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Vanessa Quagmire
Quagmire Apothecary
19 Jun 1943
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The Quagmire family is a very old and well respected pureblood family which, for centuries, enjoyed a place among the most powerful of the French nobility. Today, it falls under the leadership of its matriarch, Vanessa Quagmire.

Born in the United Kingdom and educated at Beauxbatons, Vanessa's family got by on namesake alone. Her mother died in child birth with her sister and her father was a drunk and a very poor gambler who squandered the vast coffers of wealth her ancestors spent hundreds of years amassing. From a young age, she was forced to take charge, caring for her father and her siblings while maintaining some semblance of dignity for their estate, most of which she had to manage from school. What small income the family maintained was given to them by a destitute apothecary in Diagon Alley that was very close to going out of business altogether.

At the age of 17, she returned graduated Beauxbatons and returned to her ancestral home. Within months of her return, her father had struck up a deal to marry his daughter off to an eligible wizard of a less prominent, but very wealthy family. She married begrudgingly, refusing to assume her husband's name, instead, forcibly taking ownership of the Quagmire estate and using her new husband's very modest wealth to grow her family business. Cold, business-oriented, and ruthless, Vanessa took the tiny apothecary in Diagon Alley and by the age of 21, had built it into a vast empire of brewing needs. She did this by any means necessary. Competitors were never bought out, but would mysteriously close shop without notice and within days be taken over by Vanessa. What, to many, may have looked like crude business tactics and a bout of luck was, in reality, coercion, bullying, and a great deal of illegality. Vanessa was, effectively, a crime boss by the age of 23, trading in favors and bullying competitors, investors and politicians alike until she had rebuilt a small fortune.

Resentful of her husband, Vanessa frequently took to bed with unmentionable types far below her status. On one such occasion, an encounter with a muggle left her pregnant with Belladonna, her first born child. Despite having chosen to sleep with the muggle, she resented the child and rarely gave her any love. Her second daughter, Desdemona was fathered by her husband and as such, was no more loved.

Vanessa's husband died during the First War, a Death Eater. She never cared for either side and for the duration of the war only begrudgingly supported Voldemort through trade.

As her daughters grew older, she attempted to marry them off to wealthy families to bolster her wealth, failing miserably with Desdemona, who ran away with a muggle. However, she did eventually succeed with Belladonna and the Tolliver family, but the match was short lived and it was later revealed that the Tollivers has been broke from the start.

During the Second War, Vanessa abstained from participation as with the first, but was amicable to both sides when it came to trade, hiding behind her numerous favors and powerful grip on the potions market.

Today, Vanessa is well-known for her status as matriarch of the Quagmire Clan, however her role as crime boss is considered nonsensical speculation, but is no less true. Her daughters live in fear of her and Belladonna specifically is driven by the unconscious desire to make her proud, a task that Vanessa makes impossible. All things considered, Vanessa is ultimately not an evil person, she refrains from using violent means and has twice shunned the solicitation of the dark lord. She believes only two things to be reality in the grand scheme of things: power and wealth. Neither of which she is short of.


13' Spruce with Dragon Heartstring

Educational History

Beauxbatons Academy of Magic, 1954-1961

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Shirley Maclaine

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