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[complete] A Land Down Unda [Mid-2003]

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[complete] A Land Down Unda [Mid-2003]

Postby Megara Rosenfeld » Wed Jan 25, 2017 1:01 pm

Some people’s life-long dream was to be a furry: a big, anthropomorphic animal/human hybrid. For Megara, this was never her dream. Unfortunately, it was her reality. During the course of her animagus training, she had gotten stuck mid-transformation as a 5’2” walking fuzzball of a koala person. So far, she had been going to work like that every day for a week. She had no idea when it was going to end, and she knew she would never hear the end of it.

Entering week two of her half-koala life at work, Megara discovered something about one of her coworkers, Samson. She had known for quite some time that he had a crush on her, but he had never had the spine to act on it. What she learned was that being a half-koala person only seemed to heighten his interest in Megara. At least enough for him to ask her back to his place after work.

Yeah. He wanted to fuck the koala chick.

Frankly, Megara had been through enough of a dry spell to give it a shot. Samson was attractive enough, if a little on the scrawny side. Yeah. Why not. Fuck it.

Sexy attire wasn’t really an option. It was just a matter of what Megara could fit over her furry, chubbier body. So she threw on a loose sundress and made her way across the MEWS hall to Samson’s room. Thankfully none of his roommates were home. They all had social lives, after all.

“Hey,” Samson said when he opened the door.

“Hey,” Megara said as she walked in. Samson shut the door behind her and offered her a drink. While the idea of being wasted for this sounded like a good idea, she politely declined. The two stood around awkwardly for a short while, not saying a word, just looking at each other.

Then Samson went in for the kiss. Megara’s mouth was still mostly human, so there was that at least. Though her big, dark nose got in the way a little bit. Samson’s hands wandered up her furry arms, glided over her shoulders, caressed her neck, and…scratched behind her ears. It felt way better than it should have.

After a few minutes of making out in the living room, they moved to Samson’s bedroom. Once the door was locked, Megara went ahead and took the initiative. She let her sundress pool down around her ankles, revealing her lack of bra or panties. Samson sprung up, his eyes wide.

“Oh wow,” he said in admiration.

“Yeah, well, don’t get used to it,” Megara said flatly. Samson licked his lips and stepped forward, tossing his shirt aside and dropping his pants.

The two embraced once more, Megara’s soft fur feeling fantastic against Samson’s nude form. As things became more heated and Megara felt herself beginning to slick up, the two moved to the bed. Samson pulled away from the kiss to ask a very important question.

“Do you do anal?”

Megara’s eyes went wide. That…was a bit of a surprise. “I mean…yeah.”

“Cool. I mean, we can start off vanilla but man I wanna stick it in your ass. It’s kind of-”

“A fantasy?”


Megara smirked. “You get me off first, then you can stick it wherever you want.”


Samson laid Megara back against the bed and stuck his face between her fuzzy thighs. Talk about trekking the bush. He dove right in, his tongue going to work on Megara’s slick folds. The koala-woman moaned and rubbed her furry tits with her multi-thumbed hands. This…yeah this was easily the weirdest thing she had ever done. At least in bed. Nah, in life.

Despite Megara’s assumption that Samson was a meek little virgin, the way he worked his tongue was proving her wrong. He knew when to dip it, when to suck on the folds, when to flick the tip of his tongue against her clit. She reached down with one hand and wound her fingers in his dark hair, moaning as he slipped fingers into her sopping wet hole.

“Fuuuuuck, Samson,” she groaned gutturally.

Samson moaned into her pussy and kept massaging and lapping at her, bringing her closer and closer to orgasm with every passing second. Eventually, Megara’s nether region began to twitch and spasm. Her warmth quivered around Samson’s fingers and tongue, and she let out a series of yelps and gasps as she rode through her climax.

Panting, she let go of Samson’s hair and looked down at him with approval in her eyes. “Fuck,” she panted out.

Samson gave Megara a moment to catch her breath before turning her over and pulling her ass up in the air. He went and grabbed a bottle of lube and a wandom, setting the rubber aside for the time being.

“You ready?” he asked as he wiped his mouth off.

Megara nodded, still catching her breath. “Yeah…I’m…yeah go for it.”

Samson slicked up a finger and slowly worked it digit by digit into Megara’s tight rear entrance. Megara groaned and did her best to relax, grasping the bed sheets and biting onto the pillow. Once his finger was all the way in, Samson slid it in and out for a good minute before lubing up a second finger and gently slipping it in alongside the first. Megara gasped and rolled her eyes.

As Megara’s rim loosened around his fingers and he saw he relax against the bed, Samson slid the wandom on with his free hand. He slipped his fingers out of her hole and wiped them off of the sheets. Placing a hand on her furry lower back, he grabbed his cock with his other hand and lined it up with her entrance.

“You…you ready?” he asked as he licked his lips.

“Mmm go for it,” Megara practically purred in her over-stimulated state.

Samson didn’t need any more go-ahead. He nudged the tip of his cock against Megara’s ass and slid it in, gasping as it passed through the rim. “Oh fuck,” he said as he began inching further into Megara’s lubed-up hole. As he fully sheathed himself inside her, his hips pressed against her fuzzy butt, they both shuddered.

At first he just rolled his hips against her, both getting used to the sensation. Then he began pulling out the slightest bit and sliding back in. In and out. In and out. Gradually, he started picking up the pace, eventually pounding into Megara’s ass with long, hard thrusts.

Megara gripped the sheets once more, mewling and yowling as her ass was drilled. Samson relentlessly drove into her, each of them making a series of embarrassing noises as he got closer to finishing and she approached her second orgasm. Who knew she’s like it in the ass that much?

After what felt like an eternity, Samson came with a shout, Megara not far behind him. His hips jutted spastically into her as he rode out the orgasm until he came to a stuttered stop. Samson collapsed forward on top of Megara, who grunted as the weight came down on her.

“Holy…fuck…” Samson managed out.

All Megara could say was, “Uh-huh.”

She couldn’t believe she just did that.
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