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Ministry of Magic
Eudora Shaw
Magical Law Enforcement
Chief Warlock of the Wizengamot
26 Apr 1937
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Eudora was born March 26, 1937 to Mordechai and Hila Shaw, both Jewish muggles living in Austria. Her father, a Rabbi and former physician, was looked to as the de facto leader of the small Jewish community in which they lived. Her mother, while uneducated worked for many years as Mordechai's assistant but upon his departure from the profession she resolved herself to a life of domesticity.

It was evident early on that Eudora was special. An unusually cheerful baby, she almost never cried and always seemed to be a vision of glowing health. Her father, though relieved, was concerned that the constant cheer may be the result of a medical defect. However, his wife Hila scolded him every time he attempted to pry into the cause, not wanting to ruin her daughter's good temperament.

The following year, weeks before her first birthday, Austria was annexed by what would become Nazi Germany and hundreds of thousands of Jews fled the country. Among those were Eudora and her parents, who made their way to London, England where Mordechai revived his practice and became a well respected physician. The years that followed were plagued with war, desolation, and fear for everyone as Adolf Hitler waged his World War. Still, at a safe distance, the Shaw family tried to maintain a relatively normal existence having three more children (Annette in 1939, Radley in 1942, and Beatrix in 1945) and living a fruitful life in the safety of the United Kingdom.

Although she never much liked the Jewish faith, she dutifully went through the motions of her parents' religion all of her young life and despite her distaste found herself embodying its values. Honesty, charity, justice, and intelligence characterized the foundation of her moral fiber and helped her navigate the world. In addition, as the eldest child, she was forced to mature at young age. While her parents worked to give them a wonderful life, she took on the role of caretaker of her siblings and found she had a gift for it. She was a quiet girl and preferred to bury her head in books rather than play with the other children in primary school. Her antisocial behavior was not always a choice of hers though as she was not a particularly attractive child. A young girl with bright red hair, mismatched eyes and thick gaudy glasses, she was never all that popular. In fact, she frequently found herself the target of young bullies. In all, Eudora never fit in, but she never let it bother her. Actually, she quite preferred it that way.

In July of 1948, Eudora's life was turned on its head when an elderly witch named Agatha Crimwald turned up on their doorstep to reveal to the Shaws that Eudora was in fact a witch. Anger, surprise, and disbelief characterized most of the conversation, but Agatha, a skilled communicator, eventually brought the parents to accept the undeniable truth that their daughter was magical. Eudora always had the unshakeable feeling that she didn't belong and now every suspicion she had was confirmed. Albeit overwhelmed with the news, it didn't take Eudora long to get used to the idea of being a witch. Receiving this news was the pivotal point in Eudora's life where she went from being the dutiful, intelligent young student to the eccentric enchantress she was destined to become.

It all began a few months later when she arrived at Hogwarts. Her sorting was almost instantaneous, the hat barely touching her head before it called out 'RAVENCLAW' which she grew to love dearly. Eudora finally thought she had found a place where she could truly be a part of something and for the most part her assumptions were true. Still, she found that it was much easier said than done to suddenly become a social butterfly and struggled to find friends outside of her own house. However, as she spent more time at Hogwarts she began to appreciate her own eccentricities. In a world turned on its head, she stuck out like a sore thumb and while she still made the effort to blend in, she stopped caring if her efforts bore no fruit. She was eventually made a Prefect and excelled in all of her subjects, but her greatest achievements at Hogwarts were found in Dueling Club, where, after a rough year of hard learned lessons, she began regularly handing her combatants their own butts.

In her 5th year, Eudora started to fully embrace the idea of standing out in the crowd. She stopped forcing her naturally curly hair into tight barrettes and allowed it to bush out like a mane. She dumped her sensible square rimmed glasses for large horn rimmed ones. She began accessorizing her school robes and wearing extremely fashion forward "chic" witches clothing. Still a rather reserved girl, she never became rambunctious or outspoken in the typical sense, choosing to express herself through fashion and magical prowess. Having expected to be bullied again, she was pleasantly surprised when the combination of her fashion-sense, her devil-may-care attitude and her dueling abilities garnered distant and very cautious admiration, especially among the younger students who sometimes took to imitating her. It was also during this time that Eudora decided she would go into government work, rejecting her father's odd urging toward a Healer's career and mother's insistence on marriage.

