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Sunny Fairweather
21 Mar 1979
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Sunny was born to Serefina Twardowski, unmarried, she never made claim to who her partner was on the birth records. She was left an orphan in her infancy. Her mother, a wandmaker, died in a magical explosion.

Due to some kind of paperwork mix up, Sunny was placed in a muggle orphanage and was, subsequently, adopted by muggles who should have tried getting some fish or a few nice house plants before getting a child.

Her parents, the Fairweathers, put success in ones career before emotional support and found it hard, if not impossible, to relate to their magical child.

In her early age, like many children who straddle the line between the muggle and magical world, attended muggle elementary schools. She excelled academically, which allowed her to take classes at levels far above her age, but did not excel socially. Even at an early age, she was interested in the unusual, when her nose wasn’t in a text book it would be in a book on urban legends and the occult. She was a prime target for bullying which only meant that she would spend all of her time studying.

Sunny devoured information at a rapid speed, things like spirit board talk, card tricks and the like. Soon, she was preforming rudimentary rituals, trick of hand illusions and divinations on her own.

At age 11, the Muggle Relations Committee visited her home along with her letter inviting her to a school called Hogwarts. That night she found out she was adopted and that there was a whole other world she belonged to. This new reality caused a strain in the extended family and Sunny’s magical status was kept as a secret for the most part.

Her birth mother left her a rather great deal of wizarding currency as well as a life times worth of rooster themed knick knacks. She got her first wand from the vault, where a few unsold wands of her birth mother remained.

Sunny was sorted into Slytherin. She spent her school days coped up in the dormitories, her social interactions extending to very few close friends; most of which who were already dead.

Despite being driven to succeed academically, she drifted throughout school without any real desire to do anything other than read about serial killers. Just going through the motions because that’s what she was suppose to do.

After a stern talk to during career goals day, she applied for an internship in the Department of Mysteries at the Ministry, figuring that it would be turned down and she wouldn’t have to do anything about that. Much to her surprise, she was accepted. During the internship, she discovered she was particularly gifted psychographer and feel in love with the Veil as much as anyone could fall in love with a crumbling stone archway.

After she graduated she was employed to the Ministry of Magic while it was under Voldemort's control. She kept her muggle parents name during The Time We Don't Talk About but used her birth records to get out of any muggleborn round up. She was complacent and did some unsavory projects at this time, the extent to which not even Sunny herself knows due to her memories being oblivated.

She has recently discovered the mind altering has taken place by order of the Ministry. (Unbeknownst to Sunny, due to yet another memory charm, the magic was previously loosened by extreme torture under the hands of Zoya Mikhailovna.) The quest to uncover these memories was short lived , interrupted by a rather traumatic experience involving a shattered wand and pig men and demeanors. Since she hasn’t done anything about the magical trauma to her brain, she suffers from terrible headaches that she nurses with purple potion, as she nurses a steadily growing addiction to those.
Sunny will go out of her way to put herself in dangerous situations just to get her blood running. Perhaps a self-destructive tendency, she enjoys pushing the limits of her body as such is desensitized to things people really shouldn't be desensitized to. She likes to test experimental magic on her own body. Her behavior is often impulsive and reckless.

She will readily stand up for what she believes and doesn't like to hold back her opinion on matters. She is confrontational with people she knows holds opposing views, as though to see if pushing their buttons will elicit an emotional response. Sunny is rigid with her view, very stubborn and impossible to change her mind when its made up. All that said, she thinks people who disagree with each other should be civil and find people who don't play along to be draining.

She enjoys certain manners for the sake of manners, like Good Morning to someone who might hate her or holding the door open for others. She will call people by their first names unless she respects them (this is occasionally done in a mocking way).

When it comes to blood politics, Sunny values power overall; regardless where it comes from.

Sunny is full of energy; a morning, afternoon and night person. She has very specific interests and while eager to try new things it has to be on her own terms. Anything that falls out of her realm of interests bores her quickly and will drop things the moment they stop being challenging; which makes her indiscipline.

