: Further Notes show
Grooming: Always clean, neat, and well-groomed, doesn't like to look scruffy or undone.
Scars/Marks: Right leg entirely scarred from hip to ankle - silvery pale and slightly colder than the rest of her body, clearly magical. Thin, jagged, two inch line beneath her bellybutton.
Smells Like: Sunshine. Her perfume is light and faintly citrussy with a sweet orange blossom and bergamot base.
Voice/Accent: Well-spoken and clear, with an enunciated received pronunciation English accent that suggests an upper-middle class upbringing.
Eyes: Intense grey-blue with a ring of darker grey close to the pupil.
Handedness & Handwriting: Left-handed but holds her cane in her right hand. Her writing is tiny and copperplate and can be somewhat difficult to read.


Rachel lives in the Ministry Mews in a deluxe apartment with two bedrooms and a den.

The common areas of her apartment are decorated entirely with second-hand furniture and have a homey, lived-in, vintage feel.

The living room is host to a scuffed brown leather sofa and a pair of squashy armchairs - one solid hunter green velvet, the other tartan covering. The coffee table is a slab of reclaimed wood resting on a set of fired terracotta bricks. There are several bookshelves filled with numerous books and small art pieces, and a closed cabinet in which she hides her little-used television. Next to the fireplace, there is a cauldron filled with coal and wood. A luxurious burgundy rug stretches from the fireplace to the sofa; the rest of the room is clad oak floorboards with soft cream walls. There are several beautifully framed paintings on the walls, most of which are forest scenes.

By the side of the sofa is a raised crate filled with a mattress where Rachel's crup, Orthus, can usually be found.

Rachel's room is done in tasteful navy and pale grey, with a squashy bed featuring lots of orthopaedic pillows and throws. Her bedframe, bookshelves, wardrobe, and vanity are all dark wood, and the surfaces are neat but not entirely clutter free.

The second room where one or other of her siblings sometimes stays is paler with splashes of summery colour in the cushions and thick rug. The bed is a single, with a pull-out extension beneath it that can be used as part of the main bed or as a second guest mattress.

In the den, Rachel's desk is surrounded by yet more bookshelves positively crammed with all kinds of reference materials. There is also a large black cabinet in one corner; it is locked and warded and has nothing that appears to be a handle, just a small round divot in the middle of it.


Within the Department of Mysteries, Rachel's office is impossible to access except by other Mysteries personnel. It is a small, cupboard-type space with just enough room for her to manoeuvre, and is filled with strange devices that don't officially exist in the wizarding world (yet). She hasn't bothered to personalise it, and rather keeps it as a showcase of all her projects, with glass cases affixed to the walls where her prototypes can be viewed along with handwritten cards detailing their development.

There is a secondary black cabinet in the back of her office, identical to the one in her apartment, which contains the working versions of her very dangerous projects, such as the magical suppression collar which she has been working on for several years.



13.5", Yew, Dragon Heartstring

Educational History

Hogwarts, Slytherin, 1989-1996

Face Claim

Julia Saner

Additional Notes


Spoiler: Orthus show
In late 2003, Rachel stole a crup that had been confiscated by Magical Creatures from a dogfighting ring to save him from being put down. He is standoffish at best and vicious at worst, but makes a fearsome guard dog and is very loyal to Rachel and the people she cares about.



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