FH: Observatory

The cobbled streets of Diagon Alley contain restaurants, shops, Gringotts, and other various sundries. Just be careful not to turn down Knockturn Alley. Something something something sinister sounding

FH: Observatory

Postby VeNox » Wed Oct 11, 2017 6:45 pm

Date: October 9th, 2004
Time: 9:09 am

It was unusually cool for a October morning, but that didn't seem to deter anyone from showing up to one of the English Wizarding World's most popular charity event: Brooms for Babes. Run by the Department of Magical Games and Sports, the fundraiser was established to encourage broom flying and the sport of quidditch in young children. Funds raised go towards leagues, brooms, and supplies for the young people of London. The event's popularity stems from the participation of several talented and famous quidditch players from all over the U.K. With plenty of opportunity to meet and converse with national heroes, the event is immense. A huge stage area set up in the fields behind the ever famous Diagon Alley allows for players to answer questions, show off their sponsors, and raffle off prizes. Races and demonstrations happen in the surrounding areas, as well as small, friendly games of quidditch.

Because of the massive amounts of people, Brooms for Babes always means a busy day for the MLE Aurors. Used as extra crowd security, they roam not only the event behind Diagon Alley, but Diagon Alley as well, as many of the event's participants spend their day shopping and enjoying victuals. And though it was still relatively early in the event, things were going smoothly. Shops were raking in the money, vendors were selling their wares like hotcakes, and thousands of quidditch fans were lining up for photo ops with their favorite athletes. Shaping up to be the most successful event yet, the day was promising to be a great one.

Kiera had snuck Charlie into the storage rooms above Mr. Mulpepper's Apothecary the day before. It was safer for her to be there far before anyone could get suspicious. Charlie's role was easy -- she'd keep Kiera informed via the throw-away mobile she'd given her the day before. She'd keep an eye on the situation for the outside and let Kiera know if anything was amiss or important. Kiera had promised to be back to check on her that morning -- but so far there was no sign on her.

There were rats though. Lots of them. And they'd kept Charlie company through the night.

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This thread is intended to serve as a setup for events of the heist. Therefore, it will be very lightly GM'd. I will only response if I feel like something needs to be addressed or if the pacing is off. Please keep in mind character objectives, and have fun. I will be updating the thread as events take place in other corresponding threads. Post as much as you like. Please PM me with any questions or concerns.

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Re: FH: Observatory

Postby Charlie Aloysius » Thu Oct 12, 2017 11:06 am

Her fingers jabbed harshly at the buttons on the phone keypad. ”Rats, K. THERE ARE RATS.” She hadn’t signed up for rats. Finding an empty bucket and a few painter’s drop cloths for cushions, she had made the best out of being shoved into the cramped storage room by making a makeshift chair and propped her shoulder against the wall nearest the small window. She hadn’t gotten much sleep in the night and now the rats were looking at her like shew as dinner. Once she sent the text off, her eyes turned back to the crowd below, scanning the horizon for anything suspicious or strange happening below. Kiera had seemed to either forget she was up here or got pulled somewhere else but, for now the largest of the rats eyed her and she eyed him right back defiantly.
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