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Ministry of Magic
Kiera Flannery [Saturday]
Magical Law Enforcement
Senior Witch Watcher
07 Mar 1966
PLAYER | Saturday
Kiera was the fourth of nine children, but that never bothered her.

Bright, cheerful, impish, and clever, Kiera found early on that she was adept at sensing the moods, temperaments, interests, and dispositions of others, and just as skilled at relating to them, even molding herself to them, if she so desired. The odd thing was it was all quite genuine; her interest, her enthusiasm, her friendliness. She happened to be versatile.

When they were young, Mairead, Sloane and Kiera were very close, and the younger sister followed her siblings to the Ministry. She was a hat stall at Hogwarts, and though she ultimately chose Gryffindor to be with Sloane, the debate was long and intense, and rumor had it that Kiera would have been suited to any of the four houses.

Her malleable personality and wickedly sharp mind made her a natural Witch Watcher, a job that she loved and was extremely good at, well on track for promotion.

Until Sloane's defection.

In Kiera's mind, there were several betrayals involved in this moment, but none of them were Sloane's. There were her parents, who'd withheld their support from Sloane when she'd needed it most; there was their eldest brother, Eamon, who'd influenced that decision for what Kiera knew was his own self-interest rather than whatever principles he'd cited; most of all, though, was the Ministry itself, which had turned on Sloane and had been willing to condemn her to a life in Azkaban, ultimately driving her into the service of Gregor Bishop.

She kept her feelings to herself.

She had been determined to leave the Ministry, but her immediate supervisor insisted she take a leave of absence instead.

It was then that Kiera decided to go her own way; she left the Ministry to try to find Sloane and convince her to leave the Death Eaters, to, if not come home, at least make a better life elsewhere. As a means to this end, she worked as a consultant for several other European Ministries -- her record of service at the British Ministry was brief but exemplary, her expertise in glamours and charms more than adequate, and so she had little trouble finding work.

For two years she worked toward her goal, waiting for the right moment -- a moment that never came. Her work was an interference, and ultimately, her work in experimental charms and consulting resulted in her working on various projects ranging from espionage to artefact retrieval throughout Europe. She was careful not to accept work that involved the Death Eaters during this period, and throughout this time, she did eventually reestablish contact with her family, communicating most frequently with her eldest sister, Mairead.

After two years, Sloane found her, and told her in no uncertain terms to go home, and stop looking.

Ultimately, Kiera did go home.

Her consulting work had kept her in contact with the witch watchers, and her mentor had been telling her to come back since she'd left. And so it was that she rejoined the Ministry as a witch watcher on a two-year probationary basis. During this time, she managed to excel once again.

As a second war seemed to draw closer, a sense of unease grew. As a favor to her brother, Sully, in the winter of 1997, she accompanied her niece, Neve, on a field trip for school. Happy to spend time with her niece and aware of the increasing dangers children at Hogwarts had been facing, she agreed.

The class was ambushed by werewolves in service of Fenrir Greyback -- her fellow teacher and five students were killed. Neve was transformed, and Kiera was severely injured defending her charges and spent several months in St Mungo's recuperating.

Under the pretense of wanting to support the new regime to protect her family from further attacks by ingratiating herself to them, and with her credibility as Sloane's sister, she became a double agent, aiding the resistance even as she worked as a Witch Watcher for the puppet government.

When Voldemort was finally defeated and the new regime took over, Kiera felt far more comfortable with the new regime, and has continued working in the witch watchers' division since. She was promoted to Senior Witch Watcher just in the past year, after much debate given her departure immediately following her training, but her exemplary service since her return managed to convince the powers that be to promote her.


Aspen, 14", Phoenix Feather

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Hogwarts, Gryffindor, 1977 - 1984

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Jaimie Alexander

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