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Ministry of Magic
Rose Fillion
Magical Law Enforcement
Hitwizard Trainee
09 Oct 1975
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The Fillions are an expansive Scottish wizarding family that was once known for blood purity is now known for the more chaotic halfbloods. Christian Fillion was the only one born a squib out of three sisters and a brother. He grew up, studying hard, taking on a variety of jobs to prove to his family that he was more than capable of taking care of himself. Along the way, he met Agatha Agnew, a muggle who would soon inherit her father’s farm when he retired. They would get married, settle down, and have several kids that would change the Fillion’s reputation. Rose is the youngest girl out of the seven children and with older siblings with significant talents, she had to make her own stamp on the world.

She was a troublemaker growing up; Rose often got into fights with her older siblings, especially her brother Aston. In the eyes of her parents, they figured that this was just a stage she was going through and would hopefully grow out of it by the time she entered school. When the time came, Rose went to Frogwurst Academy Prep School where she would go on to teach other students how to hogtie… on another student. Needless to say, the redhead was kicked out of prep school and her mum had to figure out a way for her daughter to learn some social skills that weren’t from her brothers and sisters. She would hang out with other witches and wizards’ children like her cousins Cordelia and Elijah.

Speaking of Cordy, Agatha hoped that if she sent her daughter to Beauxbatons Academy to study magic Rose would also become a cordial lady (to more or less show up her prestigious sister-in-law). But as the plans of mice and men would go awry, as did her mum’s when the Headmistress reported that during her first year Rose managed to set a girl’s hair on fire, beat the shit out of the older students, and of course was the least ladylike out of all them; and as a result, Rose Fillion was banned from coming back to the school.

This would eventually happen again and again in different forms in different schools. Rose was bounced to Hogwarts, then overseas to Ilvermorny and Ravenwood. She never stayed in a school long, either being banned after one year or expelled halfway through it. As a last ditch effort, her parents sent Rose to Boorowong Island High School of Magic, the same school her older sister Alexis and one of her older brothers, Benedict, went to. At this time, Rose was beginning to understand that her parents were at their wits’ end with her antics, so she promised herself to not be a complete asshole.

Especially after meeting Jennifer. The two girls would become great friends and eventually girlfriends. After school, Rose would file to become an Australian citizen to live with Jen and become an Auror for the Australian Ministry of Magic. Although far away from her family in Scotland, she would write them letters and emails constantly to keep in touch.

In 1997, the letters and emails would trickle to stop and Rose would become increasingly worried. With little convincing of Jen and a lot of the Ministry, Rose managed to take leave with her girlfriend to visit her parents and siblings to ensure everything was alright. Upon stepping onto UK soil and checking out the Ministry of Magic, Rose and Jen were ambushed and captured by the Death Eaters. Attempting to escape, Rose lost Jen in the fight and narrowing escaped when she was rescued by a pod of snipers. Once fully recovered and in fighting condition, she served the Rabble Alliance without compunction and fucked up some days for the Death Eaters and their cohorts to avenge the death of her significant other. At the end of the war, Rose would return to Australia only to be booted back to the UK’s Ministry of Magic as liaison.

In 2002, despite having nothing to do with the Trial of the Jailbreak Nine, her best friend Benji fatally injured on a camping trip when the Hitwizards were ambushed by a pack of werewolves. Rose happened to be in the hospital where the werewolves breached and was maiming and killing anyone that got in their way. She took a stand against them along with another Hitwizard, both of them annihilating the big bad boss and his lackeys. As she proved her colors as a reckless bombshell, Rose opted to permanently stay when she was offered a position on the Hitwizard team – once she was trained up after all.

Rose is a bold person with an even bolder personality; upon first impressions, she appears to be a reckless, shameless, and (presumably) an alcoholic nymphomaniac. She can usually be seen with a glass of absinthe in hand, flirting with a nearby stranger or even getting into a spat with a local about miniscule events that would soon escalate into an all-out brawl. How she gives little to no regard to both herself and others, whether it may come to feelings, thoughts and sometimes, though her own, safety. But upon closer inspection, she is so much more than that. While facing the stuff of nightmares, Rose would not cower nor would she shy away from it. When she loves, she does it unconditionally and gives it her all. Where there is a challenge, she’s willing to embrace it.

As much as Rose hates to admit, she is slightly above average looking. A pale feminine figure who stands five foot seven inches, slight curves with average sized breasts and a toned ass. Copper hair that always seemed to glow at every sunrise and eyes that glowed with fire. Her body incredibly toned, it proves no wonders as to how she can hold up on her own during a brawl. While she holds no significant scarring from the war, Rose carries several small ones from her childhood.

On the right side of her face, just directly below her ear is a light scar that is about an inch long from when she fell off the farm roof and narrowly missed her face being skewered by an upright pitchfork. Her left shoulder bares a couple of smaller scars from a cliff diving incident when she cut them off the jagged rocks just off the shoreline. There is one, about an inch wide, on her upper leg when she and her siblings decided the best thing to do during their downtime was throw knives at each other. But the most common injuries that seem to liter Rose’s skin other than these small, insignificant scars are bruises from the constant fighting she does.



When entering her room, people always find it in one of two states: clean but cluttered, or everything, everywhere. Rose is not the biggest fan of open spaces, so she tries to fill up the room as much as possible but still have room to move around comfortably and do some exercises. Also a really big fan of neutrals, a lot of her items and furniture from woody browns to icy blue grays and immaculate whites. However, her bed has several blankets and at all times she has: a sheet, her favorite fuzzy blanket, a comforter, and three throws ranging from knitted, to plush, and to quilted. Underneath her bed she stores a lot more sheets and blankets – mainly because she’s also a fan of blanket forts.

Across from her bed, she has an average size television and attached to it a DVD player with a bunch of movies and television series hidden in the cabinet next to it. Just to the left of her bed is her book case filled with random smut novels, candles, photo albums and “toys”.

In her closet is where she keeps all of her clothes, accessories and shoes; neatly organized. On the shelf at the top there are boxes filled with random items from her childhood to present day. Off to the very corner of the shelf, however, are various books ranging from classic horror thriller novels by Stephen King to the mysteries of Agatha Christie and much more.

Her room is riddled with silencing charms to avoid the displeasure of her roommates, since she frequently gets her freak on. >,>


Her workspace is surprisingly immaculate; very clean and simple. Paperwork is organized and filed after task, her mix of quills and pens are found in a crystal cup on the desk. There is a couple of frames of her favorite photos that sit in the corner such as: a younger version of herself and Aston running off towards the tree line in the fall, a selfie of her and Benji relaxing beachside, and a couple of smaller ones of herself and Jennifer back in Australia.

Other than those photos and a small wooden plaque with her name on it, it would be hard to decipher which desk would have been hers.



10¾” Dogwood, Phoenix Feather core

Educational History

Boorowong Island High School of Magic, Wake, 1986-1993

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Karen Gillan

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