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The Kinky Koala's Koalaty Fiction

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The Kinky Koala's Koalaty Fiction

Postby ~KinkyKoala~ » Mon Jan 16, 2017 8:53 pm


Welcome, weary Protonet traveler! Here you will find fanfiction of all sorts written by none other than moi, ~KinkyKoala~! Some pieces are older fics I'm pulling together into the archive, but I have new work on the way too!


Hit the Showers
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Re: The Kinky Koala's Koalaty Fiction

Postby ~KinkyKoala~ » Mon Jan 16, 2017 9:16 pm

Hit the Showers

Author’s Note: Req filled for xXxMLExXx! Hope you like it X3

Hitwizard training was a lot of things, and it was anything but easy. Marius Grunt had spent the better part of the day working out and punching things. Mostly bags, but also some people. He had been sparring and getting out his pent-up frustrations upside the heads of his fellow trainees, though it wasn’t enough. There was still something bubbling up inside him that made his brow furrow in agitation. Unfortunately, everyone else had cleared out for the day, so there was no one left to beat the shit out of.

That’s when he walked in. Senior Hitwizard Michael Thrustin. The very sight of him sent a quake running down Marius’ spine. The older man was built like a truck, and swung like a hammer. When they stepped into the ring, Marius knew he would come out hurting. But today, he felt like that might just be the thing he needed.

“Grunt,” Michael said as he walked slipped his gloves on. “Get in the ring.”

“Yeah,” Marius said.

“What was that?”

“Yes, sir,” Marius said with a bit of bile in his voice. He hated authority, and authority didn’t care much for him either. He stepped into the ring and cracked his neck. Despite the ringer he had already been put through that day, he thought he could stand going a few rounds with Thrustin. Marius was sure of himself like that. He was a badass, and he knew it.

When Michael stepped into the ring, the two assumed their stances. Their eyes met, and Marius felt a bolt of something hot shoot through his body. It was sudden and confusing, but he didn’t let it throw him off guard. The two closed in on each other. Marius threw the first punch. Michael blocked and retaliated. Marius dodged. The two began circling each other, guarding themselves with only the occasional strike coming through.

It wasn’t enough. Marius needed more. He needed to hurt and be hurt.

“Come on, you pussy!” he shouted in Thrustin’s face. “Fucking hit me!”

That was a mistake that went exactly as planned. Michael smirked.

“Fine by me,” he said before throwing a devastating blow right into Marius’ gut.

The trainee doubled over and stumbled back. Okay. Yeah. That hurt. With a long breath, he righted himself and resumed his stance.

Marius managed to hold his own for a few more minutes, landing a good few hits of his own on Michael. Eventually, Michael threw Marius down on his ass. The trainee struggle to rise, and Michael advanced.

“That’s good for today, Grunt,” he said.

“I…I can…I can keep going,” Marius said as he grabbed the ropes and hoisted himself up. He had to keep going. He had to get that lingering feeling out of his chest. That feeling that frustrated and confused him.

“I said that’s good, Grunt,” Thrusting said as he helped Marius to his feet. “Time to hit the showers.”

Marius followed Michael to the locker room, each undressing and grabbing their body wash and shampoo. Marius felt…off. Like he was being watched. He glanced over to Michael, and found that the other man was already walking to the showers. Maybe he had just imagined the feeling. After all, he was pretty worn down from the day. Maybe his brain was fucking with him.

Marius walked to the showers and chose the shower head across from Michael’s. They were the only two in there, so there was no point in crowding up. Then, as he turned on the faucet, he felt it again: that sensation of being watched. He glanced over his shoulder, and this time, he found himself proven right. Thrustin was looking his way, and he seemed to be sporting a half-hard member.

Marius was no stranger to locker room romps, but they had always been with other trainees. He had never had a superior show such interest in him. He realized he was starting to stare as Michael began walking over.

“Go ahead,” Michael said. “Get cleaned up.”

“Why? So you can watch like some sort of perv?” Marius asked with a smirk.

“I said get cleaned up,” Michael repeated authoritatively.

“Maybe I don’t want to. Maybe I wanna stay nice and filthy just to piss you off,” Marius said with narrowed eyes.

Michael took another step closer, his manhood now fully erect as Marius’ began to swell. Marius swallowed. Michael stopped a hair away from him.

“A little sweat never bothered me anyway,” Michael said before grabbing Marius’ face in his hands and mashing their mouths together. Marius kissed back angrily. How fucking dare Michael! How dare he! And yet…at the same time…that frustrated feeling that had been welling in Marius all day seemed to dim just the slightest.

Their tongues wrestled for dominance as Marius took hold of Michael’s cock, pumping it under the warm cascade of water that fell on them. Michael returned the favor and grabbed Marius’ member, tugging it to full hardness. The kissed and jerked each other off for what felt like an eternity before pulling away for air. Michael looked into Marius’ eyes, a heat passing between them.

“Bend over,” Michael said.

“Fuck you,” Marius said with a playful sneer.

“Bend. Over.”

“Make me.”

With that, Michael grabbed Marius’ shoulders and forced him to face away, bending him over and pressing his chest against the shower wall. Marius grunted and began jerking himself off as Michael spread his legs apart.

Michael spit in his hand and slicked up his member before spreading Marius’ cheeks and pressing the head of his hardness against Marius’ tight entrance.

“You ready?” Thrustin asked.

“Gonna fuck me or what? I don’t have all da-AY!” Marius’ voice raised as the tip penetrated his tight, unprepared hole. He could take a cock like a champ, so he didn’t need to be fingered beforehand usually, but Michael was thick and heavy and it was a shock to his system.

Michael wasn’t gentle. He wasn’t slow. He pushed in and pulled out quickly, jackhammering himself inch by inch into the grunting, groaning trainee.

“You’re so tight,” Thrustin said. “Your ass is incredible!”

“Shut up!” Marius mewled. “Just shut up and fuck me!”

For the first time in their professional relationship, Thrustin took an order from Grunt. He shut up, and just went for the fucking.

Marius kept jacking himself off furiously as Michael sheathed himself further and further inside his tight ass. Eventually, Michael was thrusting the entirety of his considerable length in and out of Marius, whose cock was a handful of its own.

Thrustin pounded away at Marius’ ass, grabbing his hips so tightly it felt like they were going to bruise. With every slam into Marius, the trainee grunted and gasped. He jerked himself harder and faster, his strokes matching the pace of the cock ramming into him.

Soon enough, Thrustin’s cock began twitching inside Grunt.

“Fuck!” he grunted. “Fuck!”

“Shit!” Marius said in returned. “I’m gonna-”

As Michael blew his hot load inside Marius, Marius came in thick, hot ropes across the tile, his cum whirling down the drain. Thrustin stayed sheathed inside Marius until his cock began to soften, at which point he slowly pulled out, cum dripping from Marius’ worn hole.

Marius stood upright as best as he could while he panted. He watched silently as Michael went back to his showerhead and began washing up as if nothing had happened. Marius decided to do that same.

At least that frustrated feeling seemed to have subsided. For the time being.
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