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Shannon's Adventures in Diagon Alley

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Shannon's Adventures in Diagon Alley

Postby xitsasecretx » Wed Feb 15, 2017 8:41 pm

Hi all. I'm starting a series of fanfictions about my character Shannon Dawson. Hope you like!
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Re: Shannon's Adventures in Diagon Alley

Postby xitsasecretx » Wed Feb 15, 2017 8:42 pm

Into The Dressing Room

Diagon Alley didn’t get particularly busy on week days, what with people being at work. Shannon Dawson had spent most of the morning dressing mannequins for the window, as Madam Malkin’s always had the best dressed window displays. It was a hot and humid day, meaning getting anything done was just that little bit harder. Shannon’s palms were sweating, she’d even undone her top two shirt buttons in hopes of getting some relief. It hadn’t worked.

Her boss had gone out to a business meeting, so Shannon was left to her own boring devices. Things only remained boring until she remember the night before. She’d spent several mind blowing hours in bed with Jeremy, her next door neighbour. Just thinking about him made her knees weak, and she rubbed her thighs together wantonly. Perhaps he could pay her visit, it was basically time for a lunch break anyway. So Shannon scribbled him a note and sent the shop owl on its way. It wouldn’t be quick enough though, it never was.

While she waited, Shannon flipped the sign on the door to “Closed” and unbuttoned the rest of her shift. A sigh escaped her parted lips as the cool air kissed her skin. One hand grasping her breast and squeezed. There was no use, she simply couldn’t wait. The 21 year old hurried into the back room, finding the adjustable hanging rail and dragging onto the shop floor. She straddled it, setting its height just right, so it sat between her thighs. Once fastened in place, Shannon lowered herself onto it. Thank goodness she was wearing a skirt. The bar snuggled itself between her labia, only panties separating it from her flesh. She slowly started to move, rubbing herself along it. A whimper bubbled up her throat, knuckles turning white as she held the rail in front of her. It felt so good. Her movements increased in speed, her body leaning forward in hopes of more friction.

“Don’t start without me!” The witch jumped up, eyes wide and settling on Jeremy by the door.

“You dick! You almost gave me a heart attack!” Shannon scowled at him, pushing the hanging rail roughly towards the back room. Her hand rested on her heart in attempts to calm herself, as Jeremy approached.

“Come on, let’s use one of the dressing rooms.” They practically ran to one of the cubicles, Shannon jumping on Jeremy as soon as they disappeared behind the curtain. She wrapped her legs around him tightly, her lips crashing harshly into his. He pressed her back against the wall, one arm holding her in place while the other unzipped his jeans. Her teeth sank into his bottom lip, while her hands tangled themselves in his curly hair. Once his trousers were undone, Jeremy slipped his hand between their bodies to find her clit. He smirked against her mouth at how wet she already was. Although that probably had something to do with her earlier activities with that rail, rather than him.

“Don’t tease me.” Shannon mumbled into the kiss, shifting her hips to gain more friction against his fingers. Jeremey chuckled, pulling his lips from hers and placing them on her neck. The witch groaned as his fingers rubbed small circles on her clit, her head falling back against the cubicle wall.

“What do you want me to do to you?” His voice was gruff against her neck, lips sucking at a particular sweet spot.

“You know what I want.” She whined, squirming against him.

“Say it.” He stopped all his movements, leaning back to look her in the eye. “Go on.”

“I want…I want you to fuck me.” Shannon smirked at the feel of his cock twitching against her arse. “Hard.” She added, before kissing him again. As their lips and teeth went to war once again, Jeremy positioned his erection between her thighs. His fingers pulled aside the material of her knickers, then he thrust inside her. The witch broke their kiss with a gasp, her eyes falling closed at the feel of him filling her. After a second of adjustment, he agonisingly pulled almost all the way out of her, before driving his cock back in with more fervour. They would never get enough of this, that was for sure.

Jeremy let his forehead rest on her shoulder as he drove his cock in and out of her, revelling in the moans that tumbled from her lips. His balls slapped loudly against her arse, her juices squelching almost as loudly. “Mmm, Jeremy.” Shannon purred, her head still back and eyes closed. Her chest heaved with every thrust, fingers pulling at the man’s hair desperately. “Harder!” She managed to choke out, pressing her face into his hair with eyes squeezed shut.

He happily obliged, snapping his hips back and forth as fast as they’d go. Her walls constricted around him as a scream began to build in her throat. As it got louder her walls began to squeeze around his cock, until the scream of his name filled his ears. “Fuck.” Jeremy bit out, slamming into her with one final push of his hips. He came with a low groan vibrating deep in his throat, sweat pouring down the side of his face. They stayed in position, waiting for her body to stop twitching with the aftermath shockwaves. A quiet laugh echoed in the space between them, and she grinned at him. “Not a bad lunch break, hm?” He rolled his eyes, finally pulling out of her and setting the witch’s feet on the ground.
“I better get back. I’ll see you later?” Jeremy did up his trousers, watching Shannon smooth out her skirt. She nodded an answer, kissing his cheek before skipping into the back room. He let himself out of the shop, smirking all the way back to work. Not a bad lunch break, indeed.
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