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The Protonet: Wizarding Internet

The wizarding equivalent of the internet. Read about it here!

The Protonet: Wizarding Internet

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The Wizarding Version of the Internets
This article was written by twufoo

Following the conclusion of the Second Wizarding War, the wizarding community has been adopting ideas inspired by muggle technology with increasing frequency as muggleborns themselves have been seeing more acceptance in the community. Among these ideas is the wizarding version of the internet, or the Protonet.

The Protonet, first introduced in 1999, consists of a mass produced series of thin, hardcover booklets called protobooks (or p-books) that are all linked to a central data storage artifact (CDSA) via protean charms. Using special quills to input information, wizards are able to write in the p-books to store and retrieve data from the CDSA.

The Protonet did not begin to take off until around 2001. By then, the p-books had become more sophisticated in scanning in pictures, more dynamic information, and creating better user interfaces. The year 2002 is when the Protonet began to surge in popularity, and p-books are now a hot item for young professionals to have. The most popular search engine on the Protonet is called "Wazoo," named after the onomatopoeic sound that wizards imagine objects make as they whizz towards someone following an accio spell.

Still in its nascent stages, the Protonet is not without its disadvantages. Privacy and security are foreign concepts to wizards, and there is very little encryption or protection of information that's sent into the Protonet. Illegal or offensive data must be manually removed by the CDSA technicians. Things like "password protection" or "friends only" are completely unheard of.

In addition to the Protonet, there are multiple other networks out there, but each network is completely isolated from the other due to the nature of Protean charms. These include top secret networks for the Department of Mysteries and MLE as well as several other competitor networks. However, Protonet appears to be rising to the top as the standard network for the everyday wizard to use.
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