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Ministry of Magic
Charlotte Evans
Magical Accidents and Catastrophes
21 Dec 1977
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Charlotte was always her parents’ little miracle.

Elise and John never thought that they would ever be able to conceive a child, let alone carry one to full term safely. But yet there she was, on a cold wintery day, days before Christmas. Charlotte Jo Evans was born and they couldn’t haven’t been any happier.

Well until she turned five – that’s when things took an interesting turn.

A little insight on Elise and John - they were just regular muggles. Muggles who happen to have a daughter with magical powers. One morning, little Lottie wanted to make breakfast for her parents and in her attempts, she nearly burnt down the kitchen. Now, most people think it would be normal freak accident. However the other day, later on the evening, John had to remove the propane tank because there was no more gas for the stove and had to get it replaced in the morning. So how exactly did little Lottie set a stove on fire when there was no propane tanks, matches or lighters in the immediate area?


Luckily for the Evans, someone from the Ministry stopped by to explain what happened - hey, your daughter is a witch, congratulations! To help control her powers a little bit better, their elderly neighbors from down the road, Cecily and Cersei Crest, were twin witches who were more than happy to help. By the time she was eleven and received her letter, Charlotte was prepped and ready to go start her wizarding life at Hogwarts. And it was no surprise that the happy child was settled into Hufflepuff. With encouraging family and peers, Charlotte worked hard to get amazing grades to set herself up a chance into getting into the Department of Magical Law Enforcement and her hard worked paid off. By the end of her Hogwarts schooling, she was one of the top students – popular for her charismatic charms, happy-go-lucky personality that hinted a mischievous side to her endeavors.

Shortly after graduating Hogwarts, Charlotte began her training as an Auror. But, then the war began (or so the Ministry later on claimed it as the beginning) and she couldn’t help but worry about the Dark Lord and his followers and all of the what-ifs. What if he does take over? What will happen to every muggleborn?

In 1997, all those what ifs came true when the Ministry of Magic fell to Voldemort. She immediately dropped her training to focus on safely moving her and her parents out of the Europe – strictly out of fear that the Dark Lord may injure and possibly kill her parents. Especially when she learned of the Muggleborn Registration Commission – hearing that she would be tortured and undoubtedly sent to Azkaban for “stolen” magic. She immediately packed up hers and her parents things and left their home.

And as the saying goes “the best laid schemes of mice and men often go awry”.

While during the move to hopefully a much safer place, Elise had disappeared. After finding a small letter notating her mother’s kidnapping, Charlotte left her father at the hotel room to meet the Snatchers at the specified location. There she pleaded for them to let her mother go and they could take her back to the Ministry. However, things did not go as planned as her mother fought back and in the end lost her life. Angry and grief-stricken, Charlotte killed two of the Snatchers before disapparating along with her mother’s corpse. For some time afterwards, she appeared to John during his sleep and in her attempt to spare him from the news of his wife’s death, she casted a memory charm on him – altering his memory so that Elise had died years prior in an automobile accident along with his daughter, Candice. Shortly afterward, Charlotte apparated to a small fishing village far off course and left him there to remain safe for a time being.

Ever since then, she remained on the run from Snatchers. Though she did keep active in the War, contributing her magic in many battles in hopes of finding her mother’s killer since she hadn’t the chance to kill him back then.

At the near end of 1998, the Second Wizarding War ended and Charlotte hadn’t the chance to really recuperate afterwards. Her mother’s death hung heavy on her heart while her father still assumes to this very day that his wife and daughter died in a car accident. The events of the two years of chaos, hiding, and fighting her for life had caused her to rethink her disposition on her career. When she was asked by the Department of Magical Law Enforcement to pick up her training as an Auror or possibly a Hitwizard (something little Lottie always dreamt of), Charlotte politely declined their offers. Instead she eventually picked up a position as an Obliviator for the Department of Magical Accidents and Catastrophes.

Charlotte has lightened up a lot since the Wizarding War, since she used to be a major recluse since her mother’s death and often visits her father – who affectionately refers to her as the sweet, unusual strange girl that helps him with chores around the house.

Approximately back in 2001, Charlotte began training as an animagus whether it was on her own or with a mentor. She continues to train, not quite as successfully mastering the wandless methods as she would have liked to - but hey, this takes some time.

