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Ministry of Magic
Jonah Cohen
Magical Law Enforcement
Witch Watcher Trainee
14 Mar 1984
Jonah was always bright and ambitious, traits that always allowed him to get along best with his older sister, Rachael. Generally good-natured, the sorting hat suggested that while Slytherin would be a good fit, he might find himself among more people of his own creed in Ravenclaw. So that was where he ended up. He remember noting how ironic it was that his older siblings had both been sorted into other houses, and was absolutely giddy when his younger sister was sorted into Hufflepuff. It seemed that all of the Cohens were meant for different roles.

Jonah was a fantastic student and general overachiever. He was involved in as many different clubs as his schedule would allow and was generally well liked by his house mates and friends.

It was in his third year that all of that would change. His mother was killed and his father practically abandoned the family. The Jonah that once was ceased to exist and a bitter and lost boy took his place.

It seemed to be a silent agreement between Jonah and his siblings that their father was a spineless weakling. The death of their mother would haunt each of them for the rest of their lives, but he had been the only one who decided to stop living. And for Jonah in particular, it fuels his anger.

That anger would become an anchor that he constantly struggles against to stay afloat, especially when it comes to school. Jonah has a hard time responding instead of reacting and he is easily provoked. He makes decisions at the drop of a hat which has ended him up in hot water more often than he'd care to admit.

Professor McGonagal, who had taken a shine to him for his skill in Transfiguration, suggested that he find more productive ways to deal with his pain, and in his third year he tried out for and was brought on as beater for the house quiddich team. He wasn't the best on a broom but his intensity and determination made up for it. He sent seven students to the infirmary that year alone.

The Battle of Hogwarts was somewhat of a blessing for the young man, and he fought bitterly and impulsively. It was actually something of a miracle that he survived the ordeal. If anything, however, those hours solidified a new-found purpose.

One day, he would find the men who ripped apart his family and he would make them pay.


Juniper, 8 1/2", Unicorn Hair

Educational History

Hogwarts, Ravenclaw, 1995-2002

Face Claim

Arthur Gosse

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Spirit Animal: Rhino



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