In her 6th year, Eudora's path to success and independence took a dramatic turn during her Christmas holiday at home when she and her family had an unfortunate scuffle with some antisemitics on their way home from a special Hanukkah service. A group of intoxicated muggle men began to harass her family. When her father stepped forward to put a stop to the harassment the men attacked him and beat him in the street. Quicker than lightning, Eudora had unleashed a furious barrage of curses upon the men (a few were left permanently damaged) before she and her family fled the scene. Upon arriving back at their home, a letter from the Ministry of Magic was waiting ominously on their dining room table. Eudora was ordered to appear before the Wizengamot to answer her charges. Of course, to her relief, upon recounting the incident all charges against her were dropped due to the prevision about preserving ones own life or the lives of others. Despite her innocence, the incident made headlines in the magical world and Eudora achieved a degree of infamy back at school.

Her 7th year at Hogwarts, Eudora reverted slightly to a more reserved existence, focusing almost exclusively on her studies. She even dropped out of the Dueling Club. She maintained the close relationships she had built, but made no conscious effort to expand on them during her final year at Hogwarts. When she graduated, she did so with high honors in all subjects and was sent off with many well wishes. She applied to work for the Ministry of Magic a few weeks after leaving school and moving to a small flat on her own in London. Initially denied employment as an Auror because they were not accepting anymore recruits, she was offered a position working as a litigator and legislative clerk for the Wizengamot (ironically by one of the wizards who sat in on her hearing.)

She accepted the position, which she came to thoroughly enjoy. It primarily involved drafting wizarding legislation, garnering support for said legislation and ensuring its passage on all levels of government. She was also charged serving the Ministry on the team of witches and wizards who basically served as the lawyers of the government, prosecuting law-breakers and advising the government on various legal issues. Eudora found a voice among the ranks of the Wizengamot, becoming a very well known author of legislation. During this time, she had a very brief encounter with a young member of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement. A portly little man with a somewhat nervous temperament and an insatiable ambition. However, after a few weeks of having lunch they realized they had distinctly different political views and in no time at all became rather bitter enemies.

By the beginning of the First Wizarding War, Eudora (33) had risen as a prominent young member of the Wizengamot with a famously confused mixture of progressive and conservative political views. Eudora did not suffer significantly from the impact of the war. At this time a non-combatant high ranking government official, her safety throughout the war was all but ensured by both flanks of Aurors and the relative anonymity granted to her by the collective that was the Wizengamot. That isn't to say she didn't participate. Eudora was a staunch opponent of the authorization of the Unforgivable Curses and had rallied significant opposition among her fellow Warlocks. Unfortunately, Minister Minchum quickly squashed what he saw as insubordination with several strongly worded howlers. Eudora lost her support and Minchum eventually authorized the use of Unforgivables, a policy that Minister Bagnold was reluctant to recall. After the war ended, she played another role as one of the primary interrogators of Voldemort's followers. In this, Eudora was absolutely fierce because though largely untouched by the war, she was not blind to its effects. Her strong sense of justice led her to call for incredibly heavy handed punishments and she frequently moved to dismiss claims of the imperius curse famously saying "Forgive me, your honors, but I am deathly allergic to bullshit." Which drew an unexpected roar of laughter from the court. However, in addition to relative inability to disprove the use of the Imperius Curse, the sheer volume of cases the Wizengamot heard daily had exhausted them to the point that some were all too eager to hurry the process along by accepting it as a defense.

Eudora continued in her capacity as a Warlock, rising to a senior rank (based on merit, not years of service) becoming one of the leaders of a very small alliance of forward thinking Warlocks on the Wizengamot who actively sough to challenge the status quo.. to an extent. Of course, to her dismay, her ambitious old friend turned enemy had risen to the highest rank within the Ministry and early on enjoyed sweeping popularity. Uncharacteristically vengeful, Eudora made it her secret mission to thwart Fudge at every possible convenience. She did just that frequently by roaring down his proposals and constantly questioning the legitimacy of Fudge's actions. She found allies in her endeavor with individuals such as fellow Warlock, Amelia Bones and Chief Warlock Albus Dumbledore, though the sentiment was never expressed openly.

