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Interdepartmental Memo Template

Interdepartmental memos, official forms for promotions, complaints, mail by Owl post, notes, phone calls, etc.

Interdepartmental Memo Template

Postby From the Desk of the Minister » Wed Apr 17, 2013 3:13 pm

Interdepartmental memos are used for communications between departments inside the Ministry headquarters. These appear on lavender paper, transfigured into the shape of a paper airplane and charmed to fly to the recipient.

Use the code below to send memos to employees in other departments. Memos may be between one or more participants. Unlike in other forums, these threads are not open to anyone. Do not join an in-progress memo conversation unless you have been included as a participant of it.

Code: Select all

[font=courier][color=#804000][size=150]INTERDEPARTMENTAL MEMO[/size][/color][/font]
[font=courier][color=#804000][b]TO:[/b] (Name of recipient(s))
[b]FROM:[/b] (Your character's name)
[b]DATE:[/b] (Date)
[b]RE:[/b] (Subject)
[font=courier][color=#804000](Body of the memo goes here)[/color][/font][/quote]



TO: (Name of recipient(s))
FROM: (Your character's name)
DATE: (Date)
RE: (Subject)

(Body of the memo goes here)
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