She is aware of her skill and is arrogant about it with people who she feels are the same skill as her and will readily roll over those who she considers weaken than her and enjoys playing dumb to people she thinks are beneath her.

Sunny will repress emotions she views as shameful and uncivil like sadness, pain and boisterous yelling anger. That said, she is quick to anger and will strike out with deadly precision like a venomous snake. She seems to know just what to say to get under another person's skin.

She rarely misses a chance to take pot shots at others. This is more a reflection of herself than anything, she often feels unnoticed, undercredited and unappreciated.

Of course, her jabs at others and her false civility is used to hide her true emotions about things. Sunny keeps her personal life to herself , her past close to her chest; getting truly close to her would be a challenge. She's very lonely often but views this as preferable to having to deal with other people. She likes to do things by herself and resents having to get help.

As aforementioned, she has very specific interests; death, serial killers, dark magic and the very nature if evil itself. Sunny has a terrible sense of humor and a nervous laughter. She sometimes doesn't know when to stop talking.
Sunny is short in statue and pear shaped; her lower half is wider with muscles and fat than her upper half. Her face is round, breast size small and chest narrow with boxy hips; she would easily be mistaken for someone much younger.

Her face shows signs of extreme sleep deprivation; deep bags under her eyes (which are a very pale clear blue) and the faintest traces of worry wrinkles, she often walks around with a confused expression on her face, as though she walked off the bus at the wrong station.

She has an abundance of thick dark, dark black hair that goes to her midback that she keeps in formed curls. Her complexion in the winter is pale but rosy, her complexion in the summer is a deep tan.

Sunny has a prominent nose and full lips that she likes to paint with bright colours. Though she dresses to regulation for the most part, she enjoys wearing bright flower hair clips, brightly painted nails and lipstick as much as she can get away with.


She lives in a loft above a candy store in Diagon Alley. Its an open concept, one and a half floors (the top half consisting of her bedroom), the bottom is a work station and a kitchen. It appears bigger than the shop its over top. It has dark wood floors with exposed bricks and pipes.

The loft is decorated with things from all over the world like richly coloured rugs, bright vases and many, many house plants. Sunny has two cats named Rooster and Ammendola and rather old great horned owl name Spirit and a fish tank full of transparent fish in a tank with a graveyard theme.


All known workplace habits are redacted by order of the Ministry but should a place like this exist its safe to assume that it looks something exactly like this:

"The room he had entered was painted as black as the door (there were all kinds of scribbles on the wall in white, upon closer inspection, these were revealed to be chalk), with pin project boards hung in the same spot respectively on three walls of the office, but instead of road trip plans, the boards were covered in the leering faces of convicts and suspected killers; mass murderers and degenerates of all kinds. String was pinned from photo to news clipping.

The only wall spared of this was the one in back of a desk. The wall was almost completely covered by a bookshelves and on-top-of-book-shelf knickknacks. Knickknacks such as an entire row of human skulls.

What appeared to be a bloody tarp laid crumpled on the floor along with plastic containers containing slightly mouldy left overs and discarded scrolls and loose paper.

The desk looked fairly standard, a mess of papers covered it. A rather heavy looking statue of the grim reaper sitting on a throne that was also positioned on top of the earth was serving as a paper weight in vain.

Instead of a name plaques, child's letter blocks sat on what was a supersized scrabble tile holder. The blocks spelled out: MEMENTO MORI

The entire room was bathed in a pale yet harsh red light that came from the ceiling, though no light fixture was visible."



Hazel, 11", Augurey Feather (Snapped)

Educational History

Hogwarts, Slytherin, 1990-1997

Additional Notes

●She has never conjured a patronus

●Her diet mostly consists of coffee, sweet snacks and her co-worker's left overs

●She does a lot of experimenting of her self and consequently has a high threshold for pain

●At Hogwarts, she straightened her own teeth

●She has a massive dildo collection


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