It wasn't until the return of Voldemort and the subsequent beginning of Fudge's steep fall from grace that she started to ease off of the embattled Minister. Fudge knew his hold on power was shaky and Eudora assumed correctly that any further challenges to his power would prompt a swift retaliation from on high. Fudge led a very underhanded campaign against Dumbledore in which he intimidated several members of the Wizengamot into recalling him from the Chief position. He attempted to gain Eudora's support for this by offering her the Chief Warlock position in return for her assistance in unseating the wizard. Initially intrigued by the idea, she quietly consented to consider the offer. She came very close to agreeing, but on the day of the vote to recall Dumbledore she did not attend the session. Angry, though not surprised, Fudge turned his eye toward Eudora. Naturally, he refused to help her gain the top spot and instead sat in himself as Chief Warlock, forever stalling the appointment of the next leading judicial and legislative officer. Eudora became untouchable among her peers, but she was entrenched in her office through years of favor winning and quiet alliances. She was not phased by the isolation, though she took a much less active role in the Wizengamot sessions from there on out. At any rate, they had become so scripted that it hardly mattered what she had to say.

When proof of Voldemort's return finally surfaced, the whole of the wizarding world rounded on Fudge. Eudora's isolation came to abrupt end and she took quiet pleasure in voting to relieve Fudge of his duties, a final victory in that chapter of her life. Unfortunately, Rufus Scrimgeour was far from her first choice as Fudge's replacement, but he rose as a figure of strength and stability in a time of turmoil and she found herself swept up in the rallying cry that called for his appointment. The safety they felt with him was quickly realized to be a rouse among the more aware members of government. However, at this point they were openly at war and those who spoke out were dealt with swiftly.

Members of the Wizengamot and Ministry Officials in general dropped like flies. Every week a new person turned up missing and fear was widespread. It felt even less safe with the passing of Albus Dumbledore. Eventually, Scrimgeour saw fit to ensure the selection of a new Chief Warlock and Eudora found her way onto his short list. The process was hurried to the point of extreme discomfort, but in the end she was appointed to the high position, though it was made abundantly clear that failure to cooperate with the initiatives of the Minister's Office would not go over well. Eudora quietly assumed the high seat and for the next few weeks she and the Wizengamot obediently served as a rubber stamp for Scrimgeour's policies.

Eudora did not endure this long, however, as Scrimgeour was assassinated only weeks later. The signs were clear and while never openly declared, it was clear that Voldemort now controlled the Ministry. There were many who seemed not to realize the sudden shift in power, or they simply realize and didn't care, and went on about their business with their heads down. Eudora was one of those people. During the period of Voldemort's control, the Wizengamot did very little by their own free will. Laws were enacted without their consent and those who were stupid enough to make objections disappeared. Thicknesse would subsequently fill the vacancies with more puppets until eventually, Eudora no longer felt safe in her own courtroom, yet still she banged the gavel when she was told and tallied the votes as directed.

This time of her life left Eudora with significant emotional distress. Every time she helped ensure passage of legislation or persecution of a 'criminal' she was helping Voldemort consolidate his power. It went against everything she had ever believed in, but she had no choice but to continue obeying lest she meet her untimely end. It was only when word of a law concerning muggleborns reached her desk that she knew it was time to make a move. Weeks before the law was set to take effect, Eudora quietly recessed the Wizengamot and fled the country. Thicknesse did not waste time in recalling the Wizengamot to pass the law and essentially passed full control over the Wizengamot to Dolores Umbridge.

While a minimal force did eventually attempt to pursue her, Eudora had long planned her escape from the new regime and was staying with her brother Radley in Ireland. She quietly returned to her home in England in March of 1998, just months before the end of the war. To her surprise, her meager home had been largely undisturbed. For the next few months she waited out the war until its eventual end on May 2. Once news reached of Voldemort's defeat, she returned to the Ministry of Magic and oversaw the new wave of trials that came with the war's end.

In the period of rebuilding that followed, Eudora elected to not participate actively in an effort to depoliticize the institution of the Wizengamot. A relative success, she was able to, with help from the new Minister, withdraw the Wizengamot from political agenda and restore a sense of an impartial third party, only stepping into the political ring in times of great turmoil.

Currently, the eccentric old witch continues to preside over the Wizengamot and direct its purpose with a gentle hand and very well dressed hand.


Eudora lives in a very simple home on the outskirts of the city of London. To muggles, the house is a condemned building and wizards often assume the same. However ,the house is held up almost exclusively through magic and the interior is quite cozy.


Eudora operates out of a small, clutter free, office alongside her fellow Wizengamot members in their division of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement.



Chestnut 12' 1/4 with Unicorn Hair

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Hogwarts, Ravenclaw, 1948-1955

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Frances Conroy

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