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Ministry of Magic
Judas Grimsbane
Magical Law Enforcement
Senior Patrol Officer
12 Oct 1975
PLAYER | Belle
Once, the Grimsbane name was highly respected in the wizarding world. They were old, rich, pureblooded, and astute enough to play the political scene neutrally, never quite committing to one viewpoint over another.

All of that changed with Matthis. He was the only son of the generation, the golden child turned well-respected Auror, powerful duellist, loving husband. Philanderer. Murderer. Death Eater. During the First War, he switched sides - or seemed to - leaving behind his wife and two young sons to embark on an affair with a trainee half his age who he ultimately had convicted when she proved to be an inconvenience to him.

That was the last time Judas saw him.

His father was killed by Gregor Bishop whilst escorting Sloane Flannery to her incarceration in Azkaban. Judas was eleven at the time, new to Hogwarts, a sweet boy that became hard and unreachable almost overnight. His grief overwhelmed him, diminishing everything in him that was good and kind and leaving only anger behind.

Upon completing his education, Judas was accepted to the hitwizard training program. Vicious and fearless, he seemed perfectly suited to the role. It was only when the Second War came into play that things began to get interesting. He abandoned his position to fight for the resistance, much to his mother's chagrin, and killed more than his share of Death Eaters in the progress.

His younger brother Eden tried to emulate Judas in everything he did, no matter how dangerous. In December 1997, Eden was killed in the Hawthorn Farm massacre.

Judas returned to the Ministry after the declaration of peace, but he'd seen enough fighting to last him a lifetime. He tried at first, but when he froze during a routine raid, he decided a transfer was in order, and he moved to Intoxicating Substances - colloquially known as Vice - on the invitation of an old schoolfriend.

Following the decimation of a Patrol unit on what was supposed to be routine round up, Judas found himself volunteering to pad out their numbers. He fully intends to return to his previous job once Patrol attracts more applicants and/or the majority of Azkaban escapees are returned to the jail.

Magical Status Form


Power Scope & Limitations: Judas is a highly gifted metamorphmagus who spent a lot of time studying and practicing to change his appearance. He can alter his height by 5" and his body mass by 45lbs. He can also change his eyes into those of a cat to give himself night vision, though he finds it hard to maintain for more than a few minutes at a time.


Most people who knew Judas at school would say he was a different person from the boy he used to be. It’s so much more than simply growing up; in his early years, the loss of his father made him volatile and reactive, and he treated the people around him badly though they didn’t deserve it. He carries a lot of shame from his schooldays, but the burden of making it right seems insurmountable.

Following the war, Judas calmed down considerably. He suffers from PTSD and depression as a result of losing his brother and many of his friends in the fighting, and his pride took a hard knock when he was initially declared unfit for duty.

In some ways, Judas sees it as a good thing. It reframed what was important to him, and allowed him to become more sympathetic, understanding, and less quick to judge. He tries to give people the benefit of the doubt and help where he can, though his kindness can sometimes be alienating as it’s difficult to ascertain where his true feelings lie.

A sports enthusiast, Judas keeps himself hitwizard-level fit, enjoying an active lifestyle and healthy diet that has given him a rather impressive physique. Like most war veterans, he has his fair share of scars, but is fortunate enough to not have had any serious or permanent injuries. He has his brother’s birthdate (12th September 1977) in Roman numerals tattooed on his ribcage over his heart.

After several years of depression during which he didn’t take much pride in his appearance, Judas appreciates himself more, and likes to dress in smart clothes and take care of himself, and rarely leaves the house looking less than put together.


Although he could afford better, Judas has chosen to live in a four-bed shared apartment in the Mews. Being around people constantly is something that he finds necessary to keep him in a good frame of mind, and as the most senior member of the group, he naturally takes on the bulk of the responsibilities in the flat when it comes to keeping the place clean and making sure they don’t run out of groceries and toilet roll.

The common areas feature a mix of furniture and styles from all four housemates, with Judas having contributed a luxurious easy chair, a nice rug, and the flat’s entire stock of decent crockery and tableware.

Judas’ room is decorated in soothing blues and greys, with a thick carpet and a huge bed topped by a proper orthopedic mattress. He has shelves of books – showing a clear preference for non-fiction, especially autobiographies – which are all in good condition; a record player with a good selection of classic rock and punk; framed photos of his family and friends on the walls; and a set of weights and other sports equipment set up in the corner of the room.


Almost no one in the patrol office is fortunate enough to have their own cubicle. As a senior operative, Judas is technically entitled to one, but he has chosen – or been forced, by demand far exceeding supply – to keep his shared spot in the bullpen. His own desk can become fairly messy with paperwork, coffee mugs, and food packaging throughout the course of the day, but he always makes sure to clean it up before he leaves for the evening.

On the face of it, Judas doesn’t look particularly organized, but he has a specific system for his open cases and can always find exactly what he’s looking for. The only noteworthy things about his desk are the collection of novelty photo frames – a sunflower, a turtle, and a beach themed one – which hold pictures of his loved ones, as well as a pot of pens that all seem to have come from different companies within the muggle and wizarding worlds.



12", Cedar, Dragon Heartstring

Educational History

Hogwarts, Gryffindor, 1986-1993

Face Claim

Paul Wesley

Additional Notes

Spoiler: Ruedas show



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