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Ministry of Magic
Artemis Weaver
Magical Law Enforcement
Hitwizard Trainee
30 Jan 1980
5' 4"
PLAYER | Aluinn
She was the eldest of three. Two younger sisters in a family that had been passing its name down through boys for eons. Their lineage traced back through the ages and with their family it would end. She'd never lived down the disappointment at her not being a boy- her younger sisters somehow escaped unscathed by the criticism but she grew up feeling the need to make up for it. Ambition was the name of the game. She was better and stronger and smarter and badder. She took up the role of older brother, because that was who she was supposed to have been.

When she hit Hogwarts it wasn't much of a surprise that she was sorted into Slytherin. She excelled in her classes; especially anything combat related. It seemed Artemis had a great deal of energy she enjoyed expelling in some of the more physical ways.

Voldemort's return had Artemis champing at the bit. Her family's lineage had been traditionally neutral during the first war, though if anything they'd leaned toward supporting Death Eaters and when it came her turn to fight, she found herself mildly torn- though champing at the bit for action. In the end she found solace in offering her support to her best friend and fought to defend Hogwarts. To Arty- a fight was a fight, and since she'd been such an utter disappointment to her family, anyway, it really didn't leave any bad taste in her mouth to turn the other way.

In their fifth year (inseparable as always,) Artemis and Rue began studying to become animagi. Through various mishaps and difficulties, the two were determined and encouraging of one another and continue to this day to study in pursuit of perfection of the art. Artemis frequently struggled with retraining her animal parts or features and continues to do so- perhaps a little too much like her animagi form.

After Hogwarts, after the fight, life had gone back to something mildly drab- she decided to travel, clear her head and try to cling to some of the adventure and thrill she'd found in the conflict. She spent two years travelling and notable stops included Romania, British Colombia in Canada, California in the United States, Scotland and Africa.

Upon her return, she began training as a Portkey Officer at the Ministry and is eager to reunite with her friends and hopefully find some more action. Portkey, as it turned out, was lame as hell and boring as fuck. And while she made some good friends (not that she'd rave about it) she transferred departments to spend more time with Rue and also find some more excitement in Magical Law Enforcement. One step closer to her lifelong goal of being a Hitwitch.

Magical Status Form

Magical Status: ANIMAGUS

Animagus Form & Distinguishing Marks: Artemis's form is a darkly coloured honey badger. The lighter fur on her back is darker than other creatures of this species and she has a bright white stripe that separates the black fur from the lighter which dips into two distinctly sharp points behind her elbow and just in front of her knee. Like This. Her left canine fangs has a chip out of it. There is a scar that isn't particularly visible through her thick fur, but is along her right thigh.

In her animal form, Artemis’s wild, dark mane is mirrored in her fur—longer along her head and down between her shoulders and darker where on most honey badgers it would be white.

Animagus Form Elaboration: The honey badger, though not particularly attractive or large, is fearless-- perhaps to a fault. Often attacking creatures much larger and more powerful than itself, the honey badger is strong but relies more on its mangy fearlessness to survive. Also one could argue that honey badgers who attack, say, lions, have a death wish. They also aren't particularly clean and tidy, just like Art. They tend to be solitary creatures which reflects Artemis's generally introverted nature.

List the 3 most serious mishaps that animagus endured in training::

1) Animal Sound – Fairly early on in her training, Art was stuck with a badger voice for a week and a half. She was quiet and growly to begin with so in social situations it didn’t really hamper anything thankfully. Hogwarts classes were another situation altogether and she got in trouble more than once for not answering a question properly.

2) Anthro Form – For a week, Artemis walked around as a five-foot badger with long legs and a full head of hair. Mortified and feeling stupid, she hid for three days before finally being dragged to go see the healer and subsequently McGonagall who helped her slowly get back to her normal form. Forget wearing underwear in public, Artemis still has nightmares about standing in front of a room of people as an anthropomorphic badger.

3) Animal Feature – to this day, Art struggles with her damn claw-feet. More than once she’s turned back to her natural form only to be left with anthro-sized badger feet. Thankfully her oversized combat boots are just the right fit to hide them from view. Every couple months she’s stuck with them for a week or more.

First impressions are often difficult to surmount, thus Artemis forever lives with a cloud of 'cantankerous' and 'bitchy' and 'difficult' over her head. And, to be fair, those descriptors are all incredibly accurate. At least at first. Past the bristly exterior shown to strangers and people who don't particularly fit her model of 'worthwhile investments' her more endearing traits come to the surface. Steadfast loyalty and an ability to understand differing perspectives-- though not necessarily agree with them-- and a dry sense of humour. Of course, those few aspects in and of themselves may not be enough to overcome the more irritable ones she sports. But that's fine with her! She tends to be introverted and prefer small groups or one-on-one interactions, larger gatherings tend to push her into a prickly shell.
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Art's most notable features include a familiar scowl and a rarely seen smile, dark and assessing eyes, wild brown hair that tends to have a mind of its own and a wardrobe typically in dark colours with baggy shapes and comfortable textures.


Her bed is usually unmade and sporting a messy comforter that looks like perhaps an animal burrowed into it during the night. Notes and pictures are tacked to the walls and scattered in corners where they were kicked out of the way. A large map sits above her cluttered desk with various pins pressed into very specific spots, some of the pins have little trinkets hanging off of them - a keychain from Victoria, a bracelet from San Diego, etc.


A mess, most likely, though since she does patrol, it isn't like she has an office. Art does try to tidy up after herself but tends just not to notice when she's left a coffee mug ring or a wrapper here or there.



Rowan, 9", Dragon Heartstring

Educational History

Hogwarts, Slytherin, 1991-1998

Face Claim

Tatiana Maslany

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