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Getting Started

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Getting Started

Postby From the Desk of the Minister » Tue Apr 30, 2013 7:30 pm


Is The Ministry For Me?

If you answered no to any of the above, then another site might be a better match for you. Otherwise...

WHAT TO DO: The Basics

    These are the bare bones you need to know before you start posting.

    All posts and PMs are made using Out of Character (OOC) Accounts. The Ministry is an Account Per Character site that uses post switching to switch the post's author after the post has been submitted (it's like making an edit to your post). Here is a quick tutorial on post switching.

    1. Register your OOC account first, using your OOC nickname.
      • Post your Social Page. Title the thread with your OOC nickname. The first post can be an intro, character list, or gibberish. Anything goes.
        • Register your In Character (IC) account, using the character's first & last name.
          • Go read the application instructions and follow them. Once your profile application is approved you'll receive a message in your social, and you're ready to start posting!

        Next Steps (Optional)

          So you're made your first character and don't know where to start? These next steps are optional but highly recommended for integrating yourself with the game.

          1. Create an Inventory for yourself to earn little prizes for RPing.
            • Post an RP Request for your character. If applicable, check out the Second War and First War coordination threads too!
              • Fill in our RP Style Questionnaire so we can get to know you.
                • If you still are looking for threads to join, try using out one of our Shops!
                        Join My Thread, Yo!
                        - Lists all the threads where players have requested more characters to join in. If you start an open thread, make sure to list it here!

                        Accio Thread! - A random thread generator where you roll for your prompt and your thread buddy.

                        Mischief Managed! - Thread roulette where someone will match you up with a partner and write the premise for you. Be warned, your characters might find themselves in awkward situations with this one!

                        Madame Morgana's Matchmaking Shop - Sign up your character for blind dates. There's no need to wait for others to randomly roll you--pick your character as the first person and roll up a date for them!
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