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Ministry of Magic
Eamon Flannery
Magical Accidents and Catastrophes
Department Head
07 Jan 1959
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As the eldest son and heir of such a large and well-known pureblood clan, Eamon Flannery bore many expectations. His childhood was brief, only four years until his sister Mairead arrived, and their parents drilled it into him that his first responsibility was always to his family and their good name. It was a message that would become twisted up over time until it reached its roots down into the core of him.

At Hogwarts, he was sorted in Slytherin, which came as no surprise to him but seemed to shock his parents, who had always imagined he was more of a Ravenclaw. In any case, he proved to be an exemplary student, his highest marks in Defence, Transfiguration, and Charms. It was a combination that would have made him a good Auror, but Eamon never had any interest in working for the MLE; he considered it a declaration of side, and was keen to hedge his bets during the years of Voldemort’s war.

Despite Eamon’s shrewd mind and political leanings, he did have several vices, and in his sixth year, convinced four of his friends to come out to the forest with him where they indulged in the then-fashionable new drug, Blackbane (later renamed Discord). An unpredictable hallucinogen with devastating potential, the group quickly succumbed, and upon waking, discovered one of their number had been killed and partially dismembered. Due to the amount of blood on them and their impaired memories, it was impossible to discern who had been responsible. Eamon, knowing that they would probably be expelled and jailed for the crime, took charge. They buried the student’s body deep in the forest and burned the evidence, after which Eamon swore them all to a bond of secrecy using the Fidelus Charm.

Upon graduation, Eamon went to the Ministry to take a position on the Experimental Charms Committee. The Department of Magical Accidents and Catastrophes being the second largest in the organisation was not as politically divisive as the MLE, and thus had become a relatively safe seat for pureblood witches and wizards of means. There, he rode out the rest of the First War without committing himself to either side, and remained without the cast of suspicion that many of his fellows earned during that time.

In his early twenties, Eamon’s parents made the decision to link the Flannerys with the Peverells, wealthy purebloods with ancestry traceable to Merlin himself. Dutifully, he courted Rosalind Peverell, and even came to care for her quite deeply – in his way. They were married, to the satisfaction of his parents, and with that came his steady rise through the hierarchy of his department.

However, several years after the birth of his first child, Rosalind’s halfblood stepsister from her father’s shameful second marriage – a bridesmaid at their nuptials, and considerably younger than both of them – came to Eamon, pregnant with his child. He paid her a large sum of money and arranged for her to go abroad for a time until the baby was born; meanwhile, he had his mother stage a pregnancy of her own, and when Saoirse was born, passed her off as his youngest sister. Saoirse’s mother, initially cooperative, began to push him for visitation, and several days after she threatened to go to Rosalind and tell her the truth, she was found dead under suspicious circumstances.

Before Saoirse’s first birthday, the Flannerys were contacted by the King family, with whom they’d been locked in a blood feud for generations. Eamon took over the negotiations to end the hostilities, seeking to cash in on the Kings’ reach within the Ministry to further his cause. He didn’t hesitate to offer up Saoirse for the blood pact they proposed – but he didn’t bother to mention her halfblood status.

Some years after that, when his sister Sloane was indicted for spying for the Death Eaters, Eamon once more upheld his family name and his own interests by abandoning her to her fate. Though publicly he declared his belief in her guilt, privately he suspected Matthis of fabricating the charges. Either way, he was unwilling to compromise himself by being associated with her, and without the support of him or their parents, Sloane was set to be jailed. His actions were easy to justify to himself when Sloane later joined with Gregor Bishop, seeing it as proof of his righteousness.

During the Second War, Eamon once again took the path of least resistance, remaining neutral and unaligned in the fight against Voldemort. Sloane’s defection became a boon to him, giving him a certain credibility among the more extreme purebloods, though the work of Sully and later Honora and Sorcha, in the MLE mitigated the image of their family. When the Head of the DMAC at the time – herself a halfblood – went missing, Eamon was the natural choice to hold the department together until a more permanent appointment was made. The witch was never found, and finally in 2001, Eamon officially received the promotion he’d been working towards.

As a boss he is fair, judicious and charismatic. He projects an image of fatherly sensibility and appears to have the best interests of his staff at heart. He’s also seen as a family man, with a 20 year marriage and two grown up children who he loves dearly. But buried beneath the surface, all manner of sinister secrets lurk, and it is no coincidence that those around him who present a hindrance only do so for a short time. After all, to Eamon Flannery, his name is everything.

Notes: Eamon mastered his Animagus form over a matter of six years during his twenties, and achieved reliable wandless transformation by thirty.

Magical Status Form

Magical Status: ANIMAGUS

Animagus Form & Distinguishing Marks: Saltwater crocodile, 20ft long, weighing 1,800 lbs. His colouration is very dark, drab green, and he has no obvious distinguishing marks or injuries.

Animagus Form Elaboration: Like the crocodile, Eamon is the ultimate ambush predator. He is a master of camouflage in his political dealings, appearing benevolent right up until the moment he strikes. Though many crocodiles live peacefully among others of their kind, the saltwater variety is the most aggressive species and will attack any creature in his territory, using the fearsome and inescapable bite that crocodiles are known for.

List the 3 most serious mishaps that animagus endured in training::
1) Animal Feature -- To his disgust, Eamon transformed back to human with a raging case of crocodile skin, which took several months to disappear almost completely, and he still has a few tiny patches of scaly roughness on his body.

2) Broken Muscles & Bones -- After an incorrect change, Eamon was left with multiple broken bones and torn muscles which he had to lie about to his family to cover up his training as an animagus, and spent three weeks in hospital recovering from.

3) Absorbed Clothes -- A decade before Sully's mishap, Eamon did the exact same thing, only it was Sloane that discovered his miscalculation and got him to the hospital. She never told any of the rest of their family what had happened, and he spent a day in hospital, followed by almost a month of not being able to transform, and a slight lingering concern that it may one day happen again.


15", Elm, Phoenix tail feather

Educational History

Hogwarts, Slytherin, 1970-1977

Face Claim

James Purefoy

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