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Ministry of Magic
Mairead Flannery
Assistant Head
14 Feb 1964
Mairead was second in quite a large brood of Irish Catholic purebloods. Blood traitors, maybe, but purebloods nonetheless. As one of the eldest, Mairead has always been poised and in control - some might say bossy (but not to her face). She butted head often with the eldest sibling, Eamon, and some with the next after her, Bridget, though she loved them both dearly. As more siblings arrived, she greeted each with a mixture of jealousy and love, and by the end, some exasperation.

Smart and thirsting for knowledge, she couldn't wait to get to Hogwarts, where she welcomed her inclusion in Ravenclaw and set at her studies with gusto. Accustomed to having so many people about, she did well in that setting, and was at the top of her class. She never stopped loving learning, and she was a natural as an Unspeakable, though some might say that she values knowledge over people, though no one has ever outright accused her of doing anything unethical.

She met her husband, a Witch Watcher, at work, and though she'd never imagined herself as romantic, she felt like a different person around him. They never had children, because growing up with so many siblings had used up her maternal instinct. Luckily, he didn't mind, or so Mairead had always believed.

She loved him deeply, and it was that that gave her so much sympathy for Bridget (whom she never could get used to calling 'Sloane') when everything came to a head with her and Matthis. She wanted to believe that her sister was innocent, but when Bridget defected with the Bishops, she was forced to face the fact that her sister had betrayed her.

It wasn't the only betrayal she would suffer during that time, however. Her husband died, leaving her bereft and grief-stricken ... but that was only the beginning. She'd had no idea he was having an affair. Certainly, they had been having problems, but the idea of infidelity had never crossed her mind. If that wasn't bad enough, the knowledge was made public, and the small comfort that he had refused to leave Mairead was hardly enough to assuage the pain and humiliation of his betrayal.

She started to drink. Just a little, at first, to get through the long nights, but her alcohol consumption steadily increased over time. She only got drunk when she was sure to be alone and away from work, otherwise she drank just enough to maintain her white-knuckled grip on what was left of her life.

She went back to work with a vengeance, her ambition even greater than before. Though her department wasn't a part of magical law enforcement, she used the connections she'd made over the years to keep abreast of things, always on the hunt for news of Bridget, or of her husband's past transgressions. All knowledge was worth having, after all. She was promoted to the Assistant Head of her department, and she thrives in her position (despite that it takes several drinks to get to that point).

As for her family, Mairead tries to spend time with them as much as possible, often organizing family dinners or outings. Though she never had the desire to be a mother, she loves being an aunt, and likes to spoil Neve whenever possible. In fact, for someone without children, she can be quite 'motherly' to her siblings.






Rowan, 11", Phoenix Feather

Educational History

Hogwarts, Ravenclaw, 1975-1982

Face Claim

Rhona Mitra

Additional Notes

When I Was Seven Years Old

We adopted a dog
who ran away two weeks later,
back to the home of the man
who didn't want her.

We found her there,
howling at the darkened windows.
No one lived there anymore.
All the doors were locked. Dogs
are so disappointing in their loyalty
to the wrong things.

All of this is to say
I'm having the kind of afternoon
where I break a dish
and stand over the kitchen sink
for hours, staring
at the two irreparable halves.

There is no longer
a woman in my body.

Just this screaming child
who does not listen.
She only wants.
And wants. And wants.
Stubborn in her devotion.

And he is still gone.
And grief is a swamp that sinks
much deeper than you'd expect.

And I am still here.
I still remember him.

~Clementine von Radics

by Belle <3



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