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Ministry of Magic
Benjamin Grayson
Magical Law Enforcement
Witch Watcher
19 May 1978
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James Grayson had always wanted a son. Not that he'd ever admit it, but he did. His wife didn't mind, and they were both so young, so carefree, that neither of them thought that there could be another possibility. And so, when his wife, Marianne Grayson, gave birth to their first child, he didn't even let the Healers get a word in before he told them what he wanted to name the child. And while the healers were skeptical, he was the father.

That was the day the Graysons learned not to count your eggs before they hatch. Or rather, the gender of your child before it's born. But James didn't mind, not really. He took one look into the eyes of his darling daughter, and he immediately forgot everything else.

Benjamin didn't mind either. Sure, occasionally as a young child she'd be teased about her name, but she figured there were worse things to be teased about. Well, she was sure of it. Curious and cheery, she asked questions everywhere she went, when she wasn't too shy to. It wasn't that she had a subdued personality or such, she just wasn't comfortable being herself in public, and so put up a front for everyone. Not that anyone minded. It didn't even matter much to her, not back then, because as long as she could read her books in peace, she was happy. And she had no reason not to be.

By the time she was eleven, she'd read enough books on the theories of magic, that she started off at Ravenwood very well. She excelled in Defense and Charms, and while she wasn't a natural at Transfiguration or Potions, she worked incredibly hard to get good grades in both subjects. School was a haven for her, as she loved to learn above everything. However, school also forced her to develop a rather ferocious temper, as one can only keep their small frustrations from leaking out for so long.

Graduation wasn't a big deal to her, mainly because of the big news sweeping through the country. Apparently, the Dark wizard Voldemort had returned from what seemed to be the dead, and while it was taking place mainly in Europe, everyone was worried he might end up in the United States somehow. Her father hadn't ever experienced the war as he'd lived his whole life in the States. But her mother was from a pureblood family in France, and she had first hand experience with Death Eaters. Benjamin never pushed her mother on details though, as it pretty clearly scared her.

Instead, Benjamin decided to go help out the Ministry of Magic, and moved to London right after school. Then, she enrolled in the Witch Watcher training program. She stayed there throughout the second war, although instead of following her orders perfectly, she often found herself using the skills she'd learned to help people evade her employers and to a certain extent, herself.

One couldn't say how she was relieved she was once Lord Voldemort had been killed and the war was over. Finally, things could go back to normal, innocent people wouldn't be hurt, and she could travel and work without worrying about how their actions were hurting people or such, because once again, she'd be tracking down actual criminals. Because she really did love her job. She loved to travel, and she loved the way her job made her think.

Although, she keeps up her front now more than ever, worrying quite a bit, and trying never to let anyone close, for both her work, and herself.
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Ash, 12 3/4 inches, Dragon Heartstring

Educational History

Ravenwood, 1989-1996

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Sarah Bolger

Additional Notes

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1. Ben has a cat named Arthur.
2. Ben can speak French and English fluently. Though she speaks American English so there's often trouble when it comes to her reports and things involving writing.

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