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[complete] The Saga of the Wolf and the Horse

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[complete] The Saga of the Wolf and the Horse

Postby Verveine Sylvain [Werewolf] » Sun Oct 11, 2015 11:21 pm

trigger warning: Explicit Sexual Content Involving Equine Individuals

Verveine sniffed the gently open palm. The tall, lean figure of the centaur towered above her, confident but not domineering. When the scarred wolfen woman seemed comfortable with him, he took a step closer, slowly caressing his hand across her face. She growled lowly and relaxed into the gesture, licking his palm and softly nibbling at his thumb. She looked up at him, only the moon illuminating their silhouetted figures.

Their eyes met, and in a single moment, they felt each give into the others primal desires.

Verv bit at the junction around his waist of where man and beast met, gripping her claws into his sides to claim her territory. He reared back with a great cry or masochistic pleasure, her teeth and claws leaving trails along his body. His hooves narrowly missed bashing her skull, but the sudden explosion of a reaction only excited her further.. His bestial member throbbed with desire, precum already dribbling from the head in anticipation of this abominable coupling. She licked her bloody lips as he positioned himself over her, shoving her beneath him with a demanding grunt.

She needed no goading, only swift direction. She was slick and heated and oh so ready for him.

He stilled himself as she wrapped her arms up and around him, gripping tightly without breaking too far into his tough equine hide. In a swift motion she wound both legs upwards and braced her feet against his hind legs. He braced his arms against a tree to keep himself steady. She guided herself further downwards until she felt that slick, thick head against her swelling, furry lips.

The air stilled around them.

And in a sudden, unforgiving blur she thrust herself upon him. She howled out and he grunted, both having to hold themselves steady as they grew used to the sensation. As soon as the world stopped spinning, Verv thrust herself further down his immense cock. The stretch was teetering on the line between immense pain and immeasurable pleasure, but she only wanted more.

Not even halfway down she could tell that she had reached her limit, and her partner wasn't complaining. He only shuddered with every movement she made, whinnies and whimpers escaping his lips. Verv slowly pulled herself back, inch upon inch of hot, wet, hard cock pulsing within her. Then once again she thrust forward, this time to the peak of how much she could take. Both mewled sounds of pleasure, and she repeated the motion.

And again, and again, and again.

She growled louder and louder every time she sheathed him within her, precum pooling and spilling, his sizeable balls slapping back and forth, hitting her ass in an inconsistent rhythm. The pounding only added to the tingling sensation growing at the base of her spine. The stretch and pull dragged her clit along his shaft, ensuring her inevitable orgasm alongside his.

As their preternatural stamina carried their encounter beyond what humans could handle, her arms grew weak. She hitched her legs upwards and halfway up around his waist, ready to lower her torso to the ground. Before she could let go, he reached back and grabbed her wrists with his, gripping tightly and picking up the motion himself.

She had kept up an laudable pace, but neither could hold out any longer. He slammed himself into her at an almost literally backbreaking pace. She howled in approval, and before long she was howling in ecstasy.

Her orgasm wracked her body, causing deep, uncontrolled spasms of the deepest pleasure throughout her. Not a moment later he followed suit, still thrusting, thick and plentiful cum filling her and spilling from her to the ground.

When he finished crying out, he let go of her arms, allowing her to slide down and off him to the ground. He stepped back with a wobble in his legs. She lay panting on the ground. A look of dumb elation on both their faces.

Full moons were the best.
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