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Ministry of Magic
Sherlock Chase
Magical Accidents and Catastrophes
Senior AMR Squad Member
28 Mar 1974
PLAYER | Claira
There once was a man named Matthew Seymour Chase; he was an Auror for the Ministry of Magic. One day he walked through the lobby and his breath was nearly taken away by a blonde haired woman with an oval face and tanned skin. Her eyes were like sparkling diamonds. All she had to do was say “good morning sir, what lovely weather we’re having!”

And he was swept off his feet.

They clicked together so finely, they went on dates together and two years later they were hitched and having a baby. Matthew and Simone had a common favorite fictional character, and decided to name their baby boy after him. They named him Sherlock Vincent Chase. And as he grew, so did his curiosity. He began to question everything and observed with great detail.

And it was one day, they took their five year old son on a camping trip. Simone had always loved not using magic for a whole week during the summer, so they hopped into her little old Volkswagen and drove away; singing show tunes and whatnot.

And it was one second that took everything away from Sherlock. The car was rammed all of a sudden by a speeding man, causing the small car to immediately flip off into a ditch before crashing into a tree. His da died on impact, his mother barely alive. The car door was crushed inwards and broke the small boy’s leg, bone sticking through and blood was everything. He cried and his ma tried to soothe him, singing to him sweetly “Baby Mine”. She died moments before the ambulance came, leaving a poor boy to cry all alone.

After being sent to the hospital and with no family to claim him, he was immediately sent to the orphanage. Not even a week later he had to go back before the poor boy formed necrosis in the festered wound on his leg and to help it from furthering, they had to cut out a chunk of his leg out, just to make sure it wouldn't submit to the decaying disease again.

He was angry, picked on by the other children. The only one who cared for him was Missus Jules Barnes, the orphanage director who was a muggleborn witch. She cared for him and even helped him through Diagon Alley to get things for school. And surely he was sent on his way to Hogwarts.

Of course he got picked on, being a kid who hobbled everywhere with a cane was a grand opportunity. He always failed at duels in D.A.D.A, everyone made a game called “Tipsy Sherlock” in which involved who could trip Sherlock the most. But in fifth year it clicked to him that he was smarter – he could hear them behind him, breathing shallow breaths to try to ensure their hopeful victory. He could almost taste their anticipation in the air, even right before he would kick his cane back – hitting them right in the shin. But you know, he couldn’t let them think he did it on purpose. So he would apologize for not seeing where he was swinging his cane and be on his merry way. But it didn’t take long for the students catch on and not to mess with this spiteful wizard.

After passing almost all his classes – like he almost failed D.A.D.A. But with a bad leg he couldn’t get into Law Enforcement. Bummer, they would never expect anything from a hobbled wizard!

So he opted for being part of the Accidental Magic Reversal Squad, and blossomed into a Senior AMR Squad member. And what he did during the Wizarding War?

Nothing. He flipped off Death Eaters, smoked his cigarettes, and ate his drugs. “Well, what do you expect from a wizard with a fucking gimp?” But he was pureblood, so they kept him around and let him do his business. He kept the paperwork as tidy as possible and helped in any situations that caused the AMR Squad to butt in.

And when the Ministry asked about his participation, he told them he was on neither side, he just wanted to do his job.

Good thing he didn’t lose it.
Sherlock is a very ILL-MANNERED gentleman; he has no patience whatsoever and he’s quite a MADDENING fellow [if you know what I mean]. He loves to speak in riddles and recite lines from past poems and books he’s read, just so he could tick you off just a little bit. But if anything he’s a highly INTELLIGENT young man whose mental prowess is most often considered a mass weapon of destruction. Even though he’s most often not a silent man, he is indeed OBSERVANT. He could tell you everything there is to know about you just by looking at the state of your person. Sherlock is a very keen young man who’s only goal is to sharpen his talents. When you talk to him however, keep in mind that he is both WITTY and SARCASTIC. No worries; he’s like this with everyone, including his best friend. Plus if there’s a pro about him it’s that he’s BLUNT; there’s no dancing around the daisies, it’s cut right to the chase with him. Plus he could probably tell you where you lost your homework assignments because Sherlock also has a photographic memory in which he never forgets. But without his “self-medication”, Sherlock is a bit on the PAINED side. Meaning he’s cranky, irritable, and totally not himself. Knowing this information will probably keep you sane in the long run when associating with Sherlock V. Chase.


15’ inch Cypress, Dragon Heartstring – unyielding

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Hogwarts, Ravenclaw, 1983-1990

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Jude Law

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