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Ministry of Magic
Tegan Snow
Magical Law Enforcement
MLE Office Secretary
14 Feb 1978
PLAYER | Claira
Meet Tegan Martell. The Martell is a prestigious family that prides themselves on the purity of their blood and will stop at nothing to ensure it will stay that way.

Up until her father had an affair with a muggle.

Nicholai Martell was seemingly a very happy man; he was married, had a pureblooded son, and even an amazing job. But then along came Amelia Havens, a beautiful, drop-dead gorgeous intern at a lawyer’s office. But she was a muggle, and he didn’t care. What would be the worst that could happen?

She got pregnant; with his illegitimate daughter, Arya. His family was furious and even more so when Amelia died due to complications after birth. But through hours or some could even say days of arguing, Nicholai managed to keep his daughter. But her last name had to be changed and by his parents.

So she became Tegan Snow.

She grew up, secluded from most of her family besides her father and older brother, Ezra. And much later did the time did come that she got that long awaited letter from Hogwarts. She got her things, left on a train and soon she was there, Hogwarts. She was sorted into Gryffindor, in which her family [besides her brother and father] was none the less pleased with the turn of events. But where they surprised? No.

But did she care? No.

In fact, she reveled in it. She was away from home, free and not isolated in a large mansion with only her father and brother to talk to. Tegan made friends with many in her house, as well with others, she got into her fair share of laughs, tears, jokes, fights, etc. Truth was she was finally happy.

Along came the time for graduation and she couldn’t be happier. Except if her brother showed up. He went missing from what she was told, but she doesn’t think so. He had distanced himself from both her and her dad and when the chance of disappearing arrived, he took it. Why he left, she wasn’t sure. Even though it worried her, she knew she had to keep moving on.

Soon she started with working in the Ministry as a receptionist and when the war started and the Ministry fell, she found her brother. An upcoming Death Eater as she would like to call him. A pureblood supremacist like all the other Martells. He ratted his dad out as a blood traitor and tortured his little sister for information.

However devastated by her brother’s betrayal, Tegan gave him no answers and instead was dragged all the way to Azkaban to pay for her “crimes”. And unlike her father who had gone crazy, she remained strong in her cell and endured the best she could.

When the war was won, like the other muggleborns, the “blood traitors”, and halfbloods, she and her father was set free – however her father being in mentally bad shape was immediately sent to St. Mungo’s clinic. Infuriated with her family and her brother, Tegan wrote to her relatives that she and her father will cut all ties with the family and should they ever need her help, she will be glad to do so for it will be the biggest “I told you so” along with the middle finger for relying on a “impure witch”.

Tegan displays great interest in becoming an Auror or Witch Watcher in hopes of catching her brother. However not to bring him to Azkaban, but to have him see the wrong of his ways.


10½ Cedar, Unicorn Core

Educational History

Hogwarts, Gryffindor, 1989-1996

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Jenna Coleman

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