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"Welcome to the Ministry of Magic. Please state your name and business."

  • There is no word count at The Ministry.

  • Both Canons and Original Characters (OCs) are allowed. All playable races/abilities are listed here. More may be added later.

  • There is no limit to the number of canons you can play. However, as with department heads, major canons are held to higher activity standards. Repeated inactivity that delays plots or threads will result in the player being asked to give up the canon.

  • Face Claims are optional, but they must be a real person of some celebrity (actor, model, musician, etc.) if used. Canon characters do not have to use their actor from the movies; however, unused major canon actors are still off-limits to OCs.

  • Human IC Avatars may not be animated gifs or drawn artwork. However, you may use animated gifs for your OOC account. Non-human characters may use artwork/CG if appropriate.

  • No images in signatures, for both IC and OOC accounts.

  • Normal posts and applications should be written in past tense, third person perspective.

  • All threads are open. You may join any thread for any remotely plausible reason. Although the Ministry has an anti-apparating jinx on it for defense, there are still plenty of ways to enter a thread, magical or otherwise.

  • IC actions have IC consequences. Character may be promoted, demoted, or fired for their performance on the job, and criminal offenses will face judiciary action if caught.

  • Players who have not logged into their OOC accounts for approximately 1 month will be moved to inactive status. They can ask for their accounts to be reactivated at any time. We do not delete accounts.

  • Players must be 18+ years of age.

  • This site has a 3-3-3 rating with some limitations on triggering material.

  • Triggering material should only be used sparingly. Pedophilia is not allowed. If a thread has triggering material, include [TW] in the title and use the [ tw ] bbcode to list the triggers in the first post. The following are common triggers and should be labeled:

    Spoiler: trigger list show
    • rape/sexual assault
    • child abuse
    • domestic violence, relationship abuse
    • incest
    • self-harm, cutting, or suicide
    • extreme graphic violence, torture

  • Follow the Site Restrictions on Magic
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