Magical Status Form

Magical Status: ANIMAGUS

Animagus Form & Distinguishing Marks: Brown Fur Seal with a scar located on the left side of her chest. Fur matching the shade of her hair.

Animagus Form Elaboration: Like the seal, Charlotte is nimble, strong and flexible when it comes into physical characteristics – often practicing gymnastics, kickboxing and MMA fighting. From a behavioral standpoint, she is a curious as she is protective of young in general. Oh! And she really likes the water too.

List the 3 most serious mishaps that animagus endured in training::
1) Animal Mind -- One of the first and foremost embarrassing mishaps in her entire time training as an animagus. With a body of a human and the mind of a seal, she went to work sliding around and waddling on her arms; using her nose to press the button and balance her wand too – the whole nine yards. By the time she got to the office, the authorities managed to drag her away to St. Mungo’s where she recovered in a matter of days.

2) Partial Transformation -- While practicing in the comfort of her home away from home, Charlotte ran into a serious problem transforming back and found herself half woman half seal: all mermaid/selkie-like. After phoning a friend and screwing around for hours, she was taken to St. Mungo’s for medical attention where she sat in a bathtub for about a week and a half.

3) Broken Muscles & Bones -- After one time transforming back, she managed to break most of the bones in her legs and legs, unable to move. Luckily she was training with someone who immediately took her to the hospital where she was fixed up in no time.

Charlotte is a no nonsense, down-to-earth individual who prefers to keep acquaintances and strangers at an arms’ length distance. Rather making new friends or attempting to get to know people, she would rather spend time with the few, close friends she has. To anyone outside her circle she is seen as anti-social and never engages in conversation unless provoked or for business: keeps to herself mainly and prefers the solitude.

During the war, Charlotte did not escape unscathed, she has a curved four inch scar just underneath her left breast, a small scar to the right side of her belly button and tiny scars here and there. Her most prominent scars are the puncture scars on her hands for when she was caught by Death Eaters.


Spoiler: Ministry Mews show

Charlotte’s room is kept organized and neat. Her closet is large enough to hold her clothes and most of her collection of shoes. She has a tote separate for her specially designed leotards for gymnastics tucked underneath all the shoes to hide them. She has a drafting table off in one of the corners of the room that has a few large canvases resting against it, and holds all her sketching and painting utensils and supplies on a small bookshelf next to it. In front of her bed, she has a dog bed large enough for her dog, Atlas.

Spoiler: Qassimiut Home show


Charlotte owns a small home on the outskirts of the small fishing town, Qassimiut, Greenland. A small little red house, it’s quaint and vibrant in color. She purchased this small home during the Second Wizarding War as a hideout for her father after being ambushed and her mother dying as a result. The home gets little use and she uses it as an excursion to getting away from the Ministry and generally from life.

Inside Charlotte is clearly a fan of miscellaneous household items ranging from multiple rugs, covering the hardwood floors in the living room to the small knife collection she has hanging in her dining room/kitchen area; living quite a bohemian life during her times away. Her bedroom on the second floor overlooks the living room, the bed tucked away in the corner next to the window. An antique, distressed wardrobe sits across from her bed and on the opposite side of the room she has a small area piled with pottery filled with paintbrushes, paints and large rolls of canvas. Her bathroom, tucked next to the small entryway, is small in size: able to fit a small bathtub/shower combo, toilet and double sink.

Outside, she has a little hut where she keeps her old Quidditch gear and broom, surfboard, fishing gear, etc.


Charlotte keeps her cubicle rather clean and plain to avoid conversing with other people over things that might attract them to her area. The only personal things she has on her desk would be her small pot holding various sketch markers and quills, a stack of small sketch books that contain nothing in them beneath the pot, and a dandelion paperweight.



11¾" Poplar wood with a Phoenix Tail feather core

Educational History

Hogwarts, Hufflepuff, 1989-1996

Face Claim

Allison Williams

Additional Notes

- Back in her Hogwarts days, Charlie Jo was a beater for her Quidditch team up until sixth year where she was knocked unconscious by a bulger to the head and as a result she had fallen off her broom. To this day, she's very uneasy around heights, flying on brooms, and bulgers.



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