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Ministry of Magic
Victoria Knight
Department Head
02 Nov 1958
PLAYER | Stefany
Born in 1958, Victoria Knight was born to Antoinette [Noir] Knight, and Benjamin Knight. Her mother was a French woman, her father an American man. All seemed normal, until the day of Antoinette delivery and she could not hold her secret any longer. She told her husband that she was a witch, nearly giving the poor man a heart attack. That was until he held his baby girl, secretly praying that she would be a normal but healthy child.

That all changed as Victoria grew older. When she became emotional, being scared or angry things would just happen. Maybe a light would explode, or even at times their cat would get a shock causing it to screech and run out of the house. The parents knew their daughter was gifted, and in 1975 she was accepted into her mothers old school, Beauxbatons Academy of Magic.

Through her schooling years, Victoria was not very popular. At the time having a muggle father wasn't very appealing to most, but she made the best of it. She was not very athletic, but she loved her books. She studied, and always found herself curious. While not being the most athletic, or even most popular she had her core group of friends, and that was enough. She managed to keep top grades in almost all of her classes, only getting beaten out in a few of her courses, but she always excelled to be better.

Victoria's curiosity led her into reading into things that most people had forgotten about and put into legend. Even at times finding herself reading on what was seen mysterious, and forbidden to the wizarding world. While she would never put most of what she read into practice, she believed knowledge is power and restraint. Knowing what she did, it made her realize what kind of damage could be done and wanted to make sure that was never abused.

Upon her graduation from Beauxbatons, Victoria immediately began to intern within the Ministry of Magic believing that was where her destiny led her. She worked as hard as she possibly could, trying her best to prove that just because she was a half-blood did not mean that she could not be just as good. This is where she met her future husband, Nicholas Jennings. He was training to become an Auror, and she fell for his charm instantly.

Two years after their relationship began, Victoria was 19 years old and Nicholas was 21, the eloped in the midst of the war fearing that they would lose one another. They believed they needed to make the best of the time they had together. Their survival lasted through until the abrupt end of the war, leaving Nicholas scarred from battle, but no less loved by Victoria.

As peace descended on the wizarding world, Victoria and Nicholas continued in married bliss, the only thing missing was children. The problem was with their jobs Victoria feared for them to have children. The Department of Mysteries was dangerous despite what people thought. It was all new research, and studies. She never knew what they would find, and Nicholas was an auror, who knew what could happen.

13 years after they were married, Victoria found out she was pregnant at the age of 32. Nine months later, she and her husband had a gorgeous son, born December 16, 1991. His name was Nicholas Sebastian Jennings Jr, and Victoria had never felt more love in her life. It was no surprise to anyone that a year later on November 28, 1992 that she gave birth to a healthy baby girl named, Sasha Claudette Jennings. Her life with Nicholas was complete in her opinion and she could have never been happier.

Rumors had begun to spread throughout the ministry when Nicholas was born, about he-who-must-not-be-named returning to Hogwarts when the young wizard Harry Potter first began his schooling, but with Minister Fudge all of these was quickly bottled and told to be lies. It wasn't until 1995 that it was believed, that he had indeed come back and Victoria feared for her family. Nicholas had apparently known, but kept his wife in the dark for the safety of their family, but they both knew they would fight for what was right.

The real problems began when Voldemort gained power within the ministry. Victoria like so many others fought back against the oppression, but with the threat of death and exile to her children she had to play it smart. She could not go off half cocked and risk their lives. The Department of Mysteries was suddenly being used to create lies about muggleborns, and she had never felt more disgusted in her life. Her children were not even 5 years old and they were coming into a world of hate.

With the scrutiny on the ministry, Victoria was constantly questioned along with her co-workers and her only luck was being able to prove her wizarding bloodline. Still she was unable to do much to help, but extended a hand whenever she possibly could without getting her family targeted. She would not allow them to be harmed because she decided to stand up.

As the war came closer to ending, and the big battle was upon them, Victoria and Nicholas sent their families into hiding and joined in. While she was unable to help at Hogwarts like Nicholas, she did manage to help secure the ministry from their enemies. Everyone was in question as panic rained down from every direction. Victoria was no exception, she was terrified but managed to keep it hidden well enough that she could get the people around her focused on tasks long enough to distract them from the panic.

When the battle was done, Victoria rushed to where her family was in hiding as she had agreed with Nicholas only never to see him again. They were found by one of Nicholas's closest friends and told of his death at Hogwarts. Victoria was torn into pieces, having been married for so long only to lose who she considered her soul mate was crushing. She had her children to think of, and while she stayed strong for them, she grieved in silence for the love her heart lost.

As the smoke cleared, and the world slowly began to settle back in the departments were in turmoil, and Victoria had no idea what would happen. She lost her husband, was a single mother and everything was in the air. She didn't think anything would come from it when she applied for the Head of the Department of Mysteries but upon receiving the position she worked harder than ever, and took on her maiden name of Knight once more. It had been where she had worked since graduating from her school and it was the one place she felt comfortable. It was a job she was well suited for, and just wanted to make her people, and new minister proud.

Now as two years in the position of Head of the Department of Mysteries, Victoria tackles new challenges every day along with her 11 year old son beginning his first year at Hogwarts, and her 10 year old daughter eagerly awaiting her chance to join her brother.
Victoria is a strong and independent woman. She is not always social, but is loyal to a fault. She has strong morals, and beliefs. She is not easily swayed if the decision is one that needs to be considered from every angle, but if it is a dire situation she makes the choice that seems the most logical and strategic. Victoria is a very curious, and passionate person when it comes to her work, however she has not found that same passion for relationships. She is logical, and that makes it sometimes hard for people to get close to her. However once she begins to trust someone she does have a sense of humor that rarely someone will see, she can think of some of the weirdest things, but she knows how to keep a lid on them. She stays professional the best way she can, and while her thoughts may be weird at times, she always tries her best to lead the way she would want to follow.


Victoria has her own office that she leaves open when she is inside. The door remains open so that her employees know that they are free to come in whenever they please. However if she is working on something sensitive that not even her workers are privy to, her door will be closed and locked with spells she herself managed to create.

Her desk has files and papers sorted into categories that make sense to her, but really have no sense outside of her brain. The office itself is tidy, and in order. It is a pale blue to avoid any left over carnage from it's previous inhabitant.

She has pictures of her family over the walls, her favorite image a picture of her late husband and children playing in leaves on the right side of her desk.

On the right side of her office she has a bookshelf that is filled with some rare and valuable books. These books help in her research and job of some of the most peculiar subjects that the ministry has them dealing with and is why no one is allowed in her office unless she is there.

On the left side of her office there is another bookshelf containing artifacts she still has not had a chance to go over and examine as she would prefer. Beside that bookshelf there is a filing cabinet that goes on for miles when it is opened the correct way, making for easy storage of all of her files. It has a lock that can only be undone by her wand.



Cedar 9 inch Pheonix Feather

Educational History

Beauxbatons, 1969-1976

Face Claim

Zoe Saldana

Additional Notes

Nicholas Sebastian Jennings Jr:
Born: December 16, 1991
Age: 11
School: Hogwarts - Ravenclaw

Sasha Claudette Jennings:
Born: November 28, 1992
Age: 10
School: Not of age, will attend Hogwarts.

Nicholas Sebastian Jennings Sr:
Born: July 12, 1956
Died: May 2, 1998



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