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Chat Guidelines

Postby twufoo » Mon Oct 05, 2015 9:31 am


  • The General tab is for both guests and members. Keep the conversation lighthearted and fun. Stop to greet new members and direct them to the appropriate threads if they have any questions.

  • The Events tab is for announcing upcoming events so that the information isn't buried in the General tab. It is also available for running commentary about the event, either IC or OOC.

  • The GP1 and GP2 tabs are for Group Plots. They are semi-private rooms for players to discuss their group plots or for rapidfire group threads. (Ex: plotting family history between multiple members, rapidfire posting to a party/plot thread, etc.).


  • Consistent negativity day after day should be avoided. While it's totally fine to occasionally vent in chat when you're feeling down, if you find that you've been venting a lot lately, consider asking if someone is willing to listen in private and open up a PM tab (by right clicking on the player's name) to converse.

  • Keep the General tab free of spam. If you're running an event, you may announce and remind people to attend in the General tab, but keep all running commentary about the event in the Events tab or off-site. Move any Group Plot conversations to one of the GP tabs as well.

  • Do not poke or beg other people for posts in the General tab. If someone hasn't tagged your thread for maybe a week or so, open up a private PM tab or Private Message and simply remind them in case they forgot.

  • Absolutely no hate or discriminatory speech.

  • Remember that many people check this chat at work. If you have a NSFW picture to post, put it under a spoiler tag.
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